Likeable or Not stars to play lovebirds to the max

So you’ve been following the KBS drama Likeable Or Not (Astro Channel 303) and Na Dan-pung (Han Ji-hye) has recently ditched her boyfriend. We all know who she’ll end up with, right?

( If you don’t, then I suggest you skip the “spoiler” below. I know, I know, when do these spoiler warnings ever work? ;-))

뭐?: ‘What? after countless episodes of hating on each other
you want us to like each other now?’

Everyone is waiting (with bated breath, perhaps?) for Dan-pung to get together with the clueless-looking Kang Baek-ho (Kim Ji-seok) for that obligatory happy ending, no?

Well the good news is, you’ll get your wish…and the actors have said that there will be no holds barred when they put on the “lovey-dovey” act.

According to Kim Ji-seok, viewers are beginning to get tired of the pair not being honest with their feelings for each other. Viewers are jaded with the whole “playing hard-to-get” game and have even said that the two characters should not end up together.

However, Kim added that the constant bickering and denial will come to an end soon and viewers will be able to watch the couple together…at last.

Kim also said that the love story is nearing its climax and the actor promises to work hard to deliver a spectacular performance for the drama!

Make sure you tune in for the ending! In Malaysia, the Likeable Or Not drama comes on every Monday to Friday at 7.20pm to 8pm.

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

Is Han Ji-hye Likeable Or Not?

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Is Samsung going to the dogs?

It sure looks like it if we are to look at recent reports on Korea’s largest conglomerate, Samsung Group. The company is in crisis, no thanks to the ongoing probe on corruption, which began in January this year.

So far, a special counsel has already questioned top execs, including Samsung’s Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s son Lee Jae-yong, Vice-Chairman Lee Hak-soo and President Kim In-joo. It will just be a matter of time before the company’s head honcho himself, Lee Kun-hee, is summoned.

Samsung headquarters in Taepyongro, Seoul. The pic was taken on
the day it was raided in Jan 2008.

Some of the “inconveniences” the company is facing during the investigation into alleged slush fund creation, mass bribery and other illegalities include:

Grounded: Top execs are not allowed to leave the country, forcing them to cancel meetings with business partners abroad.

Uncertain future: Samsung is losing out on investment opportunities because its execs are unable to make decisions since the fate of the company is in the air.

A senior Samsung Electronics exec said: “We haven’t reached a final decision yet on how much we should invest this year because we can’t make concrete plans. If we miss the investment chance, we’ll lose our competitiveness.”

Tainted reputation: Business partners are cautious when dealing with Samsung. An official with a Samsung affiliate said, “We can now do nothing where in the past we could have made rapid progress with the name Samsung alone. Many of our business partners are assessing our management situation or checking progress in the special counsel investigation.”

Left behind: You snooze, you lose. A senior Samsung Group exec expressed his concern of being left behind in the rapidly-growing electronics sector saying, “Rapid changes are occurring in key sectors, such as semiconductors, mobile phones and displays.

“But it’s hard for us to respond quickly in the current circumstances. Even after the special counsel probe comes to an end, it will take a lot of time to recoup lost opportunities.”

Source & Pic credit: Digital Chosunilbo

Semi-related (scroll down for bit on Samsung):
Rain and Samsung Anycall team up

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Song Seung-hun whacks Park Yong-ha

Kerr-pow!: ‘How’d you like my fist of steel?’ Song Seung-heon (right)
punches Park Yong-ha

What do the Hallyu stars have against each other? Nothing, really. They were just filming a music video.

Bam!: ‘Whoever turns blue first loses’

Song Seung-heon and Park Yong-ha got to whack, punch and knee each other in the name of art. The actors were seen filming a fight sequence at an Apgujeong-dong club for Lee Mi-yeon‘s 2008 Love Song.

Wham!: ‘Die, you, die!’

