ONE HD Programme Highlights – November 2018

We all love a classic Cinderella story right? Romance, drama, evil siblings and everything in between! This month, ONE HD (Astro Ch. 393) is reinventing your favourite classic into a modern Korean romantic drama.



The Last Empress (皇后的尊严)

Premieres 22nd November, Thursday-Friday, at 8.10pm

Cast: Jang Nara, Shin Sung Rok, Choi Jin Hyuk

Modern-day Korea is ruled by a royal family. When a scandal threatens the throne, girl-next-door Sunny Oh (Jang Nara) goes from chasing her musical actress dreams to being swept up in a royal marriage with the Emperor. Placed at the crossroads of the power struggle, how will she adapt to her newfound identity as the nation’s Empress?



Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge (复仇女神小姐)

Airs every Saturday, at 8.40pm

Cast: Kim Yun Jin, Jung Woong In

Based off thriller-crime novelist Agatha Christie’s fictional ‘Miss Marple’. After breaking out from prison, a woman seeks to solve a series of cases that will unravel the mystery behind her daughter’s death. Miss Ma, Goddess of Revenge sees the return of Hollywood actress Kim Yun Jin (who starred in Lost and Mistresses) as her first Korean drama series in 19 years.


Where Stars Land (狐狸新娘星)

Airs every Tuesday and Wednesday, at 8.10pm

Cast: Chae Soo Bin, Lee Je Hoon

Centered around Seoul’s busy Incheon Airport and its customer service department, two rookie employees – one a perfectionist who has faced failure far too often (Chae Soo Bin), and the other a pilot hopeful held back by his poor vision (Lee Je Hoon) – set out to make their dreams take flight.