Must Do Activities When in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a city filled with wonders. There is something to enjoy for people of all age groups in the city. Lately, Dubai has become a tourist haven as it is, perhaps, the only city in the world which has embraced modernism without losing on its traditional roots. You will find marvelous modern architecture standing along with traditional quarters in the city. However, mere words are incapable to describe the splendor and the charm of a city like Dubai. In this post, we are going to share with you top must-do activities when in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Best Things to Do & Must-See Tourist Attractions in Jumeirah, Dubai


  • Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is a very graceful landmark in Jumeirah. This place has got its own helipad and boasts of a fleet of chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. The architecture itself is so striking that it engulfs your senses into enchantment. Beyond this architecture, there are 202 suites in the Burj Al Arab for the tourists. However, if you are not staying in the hotel and wish to go inside then you need, at least, a reservation in the restaurant. Hence, if you really want to catch the fascinating interiors of the Burj Al Arab, you require making your reservation in the restaurant pretty well in advance.


  • Madinat Jumeirah

With Burj Al Arab in its background, Madinat Jumeirah feels heavenly at night. This is, probably, one of the most attractive places in Jumeirah, Dubai. It is an interpretation of a traditional Arab village in contemporary style. It has a market, waterways, hotels, as well as villas. The gardens are pretty enchanting, especially at night when all the lights are lit.



  • Kite Beach


Next to Jumeirah Mosque, of the Jumeirah Road, is present an exquisite beach known as the Kite Beach. The beach is a symbolism of cleanliness and is well-known for a plenitude of activities that it has to offer which includes kite surfing, beach tennis, beach volleyball and also kayaking. There are showers and changing facilities as well on the beach. Believe it or not, you get to access Wi-Fi as well on the beach. However, if you wish to visit the beach with not many people around then you must not go on a Friday or a Saturday. First of all, Friday and Saturday is the weekend in Dubai and the Kite Beach becomes really busy these days due to the seaside market that gets set up.


  • Fishing in Jumeirah

If you fancy fishing trips in Dubai, then Jumeirah is one of the best fishing spots in the city. Please note that you just can’t go around fishing on your own in the city. First of all, in order to enjoy hook-line recreational fishing in Dubai, you need to have a short-term fishing license. Hence, you require going to fishing through a fishing tour company which are plenty in Dubai. Your fishing tour company will aid and assist you in acquiring the short-term fishing license. You need to display your passport and the visa for acquiring the same. Also, please note prior to hitting the seas for indulging in fishing, you require the approval of Dubai Coast Guard as well. Moreover, if you are planning to hire your own boat manned by a professional captain then, for acquiring the short-term fishing license, you also need to show the boat’s papers, rental agreement as well as deposit some photos of the vessel. Hence, it is wise to indulge in fishing through a fishing tour company only, which will aid and assist you perfectly in completing all the necessary formalities.


  • Pierchic

Coming with front-row views of Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah, Pierchic is the perfect place if you are looking to propose your partner with an engagement ring down the champagne glass. This place serves one of the best seafood in the city of Dubai and is highly romantic. Moreover, apart from being romantic, this place is at the top of each foodie’s list that happens to visit the city of Dubai. The dishes served at the Pierchic are delicious and the taste of the same will linger on your taste buds for long. Altogether the experience at Pierchic is not the one that is supposed to be missed when in Jumeirah, Dubai.


  • Dubai Walls

Some of the famous international names in street-art have converted this street walk into an outdoor gallery and is, indeed, worth a visit.


Final Words

Altogether, Dubai is a place where entertainment, truly, never stops. Make sure you conduct a proper research and develop a complete itinerary before landing in the city, in order to make sure that you don’t miss anything which is worth visiting during your stay in Dubai.