[Exclusive] CLOVD shares his feelings about debuting solo

The name CLOVD is probably unfamiliar to most K-pop fans, but he is not new to the K-pop scene as he debuted with TOPP DOGG back in 2013 under the stage name, Gohn. After leaving his group in 2015 to focus on his military duty, he is now back to pursue a solo activity under the name CLOVD!

CLOVD was recently in Malaysia for filming. Back in 2014, he came with his members for their showcase. During that time, he wasn’t able to experience much of Malaysian culture, as they had a tight schedule. But this time he is back in Malaysia with his friends and co-workers and he was happy to get to experience more Malaysia culture in details.

As a foodie, CLOVD said he missed Malaysian food the most, especially Mee Goreng and Laksa. Even though he can get the dishes in Korea, the flavours are different because its not local.

CLOVD is now gearing up for his solo album, expected to release by end of this year or maybe early next year. But before that, he already released four songs for his solo project. He will be taking a little break after this but at the same time he will be releasing few more songs before he releases a full album. He’s also been getting a lot of requests from his fans to do more cover songs. He plans to choose few songs that are suitable for him and record it. We can’t wait to hear them soon!

CLOVD is now making his name known as a singer-songwriter. So, we are curious about where he got his inspirations from. CLOVD said the inspirations came in so many form. For example, his song called ‘Slow Motion’ was inspired by his fans who were longing to hear his singing voices. Other than that, he usually listens to his friends’ stories or people around him, and imagine what if he is in their shoes, then he usually starts writing a new song.

Then how is the process of making a song? CLOVD said, depending on the song, the process will be different. Usually he gets inspired by the melody and then only starts writing the lyrics. Sometimes, he sets a theme before he writes a new song. For example, his latest song ‘Slow Motion’, he misses his fans that is how he start writing the song based on that feeling.

Back to the industry without his members was hard at first. CLOVD used to shares his feeling, burden or excitement with his members but now debuting as a solo artist, he has all the responsibility for himself. It was emotionally difficult for him.

Ending our small chat with him, CLOVD said he wish he can blend all his emotions into his works so he can feel more closer to his fans.

Last but not least, CLOVD has something to say to his fans! Check out the video message below:

If you haven’t listen to his songs, check them out below :