2008 Love Song is the follow-up album to Lee’s hit compilation Love Song, which was released back in 2001. The new version will include popular R&B and ballad songs released from 2004 – 2008.

Breather: The actors take a much needed rest

The music video will be released at the end of March.

Gym sequence: Song Seung-hun (right) and
Lee Seong-min wait in the wings

Apart from the fight sequence at the club, Song Seung-heon was seen shooting another sequence with actress Lee Seong-min. This time, they were at a gym and Song’s character was undergoing training.

Tired: It’s tough being an actor

Directions: Song Seung-hun taking instructions from the MV director

In the video, Song Seung-heon portrays an underground fighter and member of the mob. Park Yong-ha and Ha Suk-jin play undercover cops who infiltrate the fight club and mob headquarters as contenders.

Park Yong-ha manages to get into the ring with Song Seung-heon, but Ha Suk-jin‘s cover is blown and he is later killed by the mobster.

Check it out!: The director (centre, sitting) and the actors check to see
if they turned out alright in the recording

Lee Yeon-hee also appears in the MV.

Source: KBS Global & Newsen
Pics credit: Newsen

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Bad Love – Episode 17

In this episode, Kang Yong-gi and Na In-jung rekindle their romance while Lee Su-hwan’s health is slipping away…

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) arrives to the “secret spot” to meet Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) but she isn’t there. He finds a note and the food In-jung cooked for him. Feeling a little disappointed that she isn’t at the house waiting for him, Yong-gi decides to take a walk to the bus stop and sees his beloved Na In-jung still there! They go back and have dinner together and spend time together.

Yong-gi gets a kiss from In-jung

Lee Sin-yeong (Cha Yae-ryeon) is in trouble. She owes loan sharks money and they come to threaten her to pay them back. Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) who now no longer has any use for Sin-yeong (since their plan has been foiled) asks her to take the money in the account he’d promised her, and leave. Sin-yeong tears up the papers, refusing the money and tells Su-hwan that she is in love with Yong-gi now, and will not leave.

Su-hwan: Go away! Take this money and leave.
You are not wanted here anymore.
Sin-yeong: I do not want your money.
I am in love with Yong-gi. I will not leave!

Yong-gi still does not like Sin-yeong in a romantic manner, but unlike Su-hwan, he does not kick her out, but let’s her stay at Daehan Construction.

Two handsome Korean men. One can act, the other cannot.

In the meantime, Su-hwan’s illness is getting worse. His migraine attacks are getting more frequent. His faithful driver Euntaek is concerned and thinks it is a good idea to let In-jung know Su-hwan is gravely ill.

Su-hwan gets another migraine attack
when he hears his ex-wife nagging over the phone.

Yong-gi and In-jung are enjoying their time together. Since they have decided to make the most of their relationship before spring (make beautiful memories then separate), Kang Joo-ran has shown her displeasure and is even at the brink of losing her sanity. Yong-gi sees all these and is troubled, but he does not let that spoil his precious time with In-jung.

Yong-gi is overjoyed when he gets the news that corrective
surgery can enable In-jung to play the cello

Upon hearing the news from the specialist that In-jung’s severed nerves can be repaired by an operation, Yong-gi and In-jung celebrate by going out to buy a cello. They go to a musical instrument shop and In-jung explains to Yong-gi that the older the cello, the deeper sound it produces. However, old cellos are very expensive.

Take your pick. Which cello do you like?

You should be glad your boyfriend is loaded…
i will buy you the best cello.

Yong-gi takes his girlfriend shopping…again

Merely buying expensive gifts for his girlfriend is not enough. Yong-gi further expresses his love for In-jung by designing a beautiful pendant for her. The pendant’s inherent shape is a cross, which i think implies that Yong-gi’s anchor and strength to sustain the romance lies in his faith in God. Right in the middle of the pendant is a purple heart-shaped stone and a single tear-drop diamond hangs below the heart. How apt, the tear signifying their painful love affair.

