Ultimate Guide to the Best Ski Resorts in Korea 2019

Here is the ultimate guide to the best ski resorts in Korea, so if you’re looking for a certain type of ski resorts that will quench your thirst for the winter sports, then read on!
Winter’s the season for skiing and snowboarding. Many of you may be starting to plan your holiday as you look up resorts to try and figure out where to head to.


The Ski Resorts in Gangwon-do

1.   Yongpyong Ski Resort: Thrills for all ages

As South Korea’s biggest ski resort, Yongpyong Ski Resort is a great place that’s got something for everyone to enjoy.

Most known for appearing in the popular Korean dramas, “Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (TVN, 2016)”, Yongpyong Ski Resort was also the main venue of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

  • Location: Pyeongchang
  • Travel time from Seoul: 3 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 28
  • Number of ski lifts: 14 ski lifts


2. Daemyung Vivaldi Park: The hottest ski resort for the ’20s

With new facilities every year, Vivaldi Park Ski Resort is known as one of the trendier places among ski resorts.

Offering the best night skiing experience and slopes full of unexpected turns, it’s the perfect thing for thrill-seekers in their teens and twenties.

Also, Vivaldi Park is where the scenes from the Korean TV drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016),” starring Jun Ji-hyun (Chung) and Lee Min-ho (Joon-jae), were filmed.

  • Location: Hongcheon
  • Travel time from Seoul: 2 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 12
  • Number of ski lifts: 10 (including gondola)


3. Phoenix Park: Heaven for snowboarding fanatics

With beautiful natural views and awesome snow, Phoenix Park, or Phoenix Ski Resort is perfect for those on the lookout to go riding on the slopes. It’s also famous for appearing in the popular Korean drama, “Autumn in My Heart (KBS, 2000).”

  • Location: Pyeongchang
  • Travel time from Seoul: 2.5 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 21
  • Number of ski lifts: 8 lifts & 6 sun-kid lifts & 1 gondola


4. Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort – The ultimate thrill seeker’s getaway

Boasting thrill-filled attractions, and premium lodging facilities, as well as a range of slopes, Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort, is perfect for those who are seeking an adrenaline rush, offering the surge to satisfy even the roughest and toughest.

  • Location: Hoengseong
  • Travel time from Seoul:1.5 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 18
  • Number of ski lifts: 9


5. Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort: Perfect for a spontaneous getaway

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort is the closest ski resort from Seoul amongst the resorts in Gangwon-do. Making it the perfect place to spontaneously head over for a half or full-day. It’s also near popular sightseeing destinations so non-skiers can also have a great time!

  • Location: Chuncheon
  • Travel from Seoul:1.5 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 12
  • Number of ski lifts: 10


6. Alpensia Ski Resort: The fantastic Alps of Asia

Presented with one of the best leisure and premium lodging facilities to top it all off, Alpensia Ski Resort is perfect to make your winter great! Go with friends and family to enjoy activities during the day and night!

  • Location: Pyeongchang
  • Travel time from Seoul: 3 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 6
  • Number of ski lifts: 3


7. High1 Ski Resort: Home to the puffiest powder

High1 Ski Resort does its best to maintain the snow conditions of the slopes. Which is the reason why it can boast for the purest snow out of all the other ski resorts in the area!

With up-to-date facilities, such as an automatic sensor system, a hands-free detection system, and a state-of-the-art ski lift and gondola system, visitors can easily access the lifts without having to show their tickets.

  • Location: Jeongseon
  • Travel time from Seoul: 3 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 26
  • Number of ski lifts & gondolas: 6 ski lifts & 4 gondolas


8. Oak Valley Ski Resort: Perfect for crowd-free skiing

If you’re looking for a quieter, more intimate ski resort in Gangwondo ski area, Oak Valley Ski Resort is it. The ski resort has a laid back atmosphere compared with other ski resorts and has a good mix of slopes and off-the-slope attractions for families.

  • Location: Wonju
  • Travel time from Seoul: 1.8 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 9
  • Number of ski lifts: 7


The Ski Resorts in Gyeonggi-do


1. Jisan Forest Ski Resort: Small-scale and quaint for convenience

If you are in Icheon and if you’re completely new to skiing, Jisan Forest Ski Resort is a great option. It is family-friendly with a convenient escalator for children and beginners, the slopes are easy and smooth to go down and the venue is small with everything in close vicinity for comfort.

  • Location: Icheon
  • Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 7 main slopes & 3 sub-slopes
  • Number of ski lifts: 5


2. Bears Town Ski Resort: Perfect for a world-class skiing experience

Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the bigger ski resorts near Seoul, with an area of 1,322,314 square meters. Being a big resort, Bears Town Ski Resort has FIS certified slopes and fast ski lifts that can transport 15,200 skiers per hour. The ski resort also offers non-ski family activities such as a sledding hill with the longest sledding slope in the country.

  • Location: Pocheon
  • Travel time from Seoul: 1.3 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 11
  • Number of ski lifts: 8


3. Konjiam Ski Resort: Perfect if you’re pressed for time

As the first ski resort to put a limit on the number of skiers on the slopes, Konjiam Ski Resort is the perfect place to go if you’re someone who wants to enjoy skiing with as little waiting as possible. Located near Seoul, this ski resort is a great option for those looking for a quick ski trip!

  • Location: Gwangju
    • Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hrs
    • Number of slopes: 11
    • Number of ski lifts & gondolas: 5 ski lifts & 14 gondolas


4. Yangji Pine Ski Resort: For those seeking a thrilling challenge

Located at the base of Mount Dokjo, skiers can enjoy their time at Yangji Pine Ski Resort! You can take in the panoramic view of mountain terrain and thick forests. Night skiing is super popular here and skiers can find various intermediate and advanced level slopes.

  • Location: Yongin
  • Travel time from Seoul: 1.3 hrs
  • Number of slopes: 10
  • Number of ski lifts: 6


With so many different ski resorts to choose from, it might be a bit difficult to choose one that is just for you. Visit Trazy.com, Korea’s #1Travel Shop and make your ski trip in Korea perfect!

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