Bae Yong-joon’s drama hits the big screen in Japan

Published on December 7, 2007 by in Buzz, Dramas

Top Korean wave star Bae Yong-joon (35) sure has the “Ajumma Power” in him. All 500 seats at a cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo were taken up by women of all ages, there to watch “Taewangsasingi” (The Four Guardian Gods of the King) a.k.a. The Legend.

Ajumma Power: Japanese fans waiting for
Bae Yong-joon outside a shooting location

Well, Liz blogged about The Legend getting big screen treatment back in October, now we have the details.

The series has already been broadcast on Japan’s cable TV since Dec 3 and will be screened for all on Japan’s national network, NHK TV next year. Yet, some 20,000 fans of Bae are willing to fork out money to see the drama in a theater!

The price? W20,000 (around USD22) for a ticket.

The 24-episode drama will be screened in 12 two-hour “movies” on the big screen. Those who have seen the first installment were reportedly mesmerized by the drama’s scale and CGI effects. Some even mentioned that the CGI is on par with The Lord of the Rings. Watching a drama of epic proportions like The Legend is definitely more exciting on the big screen.

Source & Pic credit: Digital Chosunilbo

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Gong Yoo (공유)

Published on December 7, 2007 by in Profiles

Said to be jokes and play off camera, this hallyu star is all business when the camera starts rolling and it’s time to work.

Gong Yoo began his career in entertainment with small parts on cable TV (he was a VJ for Mnet) but casting directors realized his potential and he soon found himself in television dramas.

His first role was the student and because of his boyish good looks he was typecasted as another student (Hello My Teacher)… and then another (My Tutor Friend)… and another (Spy Girl). However, it was not all in vain as the actor bagged the New Rising Star Award at the 2003 SBS Drama Awards.

Sick of remaining in the twilight zone of academia, this 28 year old cutie decides that it is now time to bury the book bag and move ON.

Gong Yoo took a break from television (I assume in 2004 as no dramas of his aired that year) to concentrate on making movies and upon his return to TV land, he was pleasantly awarded his first main role in One Fine Day where he plays a backstreet gangster. You see, too much school is never a good thing I say.

In 2007, Gong Yoo landed the leading role alongside actress Yoon Eun-hye in the drama The Coffee Prince, the aromatic love tale that tantalized the senses of every hallyu fan.

With his fast rising fame, this cutie-pie tips our beloved Energizer Bunny (Rain) off the scale and takes his spot as the male face to the premium cosmetics brand Ohui. He now can be found on merchandise from calendars to coffee cans.

An adorable face with a charming character to match? I’d say Gong Yoo will be making the ladies go weak in the knees for a long time to come.

Give it up for Gong Yoo people!

Name: Gong Yoo (공유)
Real name: Gong Ji Cheol (공지철)
Date of Birth: July 10th, 1979
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg
Blood type: A
Marital Status: Single (Oh there’s hope for us yet!)
Religion: Catholic
Family Members: Dad, Mom and an older sister
Hobbies: Playing basketball, working out, watching movies, singing, pestering his manager
Education: Nakmin Elementary School, Nae Sung Middle School, Cond In High School, Kyung Hee University (Theater Major), Kyung Hee Post Graduate School (Performing Arts)

Official Website:


  • Ryu ga Gotoku/Like a Dragon (2007)
  • She’s On Duty (2005)
  • S Diary (2004)
  • Superstar Mr. Gam / Mr. Gam’s Victory (2004)
  • Spy Girl (2004)
  • My Tutor Friend (2003)

TV Dramas

  • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (MBC, 2007)
  • One Fine Day (MBC, 2006)
  • Hello My Teacher / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (SBS, 2005)
  • Screen (SBS, 2003)
  • 20 Years (SBS, 2003)
  • Hard Love (KBS, 2002)
  • When Ever (KBS, 2002)
  • School 4 (KBS, 2001)

Source: Soompi’s Gong Yoo’s Clubhouse, Hancinema & Dramawiki
Pic Credit: Asia Fanatics Gallery

More on Gong Yoo:
Gong Yoo gets a buzz cut, starts military stint
Gong Yoo’s final fan meeting
Gong Yoo joins the army in January 2008

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‘Speed Racer’ week on Entertainment Tonight

Published on December 7, 2007 by in Buzz, Movies

Thanks to K-popped! readers residing in US who actively comment on this blog, we got word that Entertainment Tonight (ET) featured ‘Speed Racer‘ this week!