Yong-gi can’t keep his artistic side hidden
as he
crafts an exquisite pendant for In-jung

Yong-gi and In-jung each think of the inevitable day when they have to separate.

Yong-gi makes the pendant for his dear In-jung from scratch in his workshop
Yong-gi: I’ll give this to her the day we part.

In-jung: I will play a song on the cello for him when we part

Up until now, only Samchun knows In-jung and Yong-gi’s little secret – that they promise to be together until spring. Kang Joo-ran (Kim Ga-yeon) comes to confront In-jung and asks her to stop seeing her younger brother. In-jung then tells her not to worry as they will part in spring. News travels fast. Joo-ran then tells the very aggitated Lee Sin-yeong.

Psst…i’ll tell you a secret. Do not worry,
you will be able to get your hands on Yong-gi

after In-jung leaves him this spring. Be patient.

The ever romantic Yong-gi treats his girlfriend to a string quartet. They decide to go on a date and he will meet her after work. He also plans to present her with the necklace he made with his bare hands! Whoa…what a man (no one ever made a necklace for me from scratch!).

Yong-gi and In-jung makes a date to go to a string quartet together

It seems that fate is against In-jung and Yong-gi going for a normal date. On the way to the theatre, In-jung meets Su-hwan who then collapsed and had to be sent to the hospital. While there, Euntaek (Su-hwan’s driver) finally gets to tell In-jung that Su-hwan is dying and even an operation cannot save him now.

Yong-gi too got detained. He had to beat off the loan sharks that have been threatening Sin-yeong. Instead of being thankful, Sin-yeong gets mad at Yong-gi for meddling in her business and promptly rushes off without noticing on-coming traffic and gets knocked down by a motorcycle. She suffered a minor concussion and Yong-gi never left her bedside, until she came to. While beating off the loan sharks, Yong-gi dropped his mobile phone and In-jung could not reach him.

Gosh, i’m late for my date with In-jung

Despite the delays, Yong-gi and In-jung meet and enjoy the string quartet together. In-jung is surprised to find that they were the only ones in the audience. Yong-gi had booked the entire concert just for her!

I made arrangements so the quartet only performed for you…

After the concert, they have a romantic candle-light dinner. Yong-gi presents the necklace he made to In-jung. They are happy in each other’s company and fall in love all over again. How romantic.

In-jung admires the necklace Yong-gi made

Meanwhile, Su-hwan is very ill and his ex-wife Joo-ran rushes to his side to comfort him. But instead of calling our her name, Su-hwan calls out to In-jung. Joo-ran is noticeably hurt and begins to hate In-jung even more.

Joo-ran: I hate In-jung! Even on his deathbed,
Su-hwan calls out her name and not mine.

Yong-gi and In-jung visits Su-hwan at the hospital after their night out but only finds his pajamas neatly folded on the bed. No Su-hwan. Is he dead?

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200 Pounds Beauty adds on sequel

Will Kim Ah-joong don the fat suit again? We aren’t sure. But what we are sure is that there will be a sequel to the 2006 rom-com, 200 Pounds Beauty.

Coming soon: A sequel to 200 Pounds Beauty is
in the works

In the original movie, we saw an overweight songbird named Hanna (played by Kim Ah-joong) undergoing full-body plastic surgery to realise her dream of becoming a famous star. It worked, but along with it Hanna had to deal with weighty (sic) issues about who she really is as a person.

Production house KM Culture has announced that it will be making a sequel to 200 Pounds Beauty and scribe Lee Han – who penned the drama Bodyguard – is writing the screenplay.

This time around, Hanna will pile on the kilos again, no thanks to the “yo-yo syndrome”. She then tries to lose the weight she gained but eventually decides to focus on her singing and not her body.

Plastic beauty Kim Ah-joong, who brought the character to life in the first movie, has shown interest in reprising her role. However, the cast has not been confirmed yet.

