Experience Seoul the K-Pop Way with These 4 Tips

Tourism in South Korea is on the rise, with over 12 million visitors arriving every year. One of the main reasons is due to South Korean’s pop music scene that has taken the world by storm. Not to mention, the hot seven-member group, BTS made history reaching the top Billboard album charts and winning the American Music Awards in 2018.  Needless to say, devoted K-pop armies have become a common hobby all over South Korea and abroad.

So, If you plan on traveling to South Korea to experience the local culture, indulge in food trips, or even meet the Oppa of your dreams, now’s time to embark on the Seoul train and enjoy the journey.


Smart Prep for Your K-pop Pilgrimage

Did you know that investing in coverage protection and experiences will not only make your trip more enjoyable? When you’re on a budget, every dollar counts. Having a travel insurance plan can save you a ton of money if your goods are lost or stolen. After all, the more you save now can give you more wiggle room on where to splurge during your travel.


Take a Stroll at K-Star Road

Located near the headquarters of entertainment companies like JYP and SM in  Gagnam District, there are nearby shopping outlets where fans can buy idol merchandise, experience shooting locations, and even eat when the idols often visit. SMTOWN is heaven for SM entertainment fans as you can watch hologram concerts and listen to the latest hits for free.


Visit Music Centers

Want to visit your idol’s most frequent stops and perhaps even get the chance to perform live? Most media centers are known to host improv shows – all which are free! However, getting in requires plenty of patience, lines, and dedication. In fact, JYP has enforced a strict set of rules to protect their fan base from harm.

Party like an Idol in Hongdae

Once you’ve finally had enough of sightseeing, spend the night away at Hongdae. This town is filled with college students, cafes, and dance clubs that stay awake all night. You won’t want to miss this place as street performers are famously known to serenade you with your favorite K-pop songs or hype you up with latest dance trends.

With this list, you’ll know where to go, what to try, and who to see. But don’t forget to get your travel needs ready. After all, staying prepared is essential throughout your Seoul journey.