Korean-American Pop Artist SANG, Releases Fantasy Video

Anything is possible for Pop artist SANG, and with the release of his music video, “Fantasy,” he continues to prove that. Idolator exclusively premiered the audio for his debut release of “Fantasy,” stating “The moody bop sees him singing in English and Korean and features a production that’s sure to get stuck in your head after an initial listen.”

From growing up in South Korea, to moving overseas and studying economics at Brown University, to modeling in Los Angeles, to law school at University of Southern California (USC), and now beginning his musical career; SANG continues to achieve anything he sets his mind to. “People are constantly asking me about my identity. Are you a lawyer? Are you an artist? Do you think you can possibly do both? And to that I unapologetically say, I have no idea. One role is creating artistry, and the other role is more serious; but I believe that I can be both and strive my best to make it work.” SANG is constantly pushing himself to learn and excel in new things. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he also speaks English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.


Through all of his academia, and being labeled as “the nerdy guy,” being an artist was something SANG never thought he could become. It was during a chance encounter with his photographer’s brother, Ryan Wood, who is a music producer based in Los Angeles, that SANG discovered his underlying passion for music. The current influx of K-Pop in the United States really opened up SANG’s interest and made him more confident in putting his music out into the world. The lyrics to “Fantasy” are predominantly in English, but SANG made the proud decision to stick to his roots, and throw in a few Korean lyrics.


“My parent’s generation frowned upon chasing dreams that seemed “unrealistic,” within the past year, K-pop has been a real game changer for people with that mindset. I’ve seen a tremendous change not only in Korea, but in the United States as well. I see more parents with the mindset of “maybe it’s okay if my son and daughter want to chase their dreams of becoming a superstar,” SANG says.


Initially interested in producing, SANG spent weeks learning to become proficient in Music Production Software, but eventually decided that singing was in his blood. Having performed here and there in the past, SANG never thought it was possible for this to become his future calling. After restless nights in the studio and making music with his producer, everything began falling into place.


Once a few songs were created, SANG met CeCe Frey, former X-Factor contestant, who instantly fell in love with music and directed the music video with Chase Stockman. Now with a trusted crew and established music, SANG is ready to debut with his single “Fantasy.” If anything is true about SANG, it’s his ability to make fantasies into realities; and that’s what he proves with his first single. “The song is about telling the girl that if she believes in me and trusts in me, I can fulfill any of her fantasies,” says SANG.


The creation of “Fantasy” is filled with an all-star lineup, that many artists can only dream of. “Fantasy” was mixed by his producer and David Baker who is the mixer for numerous albums of famous artists like Alessia Cara, Big Sean, Billie Eilish, Logic, etc. The music video is set to feature a viral star, Dytto, famously known for her robotic dance moves, and uses the same Bolt High Speed Cinebot Camera that is used in the music video of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.”


SANG continues to break barriers and excel in whatever he sets his mind to. It’s only a matter of time before his latest fantasy of reaching pop stardom becomes a reality.

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