200 Pounds Beauty made it to Malaysian cinemas last year (June 7, 2007 to be exact), that’s a major achievement.

A movie industry insider once told K-popped! that typically, Korean movies tend to flop at the local box-office. Thus, the scarcity of K-flicks in local cinemas since there is a lack of buyers.

Only K-movies that are really good, or one that generates a lot of buzz make it to the big screen in Malaysia.

200 Pounds Beauty review

More on Kim Ah-joong

Source & Pic credit: Newsen with translations by Joe Gimm

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Jeon Do-yeon (전도연)

There was a whole lot of buzz surrounding this award-winning actress last year.

Thanks to her role in Secret Sunshine, Jeon Do-yeon made heads turn when she bagged the Best Actress trophy at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Apart from that, the 35-year-old actress, who embarked upon a showbiz career back in 1990, was also named one of Variety’s 50 Most Influential Women.

Even Anjali Rao of CNN’s Talk Asia conducted an interview with the star. The program was aired in October 2007.

Jeon started her career by appearing in television dramas. After five years doing TV work, she debuted as a film actor in The Contact, starring opposite Han Seok-gyu. The film was a hit.

The actress then took on different types of roles ranging from a schoolgirl in Harmonium in My Memory to an adulteress in Happy End. Her popularity steadily increased and in late 1999, she won the Best Actress award at Korea’s Chungryong Awards for her role in Harmonium in My Memory.

Jeon also appeared in Untold Scandal, a box-office hit that is based on the famous French novel Dangerous Liaisons.

On the personal front, the actress tied the knot with 44-year-old businessman Kang Shi-kyu in March 2007, after a 4-month whirlwind romance.

Ladies and gentlemen, an actress who’s making Korea proud, Jeon Do-yeon:

Name: Jeon Do-yeon/ Jun Do-yun (전도연)
Date of birth: Feb 11, 1973
Blood type: O


  • Secret Sunshine (2007)
  • You Are My Sunshine (2005)
  • My Mother, the Mermaid (2004)
  • Untold Scandal (2003)
  • No Blood No Tears (2001)
  • I Wish I had a Wife (2000)
  • Happy End (1999)
  • A Promise (1998)
  • Harmonium in My Memory (1998)
  • The Contact (1997)

TV Dramas:

  • Lovers in Prague (2005)
  • Shoot the Star (2002)
  • Some Things You Can’t Forget (1998)
  • Project (1996)
  • The Star in My Heart (1996)
  • Until We Can Love (1996)
  • The Sunshine of the Youth (1995)
  • The Scent of Love (1994)
  • Our Own Heaven (1993)

Source: & Wikipedia
Pic credit:
Expo Say

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Jeon Do-yeon bags 7 awards in 2007
Jeon Do-yeon on Talk Asia
Jeon Do-yeon’s an influential woman

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Rain likes sexy women

Hot chick wanted: Rain talks about his ideal Ninja Assassin female lead…

In an MBC TV interview, Rain (real name Jeong Ji-hoon) said: “I like sexy women” and wants Megan Fox to star opposite him in Ninja Assassin.

Ha ha, someone’s been watching Transformers, huh?

Too hot to handle?:…it’s none other than sizzlin’
Megan Fox of Transformers

The Energizer Bunny then spoke about how he bagged the lead role.

“I just did my best at everything I was given. Even though certain scenes were difficult, I kept saying ‘One more time’ and kept smiling. I also trained hard in martial arts.”

The film, which will be directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta), will start shooting in Berlin in March.

Once filming wraps, Rain is planning to release an album and recommence his career as a singer in Korea.

The 26-year-old top star said: “I will come back with great news for my dear fans. I will do my very best, please watch out for me.”

Source: Naver News with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: FHM & Osen

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K-popped! Around the World

Whenever we travel, we get very excited when we discover Korean influences in the simplest form. For example, we were so excited to discover that Pizza Hut in Bali, Indonesia served bulgogi-flavoured pizza.

