ITZY’s ‘ICY’ is the most covered K-pop song around the world in August

According to global K-pop video community app Amazer, ITZY’s “ICY” ranked No. 1 in the category of K-pop songs most covered August.

ITZY, one of the most promising rookies, has also made a hit their second title song ICY following its debut song “DALLA DALLA”. ICY featured their young and lively energy. It received the attention of many cover dancers and showed high coverage rates in all global countries. DALLA DALLA and ICY ranked #1 on the global cover dance charts in February and August.

At the 2nd place is EVERGLOW’s “Adios”. Adios is a song with a female warrior costume concept and a girl crush choreographer’s point. KPOP professional dance teams are participating in the most. Everglow also proved itself to be a global hot rookie, with its debut song “Bon Bon Chocolat” and Adios both covered by many k-pop fans.

Chungha’s “Snapping” has climbed to No.3 spot. The song topped the list in the last months, and was named TOP5 for the third straight month. It’s been a while since it was released, but it’s still loved by many people.

Teenage Swag NCT DREAM’s “BOOM” took the No.4. Their own soft yet strong style of choreography is loved and has many covers, especially in North America and European countries.

Being ranked 5th is VAV’s “Give me more” ,which returned to Latin pop, with cover videos being uploaded from more than 73 countries.

Amazer is a Kpop video community targeting Generation Z. And Amazer has collaborated with Kpop idol groups like  Monsta X, WJSN , Momoland, and VAV to promote their new albums globally, where Kpop lovers create 300,000 cover dance videos a year just by mirroring the guided video generated by each idol member.  Recently, amazer collaborated with COVER STAR K of KCON 2019 USA and KCON 2019 THAILAND and is consolidating its position as a Representative of KPOP app.