[Event Coverage] Cha Eun Woo Wooed Malaysian Fans with Sweet Serenade

Successful first fan meeting? I would say yes as days have gone by and fans can’t stop gushing over how actor/idol Cha Eun Woo charmed his way into their hearts at the recent Just One 10 Minute in Kuala Lumpur. Eun Woo, of the idol group ASTRO, did everything an idol did at fan meets but he took it up a notch when he serenaded the fans with a rendition of Malaysian singer Aizat Amdan’s Sehingga Ke Hari Tua impeccably. A line from the song, “Jangan bimbang sayang, Kita harungi bersama berdua selamanya, Sampai ke hari tua, Mencintaimu” which means “Don’t worry dear, we’ll go through it together, until we are old, loving you” speaks volumes as a promise from an idol to be with their fans forever.

Photo Credit: Fantagio Music & Macpiepro

Around 1,900 AROHA (ASTRO fandom name) attended the show which was held at the Menara PGRM. The show started with Eun Woo performing one of his songs from the drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, titled Please Remember. Appearing in a traditional hanbok, the singer captured the fans attention right from the beginning of the show. Fans left and right can be heard sighing “he’s so handsome”, and “he looks so charming in traditional clothes”. Eun Woo starred in the drama as Prince Lee Rim.

Another memorable performance of the night was when he showcased his ability to play the piano and played Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself with a different tempo. Admitting that he was a bit nervous playing the piano, the performance ended well.

What is a fan meet without a question and answer segment, named as Cha!pago and C.M.I (Cha Eun Woo Much Information – his version of T.M.I [Too Much Information]. This time, with Go Xuan radio DJ Jacky as the MC, he helped fans get to know the multi talented artiste better. The segment was brought similar to the Korean quiz game, The Golden Bell in which he answers questions by writing on a white board and if it matches the answers that was prepared. He failed miserably to remember the six nicknames that he goes by, which was revealed in an interview in Cosmopolitan magazine, but he did so in a very adorable way – fans can’t argue with that.

Eun Woo also showed fans that other than being other worldly handsome, with multi talents, he is also athletic (..working on it 😉 ), and also artistic through two other segments – Cha!possible and Made by Cha Eunwoo.

In the Cha!possible segment, Eun Woo challenged himself in two sports – the archery and mini basketball. He managed to do well in the archery segment but failed in the mini basketball, hence a punishment to dance randomly to the songs played in the background. He did so well in the punishment and managed to make the fans laugh when he admitted that he had forgotten some of the steps to ASTRO’s songs.

Photo Credit: Fantagio Music & Macpiepro

For the Made by Cha Eun Woo segment, he decorated 3 hand fans and gave the final product to lucky fans. He made it sweeter when he was supposed to only be decorating 2, but prepared 3 so more fans can receive the prize.

Showing once again that he has the uncanny ability to pick up the Malay language, he repeated the phrase “tembak saja” as suggested from fans when he didn’t know what to choose in the 1st segment. He also managed to juggle the phrases “Saya cinta kamu” and “Saya sayang kamu”, and when the MC explained that “sayang” also means honey, he then said “Sayang, aku cinta padamu” to the fans.

Photo Credit: Fantagio Music & Macpiepro


Before ending the show, Eun Woo performed 2 more songs, Rainbow Falling, a song from his drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty, and You & Me. “I know I did a lot of mistakes tonight but I promised to do better and to come back with the rest of ASTRO”, before waving goodbye to the fans. Eun Woo disappeared behind the stage before appearing again for the lucky fans with Hi-touch and group photo passes.