Her Private Life Unfolds the Intriguing Love Relationships Among Characters

tvN Asia’s latest 24-hour express drama – Her Private Life (她的私生活) – starring Kim Jae-wook (金材昱) and Park Min-young (朴敏英), will premiere on tvN in Asia from 11 April (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45 (GMT+8) in Singapore and Malaysia, and at 20:45 (GMT+7) in Indonesia.

The production team recently released a relationship map of Her Private Life characters. As a talented and sophisticated curator of Cheum Museum of Art, Sung Duk-mi (Park Min-young) handles every task with her excellent intelligence at work. She is always described as sharp and brainy at work. Surprisingly, she is one of the avid fangirls of the popular idol Cha Shi-an (Jung Jae-won a.k.a. One) and devotes her time off work to run a fansite for him. After work, she undergoes a stark head-to-toe transformation and turns into a professional photographer for her beloved idol. Duk-mi enjoys her life as a fansite home-master a lot and keeps her double life in secret, especially from her harsh and prickly director Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook) at work.


The unique romance kicks off when Ryan catches a glimpse of Duk-mi’s private life. In order to get closer to Duk-mi and see her true colors, Ryan transforms himself into a newly minted fanboy in the fandom, to unfold more and more secrets of Duk-mi’s double life. Love sparkles between them when they come into contact with each other in the fandom.

Apart from the main love line between Duk-mi and Ryan, the secondary male lead Nam Eun-gi (Ahn Bo-hyun) has an equivocal relationship with Duk-mi. Eun-gi is a warm and considerate man who always stands by Duk-mi and takes great care of her meticulously. Regardless of being friend-zoned by Duk-mi, he still continues to dedicate all his heart to his long-loved girl. The intriguing love triangle between Duk-mi, Ryan and Eun-gi becomes one of the highlights of this highly-anticipated fandom drama.


In addition, another fansite person-in-charge Lee Seon-joo (Park Jin-joo) will engage in the fandom together with Duk-mi, which enriches this romantic comedy with friendship.


Her Private Life will broadcast on tvN in Asia from 11 April (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45 (GMT+8) in Singapore and Malaysia, and at 20:45 (GMT+7) in Indonesia. The drama is paired with English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.

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