DreamNote is Back with 3rd Single Album [Dream Wish]!

K-pop Girl-group DreamNote (YOUI, BoNi, Lara, MISO, Sumin, Eunjo) will release their 3rd single album ‘Dream Wish’ in 8th January via various online music sites.

The previous albums of DreamNote showed the fresh, vibrant ad healthy girls, 3rd single album ‘Dream Wish’ is an upgraded lovely charm between girls and ladies that can bring attention.


The title song ‘WISH’ expresses the fresh heart of one’s, and the song depicts a person reaching out to a person who is hesitating at the beginning of each other’s mind and inducing confession through cute seduction. ‘WISH’ is different from the songs that previously showed in the first and second albums which are full of vivid and pure emotion. In addition, this title track can show the member’s upgraded vocals along with the sensitivity of DreamNote which has grown to a new level.


There are four new songs in addition to the title track, including ‘Love is so amazing’, that is fresh and fluttering with lyrical melodies and lyrics that anyone can relate to, ‘Bittersweet’ which depicts the sweetness and bitterness felt between reason and emotion, and ‘La Isla Bonita’ which is a dream island that can show the cuteness of DreamNote with songs from producer FRAKTAL, which has worked together from debut album.


3rd single album ‘Dream Wish’ will be released after 10 months of its comeback after its second album ‘Dream:us’ released in March last year. Music video for ‘Dream Wish’ also released out online:

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