NeNe Chicken Continues To Delight Malaysians With Its Double Opening

Foodies and fans of K-Pop rejoiced as South Korea’s largest fried chicken chain, NeNe Chicken announced its latest outlet opening in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur and Plaza Merdeka Shopping Mall, Kuching. It is also a milestone for the Korean fried chicken chain as it marks the first ever NeNe Chicken restaurant in East Malaysia.

NeNe Chicken_Plaza Merdeka, Kuching

Both Avenue K and Plaza Merdeka were identified as strategic locations to serve customers in the area, as these locations are urban hubs catering to various requirements from retail, entertainment and dining.


Since opening its doors to its guest, NeNe Chicken has been delighting customers with its take on Korean fried chicken featuring a special blend of marinate, batter, and signature sauces. The chain challenged itself to create its own version of Crispy Chicken Rendang following the Masterchef saga, and went further to create the Nasi Lemak Crispy Chicken topped with an Onsen egg.

NeNe Chicken_Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

Since its inaugural launch, Malaysian fans have lined up and tasted its signature sauces, with most fans enjoying its “Freaking Hot” flavour. The flavour gained a lot of attention after NeNe Chicken’s first ever “Freaking Hot Challenge” that took place during the launch of its Starling outlet. Ever since then, many have also done the challenge with unique twist to the rules within friend and family sharing their gastronomy adventure on social media.


To cater an even wider audience, NeNe Chicken has also taken the opportunity to introduce new side dishes such as NeNe Chicken Fingers, NeNe KimChesse Wrap, Sweet Potato Fries to complement its existing line-up.