PRODUCE X 101 Episode 1 Reveals Two Major Changes in the Selection Process

tvN is the first to bring the global sensation K-pop boy group audition show PRODUCE X 101 with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia, to its audience across 9 territories in Asia. The 18-hour express variety show enables overseas audience to closely keep up with the audition process, while the multiple subtitles break the language barriers in many Asian territories. Subtitled VersionPRODUCE X 101 airs on tvN in Asia every Saturday at 17:00 and 23:00 (GMT+8).

The global idol survival audition programme, PRODUCE X 101 captures much attention from audience of all ages around the world since its premiere. Both Korean and overseas viewers expressed their enthusiasm to keep up with the show as soon as they can.


In the first episode, audience saw trainees from major entertainment companies, as well as the return of Soyou, from last season, as a special trainer. Much attention was given to trainees who have already debuted, such as members of MYTEEN and UP10TION etc. Fans are expecting their heartfelt sharing in the show.


Earlier, the show’s production crew announced an unexpected change in the ranking system by adding the lowest grade “X”; and in the first episode, it was revealed that X-graded trainees will not be joining the others in the dormitory, nor will they receive any intensive training programmes designed by the trainers. It looks like they will need to go the extra mile in order to reach their dreams. This change also created much tension among all trainees making the competition even fiercer.


Furthermore, the final number of trainees to debut is confirmed to be 10 + X, i.e 11 people. X represents the trainee who ranks no. 1 (solo) on average in all of the stage performance evaluations, giving a twist to the previous rule. In other words, the trainee who ranks 11th in the final might not be the one to debut, which makes every single evaluation crucial to the trainees.


In the upcoming episode, audience is expected to see audition clips of other popular trainees, and witness all the sweats and tears that shape their touching performance. Not to be missed is the trainers’ harsh yet honest comments. Stay tuned!

tvN’s latest 18-hour Express variety show PRODUCE X 101 【Subtitled Version】 airs on tvN in Asia every Saturday at 17:00 and 23:00 (GMT+8). tvN is available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the show is paired with English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles.