Mamonde Products Are Halal Certified

Selected Mamonde products have recently been awarded halal certification by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The 11 products that received halal certification include the Ceramide Skin Softener, Ceramide Intense Cream, Ceramide Emulsion, Ceramide Light Cream, Pore Clean Stick, Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner, Floral Hydro Cream, Floral Hydro Emulsion, Rose Water Toner, Rose Water Gel Cream, as well as the Rose Water Soothing Gel.

The Ceramide range is formulated with the moisturising Hibiscus extract apart from ceramide as its key ingredient. The perfect combination of both the moisturizing Hibiscus extract and Ceramide help strengthen the skin’s outer barrier by holding moisture close to the skin. This range is therefore suitable for dry and dehydrated skin and upon application, skin instantly feels fresh and moisturised without leaving any sticky residue. In the Halal certification list for the Ceramide range are Ceramide Skin Softener 200ml (RM70), Ceramide Emulsion 150ml (RM80), Ceramide Light  Cream 50ml (RM131) and The Ceramide Intense Cream 50ml (RM131).


The Floral Hydro range, which is also in the Halal certification list, is formulated with water that is naturally extracted from the Narcissus bulb. The Mamonde Floral Hydro line functions to moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying after washing. In the Halal list of products in this range also include the Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner 150ml (RM99), Floral Hydro Emulsion 150ml (RM99) and Floral Hydro Cream 50ml (RM120).


The Rose Water Range also made it into the Halal list. With 100% Organic Damask Rose as its main ingredient, some of the benefits of this range include instant soothing and moisturizing effect while its scent helps calm the soul and soothe the senses. The Rose extracts from the Mamonde Rose Water Range is grown in the Turia village of the Bulgarian Rose Valley in Bulgaria. The Rose Water range products in the Halal list are the Rose Water Toner 250ml (RM85), Rose Water Gel Cream 80ml (RM99) and the Rose Water Soothing Gel 500ml (RM55).


The Pore Clean Stick 18g (RM49) is another Halal certified product. It is best option for acne-prone skin as it can penetrate deep into pores to wash away dead skin cells. It is an easy wash-off stick that helps rid of blackheads and hidden whiteheads especially around the nose area. It contains scrubbing beads to help remove excess sebum and dead skin cells around the nose and its application provides a soothing and hydrating sensation without drying out the skin.


All Mamonde halal certified products are now available in Watsons store nationwide and selected Sephora outlets as well as online shopping platforms such as Lazada, Hermo and Shopee Mall.