Bang Yong Guk to start off 2019 with his new single “Hikikomori”

After leaving TS Entertainment on August 19th of last year, Bang Yong Guk has now dropped something to start off the great year of 2019 in January.

Bang Yong Guk posted his first teaser for his fans on January 12th, 2019 KST with the words “2019.01.20. SUN. 6PM(KST) #HIKIKOMORI #BANGYONGGUK“.

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On January 14th, 2019 KST,  Bang Yong Guk dropped his second teaser with an image of himself with the words “TAKE 1 ‘Mirror'”.

Bang Yong Guk recently posted a new teaser photo again for his fans on January 15th, 2019 KST, but this time with the words “TAKE 2 ‘Eye’”.

His new single “Hikikomori” and official debut as a solo artist will be on January 20th, 2019 at 6PM KST.  Hikikomori translates from the Japanese term as adults or individuals who shut themselves off from social life, seeking major isolation and confinement such as their homes.

Fans all around the world will be able to see his new music for the first time after his departure from B.A.P.  If you haven’t heard his past music and video he’s released, be sure to check out his most recent MV “DRUNKNESS” and other MV’s on his personal Youtube Channel here.