Racer (Emile Hirsch on far left) is protected by
Racer X (Matthew Fox) as he squares off against
competing racer
Taejo Togokhan, played by Asia’s A-lister
and hot Korean superstar Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)

Rain fans are all hyped up about the Energizer Bunny‘s debut in a Hollywood movie. Although he does not play the hero and might only make short appearances in the movie, that does not stop us from getting all excited!

Rain appearing in a Wachowski Brothers‘ movie? The same people who brought us Matrix!?! I bet Bi is excited too!

Speed Racer is based on the 60’s cartoon series and is a story about a family that works out its issues on the racetrack. In the movie, you get to witness “car fu” – a term coined from the movie which sort of means “kung fu with cars“.

Producer Joel Silver brings the iconic cartoon to the big screen.

Feast for the eyes – Andy and Larry Wachowski
merges high tech and high art in the movie

Speed (Emile Hirsch) behind the wheel of his Mach 5.
Nearly all of the film was shot in front of a green screen,

with effects added later.

Pics credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Source: First look: ‘Speed Racer’ wheels into live action (USA Today)

ET Videos:

Other Videos:

Speed Racer First Look (Berlin interview with cast)

Speed Racer in Malaysia cinemas on May 8
Speed Racer (2008)

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Kim Hye-soo (김혜수)

The 37-year-old with the cute tush, Kim Hye-soo is touted as Korea’s sex symbol (excellent choice, I say).

This sexy mama, who recently played MC at the Blue Dragon Film Awards on Nov 23, has been in the entertainment industry since she was 15! She made her debut in the 1986 flick Ggambo.

There’s not much in English about her early years in showbiz, but after reading articles on the star, Hye-soo comes across as a versatile actress.

To date, she has played a Mrs. Robinson-esque character – a married woman who has an affair with an undergraduate – in A Day for an Affair (2006), an aunt in Shim’s Family (2007) and a prostitute in Eleventh Mom (2007).

Although she has been in the industry since 1986, people only started to seriously take notice of her in 2001, when she returned to the silver screen in Kick The Moon.

Apart from that, her bold – and apparently, revealing – role in Hypnotized (2004) won her the Best Actress trophies at the 2006 Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Festival and the 2005 Baeksang Awards!

Her popularity soared (and took on a life of its own, we hear) in 2006 when she starred in Tazza: The High Rollers/ The War of Flower, where she portrayed a sexy gambling hostess.

Sexy lady: Hye-soo making sure her “babies” are behaving and
aren’t all over the place

The model/ actress was also praised as the “Monica Bellucci of Asia” at the 2007 Udine Far East Film Festival in Italy. The president of the film fest, Sabrina Baracetti, compared Hye-soo – who was a guest at the event – to the sexy Italian actress.

The beautiful Hye-soo is going from strength to strength! She was even named the most beautiful face in Korea in 2006, as voted by the nation’s top photographers!

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Sexy Mama, Kim Hye-soo:

Name: Kim Hye-soo/ Kim Hye-su (김혜수)
Date of birth: Sept 5, 1970
Height: 170cm
Weight: 44kg
Blood type: A
Education: Dongkuk University (Drama – Cinema major); Sung Kyun Kwan University (Graduate School)
Excels in: Taekwando – haiyaaah!
Official website:


  • Modern Boy (2007)
  • Eleventh Mom (2007)
  • Shim’s Family (2007)
  • A Day For An Affair (2007)
  • Tazza: The High Rollers/ The War of Flower (2006)
  • The Red Shoe (2005)
  • Hypnotized (2004)
  • YMCA Baseball Team (2002)
  • Three (2002)
  • Dr.K (1999)
  • Kick The Moon (2001)
  • Zzim (1998)
  • Mister Condom (1996)
  • Affliction Of Man (1995)
  • The Eternal Empire (1995)
  • Dr. Bong (1995)
  • First Love (1993)
  • The Lost Love (1991)
  • Oh-Se-Am (1990)
  • You Grown-ups Don’t Know (1988)
  • Ggambo (1986)

