Make Some Money Selling Your Korean Beauty Products

Are you a big fan of Korean beauty products like the rest of us are? Their line of skin care, make-up, and beauty have become a staple in Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

If you’ve managed to catch a trip to the land of Korea itself, you are considered #blessed. Many of us K-lovers have yet to touch down on that beautiful city!

Walking in the streets on Korea, you’d probably notice that they have a bountiful number of beauty stores. Many people can really shop-till-they-drop in just a single outlet. The popular beauty brands from Korea usually are the ones that flood people’s baskets. Such are InnisFree, The Face Shop, Jullai, Acwell, Missha, Mamonde, etc.


It is much cheaper to get directly from the source than the outlets in our own countries! This means that there’s a spacious and cosy room for some money-making activities – I’m talking about selling them for some profit.


Benefits of Reselling Your Korean Products Online


The benefits of setting up your own small business or entrepreneurial online store are more than our fingers can count. But just to name a few, here are five benefits of reselling your Korean products online.

Before you turn this down completely, this success story of Janiro, a skincare startup business.


1)     Earn some pocket money

You’ll be surprised by how many individuals and fans of Korean products have already thought about making money from selling what they love – and actually made a successful business out of it. They’ve surpassed the earning of ‘pocket money’ and grown into ‘income for a living’.

If the demand is there while the supply isn’t, you have a very good fighting chance of starting something amazing.


2)     It’s easy to sell to yourself

Since you’re already such a follower of the Korean trends and dedicated user of their products, you’re probably one of the best salespersons to sell it.

Plus, you understand how your target market would be because you are the part of the people who would be inclined to buy from you.

3)     Do something that you actually enjoy

Some of us really just enjoy looking out for the best Korean products to try out and being second is not an option. This intense competitive spirit for the seemingly meaningless things in others’ eyes might have deterred you from even dipping your feet in this business-entrepreneurial pool.

Don’t be swayed by the normality of the Asian society to just work a job that pays well or a job title that “brings pride to the family”.

Do something that you actually enjoy – even if your passion is in K-Pop, Korean products, or Korean culture.


How To Start A Korean Beauty Product Business?


1)     What, who, why, where, and how

Answer these questions below and you’ll get a better picture of this potential business you’re about to embark on.

What: What products are you going to sell? What brands would be in your shop?

Who: Who are you selling to? Who would more likely be interested in your products?

Why: Why is your store better than the rest? Why should people buy from you? Why do you want to do this for the long-term?

Where: Where are you selling your products? Where is your target market at?

How: How are you going to list your products? How are you going to promote and market them? How are you going to get your supplies and how much would you sell them for?


2)     Set up your online store

Opening your own store in any country means you need huge capital, right?

As a contrary to mainstream belief, this is completely false! That means good news for you.

With the crazy advancement of the internet and social media, you can easily set up your very own online store. One of the best platforms in the market (and at cheap pricing too) is Singaporean Shopify.


3)     Market it right

Digital marketing is simple with the help of Shopify’s guides and blog articles. They have detailed yet straightforward tutorials on how to market your amazing online store.

Marketing is a huge niche with extraordinary insights given freely by digital marketing experts worldwide. A simple search on Google would bring to you all the answers to your questions instantly.



Starting a business, especially in the Korean beauty product sector is simplified greatly in today’s era. If there’s any time to start an online business, it is now!