[Exclusive] Get to Know Rookie Group OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf is a K-pop boy group with the members consisting of Nine, Love, Yoojung, KB, Mill, Rie and Junji who debuted in May 2019.

They are produced by Jaden Jeong, a celebrity creative director who produced multiple globally successful K-pop idols and musicians. OnlyOneOf is managed by 8D Creative (RSVP) and is the first boy group debuted by this agency.

After their visit in Malaysia for their own showcase, K-Popped! had a chance to interview the boys recently. Without further ado, let’s get to know these 7 charming boys.

K-Popped! : Hello OnlyOneOf! Please introduce yourself to your Malaysian fans.

JunJi : Hi, I’m JunJi! I represent the sensuality of OnlyOneOf.

Nine : Hi, I’m Nine! I’m a vocalist, a beat maker, and the maknae in our group.

Love : Hi, I’m Love! I’m the leader and main vocalist in OnlyOneOf.

Mill : Hi, I’m Mill! I’m a cute maknae of OnlyOneOf.

Rie : Hi, I’m Rie. I’m the cute and sexy leading vocalist and choreographer of OnlyOneOf.

YooJung : Hi, I’m YooJung! I’m the gentle one in our group and I represent beauty in OnlyOneOf.

KB : Hi, I’m KB. I’m the song producer in our group.


K-Popped! : How did you come up with the group’s name?

We really like our group name because it sounds unique as a K-pop artist. There is OnlyOneOf each of our members and we came together to form our unique sound, world, and message. And it also means that we will always stay OnlyOneOf a group for our fans.


K-Popped! : How long did you have to train before your debut? And what distinguishes OnlyOneOf from other boy groups?

We all have trained together for 3 years from the moment we met. We think we have developed ourselves throughout this period. Each of our members have their individual strengths; writing lyrics, composing songs, choreographing and making beats. That we are able to collectively produce our songs and album concept is definitely one of our main advantages. However, we are more focused on improving our own skills than comparing ourselves to others.


K-Popped! : Tell us about any memorable episodes during the promotion of the latest album ‘Line Sun Goodness’ .

Love : In the music video for “Sage”, I was standing in the middle and a car was drifting hard, circling around me. Honestly, it was a pretty scary experience and I had a hard time not showing the fear on my face.

Mill : The shooting location for the “Sage” music video was actually freezing cold, but I think the music video came out great because all the members encouraged each other by staying back even when we were done shooting for our individual scenes.

KB : I got really excited to get on a fancy car when I was shooting the music video on location!


K-Popped! : Before your tour in Malaysia, have any of you been here before?

JunJi : It was a new experience for me because it was my first time visiting Malaysia.

YooJung : Love, Nine and I have never gone abroad before. I think that’s what made this tour more special and unforgettable for three of us.

Nine : It was my first time going abroad in my entire life! That is why I’ll never forget all the showcases and fan meetings that we had in Malaysia. We were so happy and surprised that we had fans outside of South Korea.

Love : I will always be so grateful that there were so many fans that came to see us and everyone was so kind, even though this was my first experience going abroad.

KB : I have always wanted to go to Malaysia, but I have never gotten the chance. It was amazing that I could visit Malaysia through the tour!


K-Popped! : What was the most exciting part about being in Malaysia, besides performing and meeting the fans? 

We were so excited to go sight-seeing and we finally got to see the Petronas Twin Towers!! We’ve always wanted to visit the iconic towers, because we’ve seen footage of it many times on TV. We were so happy to take a group photo in front of the towers. But the most exciting part was that we had a chance to meet our fans and perform for them, instead of just interacting with them through social media. We also got to appear on 8TV e-news and hurr tv K-Poppers Live which was super fun! We truly had an unforgettable trip!


K-Popped! : Can each member share 3 songs that you are recently listening to? It can also be songs that inspire you.

JunJi : ‘Tunnel’ by Sejeong / ‘Find’ by Taeyeon / ‘Promise’ by Jimin

Nine : ‘Checklist’ by Max / ‘Missed Call’ by Jiselle / ‘Lookalike’ by Conan Gray

Love : ‘None of your concern’ by Jhene aiko / ‘Moonmap’ by Meego / ‘Changed’ by Bazzi

Mill : ‘When you are alone’ by Leellamarz / ‘WA-R-R’ by Colde / ‘Like me’ by pH-1

Rie : I still listen to Post Malone’s songs a lot, such as Goodbye, Circles and Sunflower.

YooJung : I listen to a lot of IU’s songs and her songs made me feel emotional. Recently I listen a lot to ‘To my youth’ by Bol4 and ‘Painkiller’ by Ruel.

KB : ‘Slow down’ by primary / ‘Xanny’ by Billie Eilish / ‘Circles’ by Post Malone


K-Popped! : Please tell us your first impressions of each other.

JunJi : Everyone was so kind and caring.

Nine : I remember I was looking at KB with my mouth agape and thinking he was a celebrity. And Love was a bit of a tough guy. Rie looked like he had been training for a long time! And I felt I had to be close with YooJung when I first met him! Mill was just playful! And JunJi was full of his own character.

Love : I remember that all the other members seemed so pure to me.

Mill : At the auditions, I instantly hit it off with Rie, so we chatted a lot compared to the other members.

Rie : I was bit of scared of Love at first, because he looks cold when he doesn’t make any facial expressions.

YooJung : I think everyone looked pure and cute, as compared to now because I know them better!

KB : I thought Love was really handsome when I first met him at the studio.


K-Popped! : Please tell us one secret of other members that only you know such as sleeping habits or habits that members have on stage.

Mill : I think KB was super diligent when he was a trainee back then!

Rie : Here’s a funny one, YooJung sleeps with his arms raised!

Mill : JunJi is the funniest guy. He’s goofy though he doesn’t seem like it at first.

KB : Nine falls asleep in no time!!


K-Popped! : Are there any hidden charms of other members that only you are aware of?

JunJi : All members are full of charms in their own way.

Nine : I think we should ask our fans to let us know our charming points because they know it the best. Please tell us!

Love : YooJung smiles a lot and has a gentlemanly image but surprisingly he is loaded with more sensuality than you might think.

Mill : I think JunJi is a rising, funny character in our group!

Rie : Mill seems little goofy on his outside but he’s the cute one actually.

Mill : I don’t think this would be the charm which I’m only aware of, but Nine has a really pretty smile?!

KB : YooJung is so funny.


K-Popped! : Please leave a special message to your fans in Malaysia.

JunJi : We will come back and meet you in Malaysia with another great performance!! Thank you everyone!

Nine : It was like I had a healing vacation trip rather than a promotion schedule. Thank you for making this such a special experience, and I hope everyone is happy. Thank you so much and love you all!!

Love : It has been a month already since we came back from Malaysia, I miss our fans there and really want to go visit again. I hope that we can meet soon! Thank you all.

Mill : Sincerely thank you for the happiest memories. Love you Malaysia. Aku cinta padamu!!

Rie : Thank you so much for giving us precious memories. We’ll improve ourselves to make a return for the love we’ve received from you. Thank you and love you.

YooJung : It feels just like yesterday and I can’t believe time has passed so quickly since our tour in Malaysia. I loved that our fans and us got to have lots of interactions. We will always remember our precious memories that we made with you! We’ll meet you again, love you!!

KB : I hope to meet you guys again soon. I love you!


That’s all for the interview. We hope we can see more charming sides of OnlyOneOf in the future!

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