innisfree NEW IN : February 2020

Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Serum

innisfree’s Jeju Pomegranate Revitalizing Serum is made with one of the most antioxidant-rich fruits known to man. It delivers 2X the skin revitalizing power – for a vibrancy both inside and out. Its three
main ingredients, niacinamide, pomegranate seed oil and fresh pomegranate extract work together to prevent early signs of ageing. It creates a protective barrier to strengthen and firm skin for a youthful glow from within.

Price: RM120.00 / 50ml


Light Fit Cushion SPF33 PA++

Looking for full coverage without risking cakeyness?

Your solution is here with the super airy, super light, Light-Fit Cushion SPF33 PA++! This cushion has been formulated to adhere to your skin like a magnet. Its micro particles are passed through the case’s double spandex mesh which makes even application a breeze. The cushion features a water-drop shaped puff to help you apply the product delicately and precisely around the eyes, nose, and lips.

This product also gives you a cooling sensation through its high moisture content and helps to hydrate your skin with hyaluronic spheres.

RM105.00 / 14g
RM68.00 / 14g (refill)


Real Fit Shine Lipstick

Make your lips pop like a delicious piece of candy with innisfree Real Fit Shine Lipstick. Its oil complex, lightweight formula adds a glossiness to make your lips look moist and voluminous while staying smooth and not clumpy even after re-application throughout the day. This line also uses Ultra Micronized Pigment technology to reduce the size of pigment particles ensuring every surface of your lip shows vivid colour payoff.

Price: RM57.00 / 3.3g


Jewel Lip Glow

innisfree’s new Jewel Lip Glow creates a smooth and voluptuous glossy shine with a pearly, jewel-like sparkle from all angles. It has a light, but moist, non-sticky texture that can be layered with a coloured lip product.

Formulated with lotus and camellia oil for more hydrated and healthier lips, this product can also be used safely on your eyelids for a dewy look.

Price: RM40.00 / 5.8ml


Twinkle Balm

Create a mysterious, shining eyes look with this Twinkle Balm. Gently tap the balm with a clean finger and apply lightly onto your lids. Give your eyes a new dimension.

You can also apply the balm to your collarbone, hair or anywhere else you’d like to highlight.

Price: RM40.00


Twinkle Glitter [Hologram]

Give your eyes an extra sparkle with the Twinkle Glitter [Hologram] series.

Apply the translucent, holographic glitter precisely with the slim applicator brush on your upper lids or
lower lashes and enjoy a long-lasting glittery look!

Price: RM40.00 / 2.9g


Lash Solution Ampoule

Constant makeup application to lashes can weaken them over time. innisfree’s Lash Solution Ampoule is a 4-week solution to re-strengthen weakened lashes. The ampoule contains a high content of plant-derived caffeine that comes in a highly enriched gel-type formula which coats each lash with nutrients that absorb quickly without stickiness.

Apply twice a day, at the last stage of skincare, at the root of your lashes and see healthy, shiny lashes after four weeks.

Price: RM68.00


Skin Clinic Mask

innisfree welcomes six new additions to innisfree Skin Clinic Mask range. These masks are soaked in nutrients to give your skin a little boost at a moment’s notice.

Price: RM8.00


Spongy Toning Pad for Green Barley Peeling Toner

This is a towel-like, thick and fluffy cotton pad designed to work with the wipe-off, Green Barley Peeling Toner. One sheet is enough to clean your face thoroughly and resurfaces the skin’s texture for a soft and smooth result. soft and smooth result.

Price: RM16.00

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