[Event Coverage] An Afternoon with the casts of Get It Beauty On The Road In Malaysia

After the success of Get It Beauty On The Road in Singapore, the series continues with Malaysia as their next location. Kim Jung Min is back as the host with former Miss A member, Min and our local artiste Kaka Azraff as the host. Thanks to tvN Asia and Fast Track Events, we were able to experience the behind the scenes shoot and a chat with the hosts.

L-R: Kim Ki Soo, model, Kaka, Kim Jungmin, Min

A collaboration between CJ E&M HK and ASTRO, Get It Beauty On The Road adapts the format of the popular show Get It Beauty by showcasing the K-beauty trends and tips. The Malaysia edition of the show, the 3 hosts along with top K-makeup artist Kim Ki Soo discussed on the daily problems faced by Malaysian girls such as pigmentation and dull-looking skin, while oily skin caused by air conditioning.

Here’s what the 3 hosts has to say during our studio visit:

Min, Kim Jungmin and Kaka out and about in KL

Q: What’s the difference between shooting in Malaysia and Korea? 

Kim Jung Min (KJM): We have an indoor and outdoor shooting in Malaysia. I feel like it’s more realistic and I am able to share more beauty tips to the audience. I first came to Malaysia for a back-packing trip. It’s a meaningful country to me. So, what I want to say from here is that I feel very thankful that K-beauty has received so much love.

Q: The team has been touring around KL for shooting, so what aspects of Malaysia do you find charming? 

KJM: I have skin trouble whenever I go for travel, but this time I am not sure whether it’s the food, weather or water here (in Malaysia), I don’t have the same trouble. Recently, I am interested in Halal beauty products and have started to use it during the shoot, and I feel like my skin has become healthier throughout the shooting. I am really surprise and think this might be the aspects that I find it charming.

Q: Do you have any plans to return to acting? 

KJM: I have been an emcee for many years. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a drama or variety show, I would like to take on new challenges. I would take up any opportunity as it comes.

Q: How do you stay healthy while having a busy schedule? 

KJM: Beauty is not just shown on the face but it is starts with your mental health. I do a lot of meditation and yoga helps in building the inner beauty. My yoga instructor is from Malaysia she taught me few phrases in Malay. (KJM earlier greeted us in perfect Malay sentences 🙂).

Q: Min, what have you been up to lately?

Min: I have been collaborating with other artists and musicians and recently released a single, “Marathon” by Deepshower.

Q: What is a must have item in your handbag?

Min: Lipstick!

Q: How do you feel about this collaboration with the 2 hosts?

Kaka: This is something that I have not ever dream of and I am honored to be chosen to be part of the team.

Q: Which Korean makeup do you like?

Kaka: I like their simple and natural makeup and the use of products to enhance beauty rather than covering it up.

Q: What is an item that you use daily?

Kaka: Sunscreen and moisturiser especially in this hot weather in Malaysia.

Q: You’ve been in Malaysia for a few days now, have you tried any of the local food?

Min: I went out with my friends and they brought me to China Town, Jalan Alor and tried out some delicious Malaysian food.

Q: Malaysia is hot all the time, how do you maintain a fresh look all the time?
Min: I apply a very light foundation to look fresh.
Get It Beauty On the Road in Malaysia will be showing at these times:
  • 24 September (Every Monday) on Astro RIA [Ch 104] at 9PM
  • 25 September (Every Tuesday) on tvN (Astro Ch 395 or unifi tv Ch 211) at 6.30PM
*a total of 4 episodes 

photo credit: Fast Track Events