J.Fla releases single, Good Vibe

South Korean recording artist and online megastar J.Fla, has released her single ‘Good Vibe’.


J.Fla writes and creates with real clarity, and ‘Good Vibe’ is steely-eyed in its conviction and magnetic in sound – and hints at the power and artistic creativity that audiences are yet to see from this incredibly devoted musician. ‘Good Vibe’ sets the tone for more releases and a debut EP later in the year, and shows that emotive, artful music is what J.Fla wants to pursue in life.
J.Fla started her fledgling music career covering songs by her favourite artists from around the world to a phenomenal reception. Within months, she’d had millions of hits on her dedicated Youtube channel, and now boasts over 4.3 Billion views, hitting 138m views per month – putting her social media ranking up there with the best in the world. She is also currently the second biggest combined streaming artist in Asia.
Strem Good Vibe here :