Best Chicken : The hotter it is, the more appetizing it gets!

Best Chicken is a 12-episode romance comedy starring Park Sun-ho (A Poem A Day, Hospital Ship), Kim So-hye (Unexpected Heroes, Produce 101) & Joo Woo-jae (Fluttering Warning). This is a passionate and heart-warming coming-of-age drama centred on the lives of youths who want to chase after their dreams!

Park Choi-go (Park Sun-ho) quit his job at a big company to fulfil his dream of running a chicken restaurant converted from a bathhouse. He will be showing his clumsy but lovable charms as Park Choi-go. Seo Bo-a (Kim So-hye) is once an aspiring webtoon artist who now lives at a bathhouse which her late grandfather left behind. She secludes herself from society and disguises herself as a part-time employee at Park Choi-go’s chicken restaurant. Andrew Kang (Joo Woo-jae) was a talented chef, but his career took a downward spiral after he injured his hands and eventually became homeless. These three people meet and grow with one other in the bathhouse converted chicken restaurant.

<Best Chicken> is the first drama in which both Park Sun-ho & Joo Woo-jae are casted as leading male after much anticipation from their previous works. Kim So-hye has matured in her acting since debut and recognized as an acting idol. There three are set to bring the story of youth and growth to life with their sweet chemistry.

Idol group Pentagon’s Hong-seok will take on the role of Bae Ki-bum, a troublemaker at Park Choi-go’s chicken restaurant who likes to charge forward with his words instead of his actions. His character will be one that is impossible to hate.

The production of this drama will create a new Hallyu boom by combining the theme of youths starting their own business with the culture of Korean fried chicken. <Best Chicken> is ready to tell a comedic and romantic love story inside a chicken restaurant!

Best Chicken will premiere on K-PLUS starting 3 January 2019, Thursday at 8.00pm SGT, airing within 24 hours of Korea. New episodes will air weekly on Thursday and Friday at 8.00pm SGT. English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles are available.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, Tribe Indonesia, DENSTV, Astro GO, Easy TV.