Going on a Trip? We Have 8 Hair Care Tips for You

In the excitement of going on a trip, it is important to considerer essential hair care tips that will serve you. Sites like https://hairclippersclub.com/ strive to offer the best hair care tips. Your hair may face tough times if you are not well prepared. Bright sun, salty water, humidity and pollution are among the factors that can lead to hair damage. Therefore, it is important to know the environmental condition of your destination, so that you can take proper measures. Your hair should be healthy and neat before and long after the trip.

Since you are not likely to visit a salon when on a trip, we will provide you with the convenient means to protect your hair. Here are 8 tips that will best serve you.


  1. Oil your hair

Oiling the hair before the trip serves to nourish your hair with the right necessities. Also, it serves to strengthen as well as to beautify the hair. It is advisable for you to massage the scalp with hair oil three times in a week before the trip. Leave the oil overnight and wash it in the morning then cover with a steamed tower for better results. This will stimulate blood circulation and in return it will keep your hair strong and nourished. Choose wisely the oil hair with the best nutrients for your hair.


  1. Carry the essentials

Make sure that you pack the necessary requirements for grooming and maintaining your hair. This is despite the fact that everyone loves to travel light. Such essentials include the hair brush, shampoos, conditioners, etc.

Not only will they serve to take care of your hair, but also they will save your pocket instead of buying new ones.


  1. Protect your hair from sun and humid conditions

Prolonged hair exposure to sun may damage your hair by causing discoloration, hair thinning and splitting at the ends. Humidity may turn your hair wavy and frizzy. Therefore, it important to know the weather conditions of the place you plan to travel.

Carry a hat or hair sunscreens in case it is hot. Moisturize the hair with a keratin shampoo and then dry with a dry towel in order to prevent the humidity effects in case your hair is not covered. Tying the hair with a bun also serves as preventive measure.


  1. Hair styles

Master a few hairs styles which will serve you on the trip. Hair styles that are compatible with your head in regard to the environmental conditions. Good hair styles will make you look good on your travel snaps but importantly, efficient hair styles will reduce efforts of maintain the hair and cost of applications. Have a backup plan in case one style doesn’t work.


  1. Don’t wash the hair every day

Washing the hair everyday will erode the essential oils and nutrients on the scalp. This will then make your hair go dry and deficient of nutrients. Wash the hair once in a while. Wear a swimming cap when entering in strange waters. Salty waters can damage your hair.


  1. Invest in one or two products

If you are really interested in maintaining your hair good throughout the trip, get one or two products which are really good. These products may range from shampoos, essential oils, hair treatments or conditions. Note that you don’t have to just use anything on your hair. Consult your saloon technician for advice.


  1. Get Vitamin E

Vitamin E serves to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. It enables the hair to grow healthy as well as to reduce hair loss. There are shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that are fortified with Vitamin E. Avocado oil and olive oils are rich with vitamin E. Involve one of these products in your kit. Also note that consuming leafy greens, nuts, and seeds will enrich your body with vitamin E. Be endowed and packed with vitamin E as you travel.


  1. Comb the hair

Last but not least, don’t be lazy in combing your hair. Scalp pores and follicles tend to get clogged with bacteria and other substances. Combing removes the clog thus stimulating the scalp which in return facilitates increased blood flow. The blood circulates nutrients and oxygen effectively for your hair to grow well and strong. Carry with you a wooden comb because unlike the plastic ones, it doesn’t cause static electricity which leads to hair breakages.


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