Momoland says ‘I’m So Hot’ in new MV

The girls are back in a new colorful and eye-pleasing ‘I’m So Hot‘ music video, for their 6th mini album “Show Me“, inside a school bus that quickly takes a different turn when the video changes to the girls change to a more sophisticated look compared to their school uniform.


It only takes a couple of seconds before Momoland yell ‘I’m So Hot’ in a catchy tone and easy to follow dance move. That will have you nodding your head and going along with the beat and their already catchy chorus I’m So Hot!

Compared to ‘BBoom BBoom’ and ‘BAAM’ their new song still contains that catchy beat that has us replaying it over and over again. But in contrast to their other two catchy songs, Momoland went a different route when making this catchy beat.

Instead they went for that old school, flapper like sound that was popular back in the 1920’s and made it modern.

Uploaded on March 20th, their MV has already over 2 million views and it’s easy to say that ‘I’m So Hot’ will be played a lot in the coming month.

It was abundantly clear that members Daisy and Taeha were missing in this comeback and the girls have stated in a press conference they feel bad about promoting as a 7-member group. Hyebin also said they “will show greater sides of us through the upcoming promotions and will do our best to work harder, considering our two friends’ absence.

Watch their music video down below and make sure to catch their live performances which will be far from boring as you become hooked right from the start.