[Event Coverage] MFBTY & iKON prove their popularity at Skechers Sundown Festival 2019

Sundown Festival? For hallyu fans in Singapore, the festival started even before the sun had risen – as they waited in line since 4am to enter the venue!

Held over the weekend from April 19-21 at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach, the Skechers Sundown Festival boasted over 50 acts from all over the region. More than 20,000 festivalgoers attended this unforgettable event.


Photo: Sundown Festival

MFBTY is exactly what you would have expected – professional, talented and charming! They were able to attract a large crowd even before they began their performance, with the crowd chanting their names, excited to see them.

MFBTY kicked off the stage with “Mantra“, and the crowd went wild. They also performed songs that had the crowd singing along such as “Angel” and “Sweet Dreams“.

Photo: Sundown Festival

Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae were kind enough to help ‘cool down’ their fans during the performance – with water guns!

Tiger JK even personally went off stage to pass water bottles to the crowd to ensure they were hydrated throughout the performance. Truly a group of kind artistes inside and out!

Photo: Sundown Festival

MFBTY ended their performance with “Get In” but the crowd were too hyped up to let them go at that point! They properly bid the crowd farewell and expressed their gratitude by coming off stage to pass around their official merchandise.


Photo: Sundown Festival

iKON‘s fans (known as iKONICs) were spotted waiting in line since 4am to enter the venue. The huge crowd were spotted holding their lightsticks and official goods during the concert.

Photo: Sundown Festival

Photo: Sundown Festival

The crowd sang iKON’s global hit “Love Scenario” to welcome the group before they came on stage. When iKON finally appeared on stage, the crowd went wild!

Photo: Sundown Festival

The 7 boy-wonder did not disappoint when they kicked off their performance with “Love Scenario”, followed by their debut hit “My Type“. iKONICs were seen waving their lightsticks enthusiastically during dance numbers like “Rhythm Ta” and “Bling Bling“.

Photo: Skechers Sundown

iKON ended their performance with “Dumb & Dumber“, causing quite a reaction when they splashed water at the crowd and when confetti popped during the climax for Dumb & Dumber.

Thank you to Skechers Sundown for the media invite!