[Exclusive] An Extra-Ordinary Interview with Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon

Extra-Ordinary You has proven itself that it is definitely not an ordinary K-drama. With a fresh new story-line, this unique drama that just ended its broadcast on Oh!K (Astro ch 394) had captured a lot of hearts over the chemistry between the high school couple, Dan-Oh and Ha-ru, starring Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon respectively.

It tells the story of Eun Dan-oh – a 17 years old high school student from a wealthy family who suffers from a lifelong heart condition. However, when Dan-oh realizes that she is experiencing long gaps in her memory, she found herself as a supporting character in a Korean webtoon and all of her actions are predetermined by the artist who draws her.

K-popped! recently had a chance to interview the two leads in this drama, special thanks to Oh!K. Check out the interview below!

Extraordinary You is based on a popular web cartoon that talks about a high-school girl who lives inside a cartoon and starts to realize that she’s in a cartoon. It sounds interesting even just by reading the short description. Can you share more about your roles in Extraordinary You?

Kim Hye-yoon: I’m playing the role of Eun Dan-oh, the only daughter from a wealthy family who has a heart disease. However, she realizes she’s just a supporting character inside a comic book and starts to try and shape her own destiny instead of following the path her “author” intends. She’s a character with strong ambition. As I wanted to try to show a new side of me, I’ve gone through a lot of research and discussions with the director to successfully present Eun Dan-oh to her fullest.

Rowoon: I’m playing the role of Number 13 or Ha-ru. Ha-ru doesn’t know where he comes from, or what his true colors are but he has a strong attraction towards Dan-oh, as he feels that she helps him become himself when they’re together. Ha-ru is a mysterious character who’s nowhere but also everywhere. I hope that viewers feel the same emotions I felt during the filming process.


Hye-yoon, you played such a powerful role in your last work. Can you explain more thoroughly of the preparations you had to go through for you to successfully show a completely different character this time?

Kim Hye-yoon: Unlike my last character, Dan-oh is a very endearing and lively character. I’ve watched and researched many romantic comedies to play this role. The director and I were also in constant discussion about how I can present Dan-oh to the fullest.

Rowoon, this is your first role as the lead actor. Did you feel an overwhelming pressure when you were filming?

Rowoon: Well, yes, I was extremely nervous and anxious about my first main role. However, the director always guided me to believe in myself and showed me how I can play my role better. He also made sure all the actors had fun, even on set. This cheerful environment naturally allowed me to focus more on my role rather than the pressure I had to act. Even Hye-yoon told me to have fun amidst my anxiety, which helped me a lot during the whole filming process.

I have a question for both Hye-yoon and Rowoon. You have both coincidentally only had a one-sided love in your most recent work. But in Extraordinary You, your characters have a reciprocated love . What was it like to act out such affections in the drama?

Kim Hye-yoon: This is actually my first romance drama during my entire acting career. It was extremely awkward to play a character that loves someone and receives it back. I talked to Rowoon a lot so I can be honest in my expression of such feelings on camera.

Rowoon: Although this isn’t my first romance film, this is the first drama that I’ve had my love work out. We were both clumsy but innocent about it, and I believe you can see the cuteness on camera as well.


Hye-yoon, this script may have been hard to understand since it used a unique method of narrative frame within the comic world and real life. How did you prepare for such complex plot?

Kim Hye-yoon: The original cartoon was very hard to understand. I also wondered how this complex story would play out in a TV drama. We had to figure out a way to help the audiences to understand the story better. So, after a discussion with the director, I’ve decided to play two separate roles as we thought it was the best way to help people understand what’s going on.


Rowoon, we know you are the member of idol group, SF9. Did you receive any messages or support from your fellow members?

Rowoon: Yes, it was sad that I didn’t get to see them often because of this drama filming. However, they are constantly cheering me up and even bought me red ginseng to help with my tiredness.


You’ve had the pleasure of working with Kang Chan-hee (Chani), from the same idol group as Rowoon. What’s the difference between working with Chani and Rowoon?

Kim Hye-yoon: I suppose Chani and Rowoon are different and have distinct qualities about them. However they are equally great and adorable guys to me. It was great working with both.

Since the whole plot of the drama is based on teenage comic book, let’s tell us briefly about the emotions that you had when you first heard that you’ve got your role.

Kim Hye-yoon: I was very happy because Dan-oh was a girl who realized that she’s only an extra role in that world but had the courage to seek out for her own destiny. It was a great honor to be a part of the cast here and it has been a great pleasure to play the role of Dan-oh.

Rowoon: I initially auditioned for the role of Baek-kyung. But as I read through the script over and over again, I fell in love with Ha-ru’s character. He can be anyone and anyone can be him. The director and the rest of the casts empowered me to bring out what I have to become Ha-ru.


It was great to see the chemistry between the two actors in and out of the drama. Both Kim Hye-yoon and Rowoon won Best New Actress and Best New Actor respectively during the recent 2019 MBC Drama Awards. The drama also took home the Daesang as it was crowned as ‘Viewer’s Choice for Drama of the Year’. Congratulations and we hope to see more works from Kim Hye-yoon and Rowoon in the future.


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