DreamNote, Hakuna matata cover dance is popular in Brazil

Amazer, global K-pop video community announced more than a thousand “DreamnoteChallenge” videos from 56 countries have been produced with rookie girl group DreamNote, showing the popularity of K-pop cover dances in South America, especially due to the high dance coverage rate in Brazil.

Anyone can easily participate in the event by singing or dancing to DreamNote’s new song, Hakuna matata or by just taking any videos using the song. Any videos that are submitted during the event period(~Apr. 10th) with the hashtag #DreamnoteChallenge automatically enter the challenge.


The guide video contains Dream Note`s Teengle (Teen + Beagle-like Beauty) with full of the candid and lively charm of teenage girls. So teen girl`s dance coverage rate was high.


We predicted the success of DreamNote`s new song by analyzing in-app video & hashtag trends, which led to us coming up with the idea of collaborating with DreamNote. Especially DreamNote is popular Brazil, Chile and South America.


Amazer has collaborated with Kpop idol groups like MOMOLAND, Monsta X and Dreamcatcher to promote their new albums globally, where Kpop lovers can shoot their cover dance video by duet with the guided video generated by each idol member. 9 out of 10 Amazer users are teens overseas, including from North America, Germany, and South East Asian countries like Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam.