[Event Coverage] Red Velvet bring the heat to Texas for [REDMARE] In Dallas!


February 10th, 2019

The Theatre at Grand Prairie

7:00 pm

Kicking off their second stop of their first ever US tour, Red Velvet made their way to the modern metropolis in North Texas, Dallas!
After Red Velvet’s first performance in Austin during SXSW 2017, Texan Reveluv (Red Velvet’s official fandom name) have been patiently waiting for the girls to return!

On a rainy cloudy day in Grand Prairie, Texas, Reveluv were spotted lining up for the concert as early as 10:00 am. Fans exchanged fan goods with each other such as stickers, banners, buttons, and more! Fans had fun waiting in line making friends and also playing a game of a Red Velvet themed random play dance. Many fans told us they flew in from other countries just to see Red Velvet perform! The day went by smoothly as the doors opened at 5:30pm and fans made their way inside the venue for the nearly sold-out concert.

Finally at 7:00pm while fans were eagerly waving their light sticks, the lights dimmed and Red Velvet appeared on stage! With the venue erupting in cheers, they started off the night performing one of their top hits “Russian Roulette”, and followed with their recent summer bop “Power Up”.

The lights shined bright on the girls as they lined up next to each other, and they gave their iconic “happiness!” introduction, followed by each member introducing themselves. The girls expressed how excited they were to be in Texas again, and how much more excited they were to see Texan Reveluv! The lights dimmed again and suddenly a mysterious remix of their song “My Second Date” started to play. Back-up dancers came up to the stage, and the venue was filled with exciting screams as each member then gave a solo dance!

The girls walked off stage, while a video of Red Velvet walking through an amusement park began playing on the large projectors. The video showed cute shots of the girls having fun, glamour shots of the girls looking at the camera, and Reveluv began waving their light sticks in unison as they patiently waited for the girls to return.

After a few minutes intermission, the girls returned on stage wearing cute fuzzy/bright colored dresses. They then performed their side tracks “Mr. E“, and “Zoo”. The venue then got increasingly louder as they performed their debut song “Happiness” with Reveluv chanting the fan chants. Red Velvet then performed their fast-paced track “Hit That Drum”, and right after walked off the stage for another intermission.

A video of the girls walking through an amusement park returned back on the projectors, with more cute shots of the girls and fans continuing to wave their light sticks excited for them to return back on stage. Not too long after waiting, Red Velvet appeared back on stage with colorful ruffle dresses and performed their side tracks “Lucky Girl“, “Bad Dracula“, “All Right“, “Blue Lemonade“, and “About Love“.

As Red Velvet began to perform their slow song “Moonlight Melody“, one by one the audience began to hold up banners that read “Thank you for being born, Seulgi. #HappySeulgiDay” in Korean. With the members shocked looked on their faces, members Irene, Yeri, and Seulgi noticeably started crying as they were singing. Seulgi started shooting the audience finger hearts and said “Thank you, I Love you.” The girls then walked off for another intermission.

Showing on the projectors was a video of the girls walking through a haunted house, which had fans laughing as the girls looked super scared and kept flinching! After the video, spotlights dimmed on the members and their back-up dancers as they danced to an eerie remix of their song “Ice Cream Cake“, then right after performed their latest top singles “Bad Boy (English Version)“, “Peek-a-boo“, “RBB (English Version)“. As the girls took a break the audience then sang Happy Birthday to Seulgi. Yeri then stated “this is our last song!” and the girls performed their addictive hit “Rookie“. One by one the members began to leave the stage and the audience began chanting for them to return.

Red Velvet! Red Velvet! Red Velvet!” was heard chanted throughout the whole venue as fans begged for one more song. Not too long after, a video began to play on the projectors and fans eagerly cheered with excitement knowing the night wasn’t over. The girls returned on stage and performed their side track “Day 1“, and fans began to hold up banners that read “In this world filled with just Red Velvet, my whole heart melts away.” in Korean. As the song ended, Seulgi asked the audience “who wrote this? This is very hard Korean!” and thankfully enough the fan who created the banners came forward. Each Red Velvet member thanked him for the banners and each bowed to him, giving him finger hearts.

The members then lined up next to each other and Wendy stated “I was not expecting this much love and support from you guys, it is because of you guys that we are even here. Thank you”. Yeri then mentioned “In 2017 when I was in Texas I was just in a town eating steak.. never did I imagine performing here at a place like this. I was just a small girl eating steak!” to which had fans laughing in return. Irene thanked Texan Reveluv for all of the love support we had given them, and asked us to continue loving Red Velvet in the future. Joy stated how much fun she had, and how she would love to come back to Texas again. Seulgi thanked everyone for wishing her a Happy Birthday, and said “I never cry, but I’ve never had something like this happen to me at such a big place. I love you, thank you”. The members each bowed and thanked Reveluv for the amazing night they shared together, and then performed their final song “Red Flavor“.

K-popped! would like to thank SubKulture Entertainment for the opportunity to cover the event Red Velvet 2nd Concert [Redmare] in USA – Dallas!

Photos by SM Entertainment.



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