EVERGLOW’s ‘DUN DUN’ is the most covered K-pop song around the world in February

According to global K-pop community app Amazer, EVERGLOW’s “DUN DUN” ranked No. 1 in the category of K-pop songs most covered in February.

EVERGLOW came back with “DUN DUN” and making global  dance cover boom. DUN DUN featured their more intense performance, with dance point such as “Hypnosis Dance” and “Frozen Dance”. In particular, many cover dance videos are being uploaded in North America.

BTS’s “Black Swan” and “ON” came in second and third.

BTS’ new album has captivated fans around the world with its most powerful performance ever. Despite the high level of difficulty in choreography, cover dance videos are being uploaded from more than 100 countries with high dance quality.

The fourth place is “So What” by LOONA. “So What” is a song that breaks away from the previous concept of them and maximizes girl crush appeal, especially in North America and Europe, away from the existing concept of this month’s girl.

Golden Child’s “Without You” is ranked fifth. This is an attractive song with dreamy sexy charms and is loved by cover dancers as well. Also, they are over their previous record recently.

amazer is a global #1 K-pop community app that is loved by not only the world’s top cover dancers and creators, but also by K-pop fans. The app continues to collaborate with various K-POP artists, establishing itself as a beloved app around the world.

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