TV dramas:

  • The Ballad Of Han River (2004)
  • Jang Hee-Bin, The Royal Concubine (2002)
  • The Golden Age (2000)
  • Was That love? (1999)
  • Kuk-Hee (1999)
  • Miss & Mister (1997)
  • A Desperate Fight For Revenge (1997)
  • Gom Tang (1996)
  • The Partners (1995)
  • Love And Marriage (1995)
  • Pilots (1993)
  • Three Families Under One Roof (1991)
  • Sun-Shim-Yi (1988)
  • Dear Mom Song (1987)

Source: HanCinema, DramaWiki & Kim Hye-soo official site
Pics credit: Naver News

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More Kim Hye-soo entries!

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JYP gets together with sexy Kim Hyesoo

Published on December 5, 2007 by in Buzz, Music

JYP performed at the recent 6th Korean Film Awards. Midway during his repertoire, he stepped off stage and sashayed over to sexy Kim Hye-soo who was sitting right in front. He whips out a white mobile phone out of nowhere, and hands the phone to Kim, gesturing that she should call him, and he will be waiting for her to call.

So do you think she would call him back?

Then today, we find this photo of JYP and Kim Hyesoo snuggling up on the Internet.

Does JYP and Kim Hyesoo
make a handsome couple?

Ahhh…before you jump into any conclusions, this pic is from JYP’s new music video
“That house you live in” (니가사는 그집). He got sexy Kim Hyesoo to star in it. I think the 37-year-old actress of “The 11th Mom” and “Tazza: The High Rollers” is really hot. Hotter than Uhm Jung-hwa (36) in my opinion. Kim has been labeled Korea’s ultimate sex symbol.

The MV is reported to be released mid-December.

JYP performs at the 6th Korean Film Awards (01 Dec 2007)

Pic credit: MyDaily

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Bad Love opens to mixed ratings

Hunkalicious Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo‘s latest drama, Bad Love, received mixed responses when it aired on Dec 3.

Left to right: Kwon Sang-woo, Lucky Chick & Kim Sung-su

Bad Love
, which marks the 31-year-old’s return to drama after a two-year hiatus, did poorly in Korea, garnering only 6.1% of viewers.

However, the Korean Wave is still strong overseas as the drama’s export revenue from Japan hit three billion won (approx RM10,900,000)!

Many of Sang-woo oppa’s fans have been eagerly awaiting his return to the small screen. It is reported that some 100 foreign fans visit the filming locations every day!

Bad Love also stars another hunkalicious oppa, Kim Sung-su (of Full House).

In the drama, the two men are vying for the attention of the same woman (lucky chick). She is portrayed by Lee Yo-won.

Surfing: Bad Love official website.

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: Bad Love official website

Kwon Sang-woo caught in a passionate kiss
Kwon Sang-woo sports the gay boy look
Kwon Sang-woo cries for bad love
Kwon Sang-woo’s next project

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Speed Racer in Malaysia cinemas on May 8

Energizer Bunny fans, mark this date down: May 8, 2008. That’s the day the Wachowski Brothers’ Speed Racer will be released locally. (The movie will be released on May 9, 2008 Stateside).

We don’t have to explain the buzz over the action-adventure flick, right? Right?

Ah well, in case you don’t know, Bi, real name Jung Ji-hoon, will be making his Hollywood debut in a supporting role in the movie. He plays Taejo Togokhan, one of the titular character’s (played by Emile Hirsch) rival.

The CGI-laden flick also stars Christina Ricci, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Fox and Hiroyuki Sanada.

There are loads of goodies at the movie’s official website such as the 40-minute podcast of the Berlin Speed Racer press conference on May 31, 2007. While you’re waiting for the file to download, you could check out the full transcript of the press conference.

Apart from that, there are the usual movie synopsis, actors’ bios, press conference pictures and a selection of videos. Unfortunately, they do not have a video featuring the Energizer Bunny .

However, I’m sure more stuff will be added to the site as the movie release date nears.

Speed Racer stays still at

Pics credit: Speed Racer official website
Source: 20th Century Fox Malaysia

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TVXQ Christmas Giveaway!

