5 Must-Do Activities in Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Gyeonggi-do can be a new and unheard place for many people, but it’s actually one of the most popular provinces in South Korea and it’s a province surrounding Seoul! There are many cities in Gyeonggi-do with amazing attractions, such as Bucheon, Gwangmyeong, Hwaseong, Ansan, Siheung and more. If you want to go exploring beyond Seoul, check out these 5 best activities you shouldn’t miss out in Gyeonggi-do!

1. Gwangmyeong Cave Wine Tasting Tour

Gwangmyeong cave is a former gold mine that has attracted a lot of attention with their amazing spots, including an aquarium and a 194-m long wine cave. You can admire the dazzling lights inside the cave and taste different kinds of domestic wine in the wine cave cellar. You will also get to visit Grand Coteu Winery in Daebudo Island, where you can taste wine made with Daebudo grapes while overlooking at the stunning views of the west sea.

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2. Bucheon Woongjin Play Doci Water Park

If you are looking for a just the place to enjoy with your children, Woongjin Play Doci is the place for you! Woongjin Play Doci is the largest indoor water park located in Bucheon and it’s just 30~50 minutes away from Seoul. It has indoor/outdoor water park and spa with a real ocean-like wave pool, foot massage, waterfall baths, and many more. After having all the water fun, relax your body in the warm pools, which is even better during the winter.

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3. West Sea Sunset Tour in Hwaseong

Are you looking for a tour where you can appreciate the beautiful nature of Korea? Then head to the Hwaseong City to admire the remarkable and picturesque sunset view! There are 3 must-go places to see the amazing sunset in Hwaseong, which are Jebudo Island, Jeongok Port, and Gungpyeong Port. Not only you will see the sunset, but also experience the extraordinary sea parting water walk that resembles Moeses’ sea parting miracle. Moreover, you can choose a fishing option to catch some fresh local fish while watching the gorgeous sunset on the peaceful West Sea!

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4. Family Fun Tour in Ansan

Along with Bucheon, Ansan is a great place to visit with your family! At Starfield City Mall, a giant shopping complex that offers children-friendly attractions, your children should get ready for a lot of fun at Mom & Kids playground, pet shop, a movie theater, and many more. Afterward, watch spectacular performances at Dongchun Circus, which can be an unforgettable experience for children. Last but not least, Paper Art Museum is a good place to enrich your children’s understanding of history and culture by making their own artwork with Hanji (Korean traditional paper).

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5. Outlet Shopping Tour in Siheung

Gyeonggi-do is also a great place for shopping lovers! There are many huge premium outlets in Siheung and Gwangmyeong, such as Siheung Shinsegae Premium Outlets and Gwangmyeong Lotte Premium Outlets. Furthermore, there are IKEA, AvenueFrance, and Costco where you can enjoy family-friendly shopping. If you want to visits these secret shopping spots in the suburb cities, join outlet shopping tour from Seoul, which helps you to more conveniently enjoy shopping!

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