EB’s digital single album, “Wanna know” releases on the Sept 14th

EB from Produce 101’s season 1 will release his digital single album, “Wanna know” on September 14th.

EB has actively been releasing new music such as his digital single album, “Gon Lan Hae” featuring Jeong Dong-su (ARKAY) from Producer 101’s season 2 in August, and the amusement park’s theme song “LA LA LA” that was released on the 12th which used AI for the first time ever to assist with lyrics and composition.

“Wanna know” is in a tropical-house song that describes the inner feelings of someone dealing with unrequited love.

The music video which takes part in Seoul Land, gives off a late summer vibe.

Unlike the chic and arrogant feeling of “Gon Lan Hae”, “Wanna know” has a more calm melody with sentimental lyrics that has a repetitive hook while showcasing a unique style of rap.

This album is made up of lyrics that represent the innocent hearts of young people, who don’t know their feelings for one another yet. The music video for “Wanna know” will be released on YouTube as of September 14th.