Easy Ways to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Android Devices

If you’re reading our article, it means you’ve finally decided to shift from your old browser. And undoubtedly, you’ve set your sights on Mozilla Firefox, an efficient application that can help you navigate the Internet faster, securely, and more conveniently.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the process of installing Firefox on Windows and Android platforms. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to start using a truly superb browser right now.

Downloading and Installing Firefox for Windows

More and more Windows users opt for Mozilla Firefox as their main browser. If you also want to start using this browser, take the following steps:

1. The first place you should start looking for the Firefox browser is Mozilla’s official website.  Head to the website and locate the green “Download Now” button. Click on it and Mozilla will automatically detect your OS, as well as your language, and offer you the version best suited to your Windows OS.

  • Alternatively, you may visit RocketFiles, the download website that offers only high-quality software. You can find the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 (or for any other version) on the website and safely install it onto your PC.

2. After clicking the button, the download will start right away. In a about a minute, the new installer file will appear in your Downloads folder. Click on the file to start installing it. Note that your OS may prompt you to confirm your action to be able to run the file.

3. After running the file, you may select the installation type. If you don’t feel like tinkering with customizing the installation settings, you may opt for a standard, automatic installation. It will install the browser onto your PC and allow you to use it immediately after the completion of the installation process. Still, if you select the custom installation, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Select the installation location.
  • Install Mozilla Maintenance Service, the program that allows Firefox install any update as soon as it’s released. After installing the service in question, your Firefox will automatically update. If you want to locate and install available updates manually, you can quickly disable this feature.
  • Choose where to place your icons, such as the Start Menu, Quick Launch bar, and Desktop.
  • You can also make Mozilla Firefox your default browser, meaning that it will be launched automatically when you click any link.

4. Once you install your new browser, you can start surfing the web.

5. If you used to navigate the Internet wherewith another browser, say Internet Explorer or Chrome, you can quickly import all your settings, such as History, Bookmarks, Passwords, and Options from your old browser into Firefox.


Firefox for Android

With portable devices being on the crest of popularity, lots of users search for a safe and efficient browser to install on their smartphones and tablet PCs. If you own an Android device and want to quickly install Firefox on it, it’s about time you did it right now.

1. To download Firefox for Android, head to the Mozilla official site, the Google Play Store or RocketFiles, which, as you know, also offers free Firefox app downloads.

2. Proceed to install the browser. To do it, tap the “Install” button. Once you do it, you’ll be asked to accept permissions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the list of permission before you proceed with the installation.

3. You’ll need to wait for a while until the installation completes. After that, you can open the app.

  • To make the most of your new browser, we recommend that you allow the app to automatically install available updates. To do it, tick the box next to “Allow Automatic updating.”

Enjoy your browsing with Mozilla Firefox!