Ticket Sales Reminder for #SF9inUSA

2017​ ​SF9​ ​BE​ ​MY​ ​FANTASY​ ​IN​ ​USA TICKET​ ​SALES​ ​REMINDER As SF9 gears up for their first US tour ‘2017 SF9 BE MY FANTASY IN USA’, our ticket sales for #SF9inUSA are scheduled to go live on Saturday,​ ​October​  14,​… Continue Reading

Seating Charts for 2017​ ​SF9​ ​BE​ ​MY​ ​FANTASY​ ​in​ ​USA

Joining hands with FNC Entertainment, SubKulture Entertainment is bringing U.S. fans SF9 for their 2017 SF9 BE MY FANTASY IN USA tour! Seating charts for Dallas, Seattle, and Boston have been released ahead of ticket sales, which are scheduled for… Continue Reading

BewhY​ ​First​ ​US​ ​Tour​ ​‘The​ ​Blind​ ​Star’ : Dates, Cities, Venues

Dejavu Group, Live Nation,​ ​and SubKulture Entertainment are proud to present BewhY First US Tour ‘The Blind Star’! Information for ticket sales date/time, prices, and benefits are now available. Tickets go on sale Wednesday,​ ​October​ ​11,​ ​2017​ ​at​ ​3PM​ ​(venue’s​… Continue Reading

DAY6 in North America 2017 Ticket Giveaway

SubKulture Entertainment just announced a giveaway as well for MYDAY’s to win a pair of P1 tickets to #DAY6inNA2017! Ends Fri, 9/22 at 6PM PDT. Winners will be announced the same day via their Twitter here. Please follow all the… Continue Reading