Oh!K Celebrates 5th Birthday with Pop & Watch!

Oh!K is turning 5 and your favourite K-entertainment channel is partnering with Astro Ria (CH 104/HD CH 123), Astro Prima (CH 105/HD CH 121), and Hello (CH 110) to give fans in Malaysia a daebak ‘Pop & Watch’ experience!

From 21 September to 20 October, all Astro customers can tune in and enjoy an Oh!K ‘Pop & Watch’ branded block which will air special runs of Oh!K’s best drama series and variety shows, with English, Malay and simplified Chinese subtitles. From fantasy love story ‘Goblin’ to sci-fi romance series ‘I’m Not A Robot’, viewers will be spoilt for choice.


And if that isn’t enough, get ready for the icing on the cake! Oh!K has also invited a very special (and extremely good-looking) Oppa to host a party for fans in Malaysia! Stay tuned to the Oh!K Facebook page to find out who the heartthrob might be, and how you can score an up-close experience with this special Oppa.


For more information about Oh!K ‘Pop & Watch’, visit  www.astro.com.my or the Oh!K Facebook Page. To subscribe to Oh!K, visit CH 200 on Astro TV. Oh!K is available on Astro (CH 394).



Oh!K’s ‘Pop & Watch’ schedule alongside the show synopses are available below:

Astro ChannelsSchedule
Astro Ria

(CH 104/HD CH 123)

·         I’m Not A Robot

9 – 30 September @ 5 – 6:30pm, Mondays – Fridays


·         Goblin

1 – 22 October @ 5pm – 7pm, Mondays – Fridays


·         I Live Alone

22 September – 20 October @ 5pm – 7pm, Sunday


Astro Prima

(CH 105/HD CH 121)

·         My Secret, Terrius

23 September – 14 October @ 1:30pm – 3:00pm, Mondays – Fridays


·         Love Me Actually

21 September – 13 October @ 9pm – 11pm, Saturdays & Sundays



(CH 110)

·         I Live Alone

23 September – 18 October @ 12:30pm – 2.15pm, Mondays – Fridays


·         Time

3 September – 28 October @ 10:00pm – 10:45pm, Mondays – Thursdays