[Exclusive] Q&A with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Yi Kyung from Children of Nobody

Children of Nobody is the latest K-drama to air on Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) every Thursday & Friday at 7.50 pm.

The drama tells the story of Cha Woo-Kyung (Kim Sun Ah) who works as a child counsellor at a children’s center. Life’s perfect for her as she enjoys her job and is pregnant with her second child.

However, an accident changes Cha Woo-Kyung’s life. In search of the truth behind the accident, she meets Detective Ji-Hun (Lee Yi Kyung) who firmly believes that criminals should be punished severely.

K-popped! got lucky as we managed to catch up with the main casts of the drama, Kim Sun Ah and Lee Yi Kyung. Check out our short interview with them below.


To Kim Sun Ah : What was your biggest concern when it came to portraying your character?

Kim Sun Ah: My character’s job revolves around understanding the psychology of others. For this role, I met experts in psychology to better fulfil my role as a counsellor. Through this, I’ve learned that many people deal with mental illnesses, more than I previously knew. I’ve learned a lot while preparing myself for this show.


To Kim Sun Ah : Your previous dramas were successful and well-known. Do you feel any pressure starring in this one because of that?


Kim Sun Ah: I feel some pressure, but it is not overwhelming. I chose to act in my previous dramas because I wanted to shoot something fun and good. I don’t ponder on whether or not the show will be successful or not. Children of Nobody is a little darker than my previous shows, but it’s intriguing. I think people will watch it if it is entertaining.



To Lee Yi Kyung : What did you do to prepare for this role?


Lee Yi Kyung: I depend on the director and Kim Sun Ah to share their thoughts and direction for my character with me. This role is difficult, but I am doing my best.


To Kim Sun Ah : Is it difficult playing this role following your last drama series, where your character had such a strong personality? Were there any challenges filming this as it is a thriller?


Kim Sun Ah: The last character I played was memorable, and the drama series was also well-received. It also had a strong, recognisable show name, My Lovely Sam Soon. Normally, I don’t think too deeply when choosing a character to play. It’s not easy getting a good role, and a good script. I think I’ve been lucky since I’ve played a lot of fun roles. I want to take on a larger variety of roles, and I’m grateful to be a part of this drama series.



To Kim Sun Ah : In an interview you were previously engaged in, you mentioned wanting to play a cheerful character. However, you’re currently starring in a thriller. Why did you choose to be in this drama series?


Kim Sun Ah: I’ve wanted to play a cheerful character for years, as I haven’t had the chance to be in a light-hearted role. However, sometimes, you can’t be too picky with roles.


The atmosphere on set for a thriller is not that different, except for some aesthetics and how you feel. This genre has you nervous and excited at the same time. The camera work is interesting as well. I’m really enjoying shooting this show.


Q : The chemistry between you two is important to the viewers. How do you two work alongside each other?


Lee Yi Kyung: It’s such a relief that I get to work with Sun Ah. She is very reliable, and I am thankful that I get to work with her. She gives me a lot of advice on acting and on how I can better play my character. I’m lucky to be able to do this with her.


Kim Sun Ah: I am also happy that I get to work with him. Yi Kyung is fun, and he makes me laugh all the time. I’m also lucky to have this opportunity to act with him.


That’s the end of our interview. If you are a fan of thriller dramas, you shouldn’t miss this one!