Christmastime is here and K-popped! has a treat for you, readers. In conjunction with the season of giving, we are giving away a TVXQ Limited Edition box set.

However, nothing comes for free, so read on to find out what you have to do to get your hands on the prize. Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Prize:

TVXQ’s Limited Edition Korea National Football Team Official Image Song Box Set.

What’s in it?:

  • A DVD that contains TVXQ’s Fighting Message to the South Korea National Football team as they prepare for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, interviews, song lyrics and many more (In Korean with Chinese subtitles only as we got it in Beijing).
  • A CD that contains 4 versions of the Official Image song
  • 8 picture cards of the TVXQ boys

What must I do to get it?:

The K-popped! Trio were in Beijing recently and got up to all sorts of antics. Now try your hand at captioning the picture below to be in the running for the prize. The winner will be the person whose caption makes us roll on the floor with laughter.

Note: Entry must include your Facebook username and the caption must be in less than 30 words. Send all entries to:

Rules and regulations:

  1. The K-popped! Trio’s decision is final and any correspondence will not be entertained.
  2. The contest is open to K-popped! Facebook members only. Not a member yet? Join now, it’s free.
  3. You may send in as many entries as you like.
  4. Contest ends on Dec 31, 2007.
  5. The winner will be notified through his/her Facebook account after the judging.
  6. The prize will be sent out to the winner. However, K-popped! will not be liable for damage and/or loss during the transit.

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Park Jin-young on Happy Sunday

Published on December 2, 2007 by in Tee Vee

Park Jin-young (JYP), who just released his 7th album “Comeback to Stage” was on the Korean variety show Happy Sunday (KBS World) today. Due to his comeback after a 6-year hiatus from singing and dancing, the Korean media has written much about him. But alas, i still can’t read Hangul. :-(

JYP is also featured on Korean TV and from the two interviews that i have seen, i am surprised to find out that the successful producer and music mogul is really very down-to-earth! He comes across as friendly, unassuming (despite his achievements) and goofy even.

JYP is funny and unassuming and
laughs a lot on Happy Sunday

There are no English subtitles on Happy Sunday, so i’ll just guess what they are doing. Here are some screen caps to illustrate…

They have a list of JYP’s older hits like “Feel”, “Honey”, etc… and MC Tak and four others are supposed to mimic JYP’s dancing in the music videos – it’s hilarious!

The list unveils JYP’s older hits.
They are talking
about JYP’s outrageous stage outfits.

JYP sings for the Happy Sunday gang and the ladies are pleased

MC Tak and his funny antics makes JYP laugh…

…and laugh…’till he sheds tears of joy

At 35, JYP is looking very healthy and toned after losing 10kg’s for his album debut. I think he looks really good now…even better than before. Although, i hope he will stop wearing those outrageous outfits on stage.

JYP and one of his outrageous outfits!

Multi-talented JYP even tap dances!
Here he demonstrates how its done to the Happy Sunday gang.

Tak Jae-hoon (not MC Yoo as i thought) tap dancing…

Are you a fan of JYP and owns his previous albums? I have not seen any of his albums on sale here in Malaysia.

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Han Ye-seul (한예슬)

Nicknamed Barbie Doll, the model-turned-actress got her break into showbiz when she won a modelling competition in 2001.

The plastic beauty became a star after appearing in the MBC drama Nonstop 4 in 2003. However, she became even more popular through the 2006 drama series Couple or Trouble (currently showing on Malaysia’s 8TV). In the drama, she plays Anna Jo, a haughty actress who has amnesia.

Born Kim Ye-seul, the 25-year-old speaks fluent English because she was born and raised in Los Angeles. She reportedly graduated from Cerritos College with a degree in computer graphics.

Ye-seul, who loves acting, ironically doesn’t like watching dramas or movies. One of her goals is to break into Hollywood some day.


Real name: Kim Ye-seul (김예슬) / Leslie Kim
Stage name: Han Ye-seul (한예슬)
Nickname: Barbie Doll
Date of birth: Sept 18, 1982
Height: 166cm
Weight: 46kg
Blood type: A
Education: Cerritos College – Computer graphics
Religion: Christian


  • She Was Pretty

TV dramas:

Source: HanCinema & DramaWiki
Pic credit: HanCinema

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