K-popped! has had its finger on the pulse of the Korean Wave in Malaysia since 2007.

Passionate about Korean pop culture, our aim is to not only keep tabs on what’s happening in the Kpop scene in South Korea, but also monitor its far-reaching influence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia!

In 2013, the original K-popped! Trio retired from the kpop scene but the passion for Hallyu continued with the K-popped! Crew. The dedicated team has been tirelessly writing and sharing about all things Korean.

To invite the energetic crew over to your Kpop events, please email kpoppedcrew@gmail.com

Check out some of the exciting events covered:

Skull and HaHa’s Awesome Reggae Party of the year in Malaysia! (Dec 20 & 21, 2013)
Boys Republic completes a successful showcase in Malaysia (Dec 8, 2013)

The Crew 

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  1. Dear,

    Hi there! I am Jihan from Maxis Prepaid Engagement Team (Hotlink).

    As you may have heard, Korea’s latest pop rock band, Royal Pirates is coming to Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu this May 2015! Hotlink is running a contest where fans can win a chance to meet Royal Pirates in person and watch them perform LIVE.

    For details of the contest, you may visit hotlink.com.my/royalpirates .

    You may also check out the posts on Hotlink’s Facebook (links below)

    For Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – https://www.facebook.com/hotlink/posts/10155474787400226:0
    For Kuala Lumpur – https://www.facebook.com/hotlink/posts/10155487228850226:0

  2. Hello, My name is Caroline,Choo I am working at Arirang TV in South Korea.
    I want to share this event to all kpop fans in the world
    “Arirang Harmony Contest”.

    Arirang tv has prepared a contest entitled ” Arirang Harmony”

    show the world your musical talent by performing ” arirang”

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    Application period Now ~ Sep, 22nd

    1st place (one team): iPad Air

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    If you have any question, please contact me.


  3. hi i’m doing a research on hallyu (aka k-wave) and came across this website. if i’m not wrong, i believe this is the biggest k wave web in Malaysia. may i know how big it is, how many people visit your site per day, etc?

  4. Hello,

    I’m Minji Bak. I’m a student of university of Seoul and researching the aspects of Korean culture in Malaysia for my master thesis.
    I’m looking for interviewees interested in Korean culture.
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    and if you(founders) have some time to help me, I will be really appreciated of you.
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  6. Hi!

    My name is Leong. I would like to share a tip with you about getting connected to celebrities.

    Starting today 2 August, fans using LINE messenger can directly receive updates or messages directly from celebrities they love through Official Accounts.

    After the superb popularity obtained in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, finally! The Official Accounts of 8 korean celebrities are open to all Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia fans!

    They are
    1. FTISLAND ( LINE ID: #ftislandasia )
    2. CNBLUE ( LINE ID: #cnblueasia )
    3. 2AM ( LINE ID: #2amasia )
    4. 2PM ( LINE ID: #2pmasia )
    5. ZE:A ( LINE ID: #zeaasia )
    6. Lee Min Ho ( LINE ID: #leeminho )
    7. miss A ( LINE ID: #missa )
    8. Wonder Girls ( LINE ID: #wondergirls )

    One can add celebrities’ accounts to friend list by doing as shown in the picture (http://goo.gl/wsa4i).

    By adding them to friend list, it’s easy to receive updates like pictures, short video clip, voice message, and funny stickers directly from celebrities!

    I hope that this will be a great information to all fans in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia!

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