[EXCLUSIVE] Q&A with Park Subin, idol turned singer

She made her way to the United States for KCON LA 2018 in August, and her performance onstage made us remember what a talented singer she is! Who are we talking about? Why, Park Subin, of course!

Thanks to SubKulture Entertainment, we were able to have a short interview with singer, songwriter and TV host, Park Subin. She’s better known as a girl group member from Dalshabet who debuted back in 2011.

Check out our interview with the beautiful Park Subin below!


K-POPPED!: Who are your biggest influences?

Park Subin: Everything that gives me feelings. Whether it’s a person or an object or a song, I like to listen to many people’s stories, or just walk around the street because it affects how I feel. Many things in my daily life affects me.


K-POPPED!: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to do music?

Park Subin: I want to tell you that because music is always near everyone, if you want to do it, you can do it. However, I want to tell you that if you want to play commercial music to make money, you should give up enjoying music.


K-POPPED!: What are some things you like to do in your free time?

Park Subin: I’m into Pilates these days. When I have a chance, I put a mat on the floor and turn on the music.



K-POPPED!: As an artist, what is the one thing you want to give to your fans, like meaning, motivation and inspiration?

Park Subin: It will wear away rather than rust away!! Just do it Darling!!


K-POPPED!: Who do you want to collab with for future music?

Park Subin: Park Bom and Grace. Park Bom was my motto, and I think she has the most unique tone in Korean vocals, and when she sings her vocals is powerful, lovable, and charismatic…


K-POPPED!: Favorite songs and artists at the moment?

Park Subin: A Swedish singer named Veronica Gaggio! I came across her through a song called Jag Kommer, and I love her lovely, sexy vocals, I can watch her sing all day long.



K-POPPED!: You recently attended KCON, your fans surprised you during your KCON stage with supporting banners. What was your reaction?

Park Subin: I thought it was just a KCON pamphlet because the fans were holding something while I was on stage, but I saw it again before singing, and it was a plan card for me. Suddenly, I was so excited that I had to perform onstage. The white plan cards looked like flower beds. I was so moved and appreciate it greatly. Perhaps it will be one of the most unforgettable stages for the rest of my life.


K-POPPED!: What’s changed the most from when you debuted till now?

Park Subin: Meeting fans who love me. So I will live my life harder for them.


K-POPPED!: What would you like to say to your international fans who are waiting to see you?

Park Subin: I want to tell you I’m here today because I have fans. I hope you are always healthy and happy. I will try and do my best to help my fans even a little. I love you!



K-POPPED!: Do you think K-pop music has changed from when you debuted till now? If so, what have you seen as a musician?

Park Subin: Although K-pop was very popular during my debut, they seem to love Korea a lot, not only K-pop, but also K-dramas. I think it’s because of the steady effort and growth of K-pop. For many fans who love Korea, I will try to be a great artist whom you’ll not be ashamed of.


K-POPPED!: 2018 is coming to an end, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Park Subin: A new album! And various communication with fans through songs, fan signs, stages, and SNS.


And that ends our interview with the talented Park Subin! Thank you so much to SubKulture Entertainment and Park Subin for making this happen. Keep a look out for her new album as she mentioned!