Learn About K-Dramas According To Crash Landing On You’s Kim Ju Meok

Dear Hallyu lovers,

Netflix’s Crash Landing On You has blessed us with the tale of two star crossed lovers – a South Korean heiress and a North Korean army officer – who defy the odds to be together despite the divide and endless dispute between their two countries.

Like most of our favourite Hallyu heroes who possess a strong determination to succeed, Ju Meok, the North Korean soldier known for his endless love for K-Dramas took a page out of their books and found a way to ride the Hallyu wave from the abyss of North Korea. Luckily for us non-North Korean residents, with Netflix’s new slate of Korean titles, we don’t have to resort to such extreme measures to indulge in our love for all things Korean.


We do however love Ju Meok’s unbeatable spirit and therefore, we decided there is no one better to walk us through everything we love about K-Dramas. Because let’s be honest, K-Drama’s are absolutely addictive because they are made up of the same thrilling ingredients.


1. Korean Food Cravings!

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We’ve all had that mid-show moment in the middle of the night where that gorgeous bowl of ramyeon pops up on screen, leaving us craving for our very own Korean food fix. You always know it’s coming, but nothing can prepare you for the insane hunger that comes along with it every. single. time. In times like these, we’re glad we live in Malaysia and we have the option of popping by the 24-hour mamak for a quick maggi fix!


2. The Great Distraction

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You know when your favourite characters are about to be caught and they grab the first person around them (who usually happens to be their love interest) for a big old smooch? As seen in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung and Chicago Typewriter, Ju Meok calls this the “South Koreans’ method to avert crisis” and it’s always a moment we all swoon over, whether we like to admit it or not.

We don’t exactly know how it helps them get away but we sure wish this hack would work for us IRL. Only one can hope!


3. Misery LOVES Company

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We’ve all seen this happen multiple times. For whatever reason our favourite K-Drama stars get stuck in a predicament that forces them to spend the night together. We don’t know if it’s something about talking into the AM however, it seems that every time our favourite characters end up pulling an all-nighter, they are bound to fall in love. Could this be the secret to finding true love?


4. Oops! They Did It Again.

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Korean dramas have the most bizarre illnesses and accidents that always end up with the character having…amnesia at the most inconvenient times. One of our all time favourites of this confusing plot twist is when Boys Over Flowers’s Jun-pyo meets with a car accident that causes him to lose his memory of Geum Jan-di after her mother told her to pursue her heart.


Fret not! Just like the characters’ memory, it’s a frustrating process but it’s also why we keep coming back to our beloved K-drama shenanigans.


5. Ice, Ice Baby

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Meeting the parents is never easy, regardless of where you are from. Korean parents, however, take it a step further with the drama by ensuring that each meeting with a potential partner ends with water splashed across the face or a thick envelope of cash to entice you to leave. We don’t know what’s colder – the ice water, or their stone cold hearts.


A word of advice: always pack an extra shirt!


Even with these lovable and laughable moments, K-Dramas definitely has a special place in our hearts, making us constantly crave for more. Indulge in your love with an endless slate of K-Dramas, now streaming on Netflix.

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