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MASC was in East Malaysia on Christmas day for MASC Bling Promo Tour in Malaysia 2018 and we managed to catch them performing at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu. This was their second stop after they wrapped up their Read more…

We might a bit biased with our list in our previous post about our favourite dance practice videos. Therefore, we decided to share our top 5 girl group dance practice videos this time. Major throwback alert!

  Last April, THE KING held their first Get Together Party in Malaysia around Klang Valley and Ipoh for three days. Last weekend, they held another Get Together Party in Sabah!

BTOB has been appointed as the honorary ambassador for this year’s Korea Tourism!

Dance practice video is often released on their company official channel during their comeback period. It is one of the events that will get the fans’ attention as well as getting new fans.