SF9 Returns With Now or Never

SF9 has returned with “Now or Never”, making their comeback with a sensual sexiness that captures both the eyes and ears. On July 31, 2018 at 6PM KST, SF9 revealed their 5th mini album SENSUOUS through various music portal sites as well as the music video for their title track “Now or Never”. Per usual, the group also returns with a sensational performance to match.

For this particular comeback, there are three major points to look out for:

1) The preparation is over. SF9 is armed with sexiness from beginning to end. SF9 previously experimented with genres that were not common in K-pop, and this time, they return with a sensuous electronic genre. Their new song “Now or Never” is rooted in progressive dark pop, a genre that recently attracted much attention mainly in England. Setting “sensuous sexy” as the main theme, SF9’s new track awakens the inherent sexiness within the group. In order to properly convey the sexiness of the sensuous and sophisticated mood, the members diligently worked out to tone up their physiques, and they tried to express this concept through their music, performance, visuals, etc.

2) From rap-making to producing their own song: “Growth in Music” The members actively participated in this album and increased in their musical competence. Youngbin, Zuho, and Hwi-young wrote rap lyrics for the song “SHADOW” and “PHOTOGRAPH”. Youngbin, Zuho, Hwi-young, and Chani also worked together to write the lyrics to “Different”. The song “PHOTOGRAPH” is also an original by Zuho, which shows how much SF9 has grown in creating music.

3) A fantastic performance created by SF9 and world-class choreographer Keone. The most noteworthy aspect of this album is the group’s upgraded performance. SF9 plans to showcase their powerful stage control with sensual sexiness and a precise performance through “Now or Never”. Having been choreographed by SF9 in collaboration with world-class choreographer Keone, there’s an even bigger expectation for “Now or Never”. In particular, the group’s performance representatives Taeyang and Chani took on bigger roles in the choreography, trying to fully include the opinions of all the members and clearly reflecting SF9’s identity in their performance. As a result, the dynamic choreography in combination with Chani’s solo Michael Jackson Moonwalk dance move make it hard for viewers to take their eyes off of SF9.