When we walk around Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur (in Malaysia) we are always on the lookout for Korean stuff too! Sometimes, we hunt down Korean-related things, such as that ‘lil excursion we had to Koreatown in Ampang, Malaysia!

Join our K-popped! Around the World Project

Now, we’re curious about Korean influences in your neck of the woods. If you know of any K-influences that would pique the interest of fellow
K-popped! buddies, snap a photo of it and upload it to the K-popped! Fan page / K-popped! Group Photo Album on Facebook. Please add a caption or short description of the photo.

Here’s how to join the K-popped! Around the World Project:

  • Send in a photo (must be original) of something or someone K-popped! in your area (A picture that depicts any Korean influence in your town / city)

  • Include a short description & tell us the location or at least country the picture was taken

  • Upload it to our K-popped! Fan page album OR K-popped! Group Photo Album on Facebook

  • Please upload NOT MORE THAN 10 pics per person, per trip, so you make room for others to share their photos!

  • Selected photos might be used in our blog entries so please include your name so we could give proper credit. You may use a pseudonym if you wish.

  • Instead of a photo, you may submit a video clip. Just upload it to the videos section on Facebook.

In the spirit of our K-popped! site, we encourage involvement and sharing from our readers. We love to hear from all of you K-popped! people. So send in as many photos as you want and if we think your photo is extra special, we might just reward you with a surprise gift!

Drop a note in the Facebook discussion thread to let us know you’ve submitted a photo/video.

View photos submitted to K-popped! Around the World

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Bulgogi-flavoured pizza

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BoA drops 6th album in Korea and Japan

Twenty two-year-old singing machine BoA has released her 6th studio album simultaneously in Korea and Japan!

The album, which is entitled The Face, comes almost a year after the release of her 5th long player, Made in Twenty. The new album contains many different genres such as ballads, R&B, house, punk and rock music.

BoA: The singing machine makes sure she looks good before releasing The Face

The Face contains 15 songs, inclusive of past hit singles such as Sweet Impact, Lose your Mind and Love Letter. There are 8 new tracks on the album; the song Girl in the Mirror was even written by the young talent.

Hmm, BoA…when in Beijing last November, K-popped! purchased BoA’s Girl on Top (2005) album because we were curious about her. I mean, aren’t you impressed? Only in her early twenties and she has 6 studio albums under her belt!

Sadly, we haven’t gotten around to listening to Girls on Top. We’ll try to do so sometime this century :-P.

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

More BoA news

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Can Yoon Eun-hye sing or not?

We’ve received some interesting comments ever since we announced that Yoon Eun-hye will be singing for new hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth. The track is simply entitled Saranghae (I Love You).

Songbird: Yoon Eun-hye bursts into song

Some K-popped! readers said:

Anonymous#1: I heard her sing and was a bit surprised, I didn’t expect her to have a decent voice…

Anonymous #2: Why not pick someone who actually has some singing talent rather than an overrated actress who can’t even sing well.

Anonymous #3: This girl needs to just stick to acting! When you know you can’t sing, you shouldn’t! Don’t be like those stupid people on American Idol!

So the burning question here is, can Coffee Prince darling Yoon Eun-hye sing or not? Why don’t you listen to the track in question below and tell us what you think?

Yoon Eun-hye is an ex-Baby V.O.X member who shot to stardom as an actress after appearing in the dramas Goong and Coffee Prince.

The official MV for Saranghae has not been released yet but as always, an industrious fan(s)? has created this montage to go with the song. There are loads of pics of the 24-year-old actress and her rumoured boyfriend, Kim Joong-kook.

Yoon Eun-hye sings Saranghae for Mighty Mouth

MV source: jnccrs2 & K-popped! reader lara camino
Pic credit: Newsen

Gimme more on Yoon Eun-hye, please.

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