Stars at the 44th Baeksang Arts Awards

Dresses at the 44th Baeksang Arts Awards are long and flowy this year. Lots of chiffon.

The awards ceremony was held at Seoul on the 24 April. Guests started arriving on the Red Carpet at 5pm. Here are photos of the stars that i recognize.

The Hong Gil Dong Pair – Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yuri.
The pair took home the Popularity Award.
Don’t you think Yuri looks a bit like
Jennifer Lopez in this photo?
[Click on the image to take a closer look]

Odd Couple - Kim Ji Seok arrived with Yoo In Young.
Both co-stars in the KBS daily drama, Likable or Not.

Yoon Eun Hye shows some leg. She bagged the
Best Leading Actress award for Coffee Prince

Kwon Sang Woo practices
his cha cha on the Red Carpet.
He took home the Popularity Award.

Jung Ryu Won in a bubble dress
arriving with her escort.
Who is he?

Han Ye Sul bagged the Best New Actress
award for her role in
‘Miss Gold Digger’

Boob job revealed: I don’t know who she is, but is
that a breast implant incision I see?

See…long and flowy ruled the Red Carpet.
Best New Actress -
Lee Ji Ah for ‘Legend’ (MBC)

Pics credit: Newsen
, MyDaily

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Se7en to perform live in Los Angeles

Se7en who?

Just kidding. The 24-year-old, who has been oh-so quiet lately, is set to perform at the Highlands in Hollywood, Los Angeles on May 2.

Se7en is set to preview three songs off his US debut album
on May 2 in LA

Renowned producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins will be introducing Se7en before he takes the stage. Jerkins, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston produced the song Girls in Se7en‘s upcoming album.

Unlike his appearance at the Hiro Ballroom in New York in March, Se7en will be performing his songs live. Musicians from the US pop music industry have been invited to the event.

President of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun-suk as well as the YG staff will leave for Los Angeles on May 1 to attend the event.

Source & Pic credit: KBS Global

All about Se7en

Philippine remake of My Lovely Samsoon

Mabuhay dear readers! How’s the weather like in the Philippines these days? It rains a whole lot in Malaysia…water everywhere.

Thanks to K-popped! reader Coffee from the Philippines, we have some juicy info on the remake of the Philippine version of smash hit drama My Lovely Samsoon!

Original Korean version: The hit drama stars (from left) Kim Sun-ah,
Jung Ryu-won (seated), Daniel Henney and Hyunbin

GMA Network, one of the leading TV networks in the Philippines, has acquired the rights to make a local version of My Lovely Samsoon. The original version of the drama, which starred Kim Sun-ah and Hyunbin, was aired by the channel in 2006.

Singer/actress Regine Velasquez is set to portray the titular character Sam-soon, who is a 30-year-old patissier looking for love.

Kim Sam-soon: Velasquez (left) takes on Kim Sun-ah’s titular
character in the remake of My Name is Kim Sam-soon

Tackling the role of Jin-heon (played by Hyunbin in the original) is Mark Anthony Fernandez.

Jin-heon: Mark Anthony Fernandez (left) portrays Hyunbin’s
character in the remake

Supporting characters such as Hee-jin (Jung Ryu-won) and Dr. Henry Kim (Daniel Henney) goes to Nadine Samonte and Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. respectively. Uh huh, that Dr. Hayden Kho Jr is a doctor in real life!

Hee-jin: Nadine Samonte (left) tackles Jung Ryu-won’s role

What’s up, Doc?: I think I’d prefer Daniel Henney’s Dr. Henry Kim
examining me instead of Hayden Kho Jr.’s (left). Tee hee….

Filming of the Philippine remake is scheduled to begin on May 1st for a late July 2008 release. Filming location is in Baguio City.

So K-popped! readers, are you excited about the Philippine remake? Will you be tuning in to catch the show when it airs?

Source: K-popped! reader Coffee
Pics credit: HanCinema & Flickr

Rough landing for South Korea’s first astronaut

Medical test: A check to see whether Korea’s first astronaut is alright

In a rather rough landing, Yi So-yeon – South Korea’s first astronaut – returned to earth on the evening of April 19th.

The Russian space capsule carrying Yi and two other spacemen – Peggy Whitson of the US and Yuri Malenchenko of Russia – landed about 420km (260miles) off course in Kazakhstan. However, the 3 member crew was safe.

While waiting to be airlifted from the Kazakhstan steppe where they landed, Yi told SBS TV, “There was a shock during landing, and I’m having trouble with my sense of direction.”

She was also so exhausted that she could not walk by herself.

Twenty nine-year-old Yi, who is currently in a hospital in Moscow, will be undergoing various medical check-ups for about a week before returning to South Korea on April 28.

Source & Pic credit: The Korea Times

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First look at Lee Byung-hun’s Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow & The Baroness: Lee Byung-hun (left)
and Sienna Miller pose for G.I. Joe

Korean actor Lee Byung-hun is set to portray Storm Shadow in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie and here’s a first look at his character! Eh, he’s not in his full gear is he? Where’s the mask?

Fight club: The characters are set to do battle
in this get-up

Leisure time: While Storm Shadow has a casual set of clothes,
The Baroness is always in her black leather suit? Oh wait, she has some
sunnies on for a “different” look

The white-clad ninja is best known for his history with fellow ninja Snake Eyes (pic below), who is portrayed by Ray Park in the live action movie (now he is in full gear).

Snake Eyes

Throughout their history together the pair have been the bitterest of enemies as well as the most loyal of friends – they would even go so far as to die for each other!

In the promo stills above, Lee Byung-hun is with actress Sienna Miller, who plays The Baroness in the flick.

I see black leather, I’m thinking Catwoman….

The live action G.I. Joe flick is directed by Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing) and is set for a 07.08.09 (7th August 2009) release in the States.

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Sneak peak at Baekho & Danpung’s wedding!

How many of you are currently watching the KBS daily drama Likable or Not / I Hate You but it’s Fine (미우나고우나)?

Do Baekho and Danpung beat the odds and get together at last?

If you are wondering whether troubled couple Baekho (Kim Ji-Seok) and Danpung (Han Ji-Hye) will end up together? Danpung needs to win the heart of Baekho’s grandmother and the couple needs to come clean with their parents. But it looks like the road they are on will lead to a happy marriage.

I was surfing and found this collage of wedding scenes on dramas and check out that picture on the middle left. It looks like they will have a garden wedding. I wonder if they show us their honeymoon in the drama too!

Rain undergoes intensive training for Ninja Assassin

Rain hasn’t eaten rice since the end of last year and has been living on chicken breast, raw fish, sweet potatoes and salad.

The 26-year-old Hallyu star eliminated carbs from his diet to prepare for his first Hollywood lead role in Ninja Assassin.

“Because of his diet and training, he has lost about 12 kilograms,” a J. Tune rep divulged.

Hard work: Rain spends his days in Berlin

The Energizer Bunny flew to Berlin, Germany on March 7 and has been busy preparing for his role ever since. He starts training for his action sequences at 6am and only stops after a good 10 hours of practice.

Ninja Assassin is an action flick produced by the Wachowski Brothers and Joel Silver.

Apart from that, Rain is set to have a fling with Hollywood in the upcoming Speed Racer, where he has a supporting role as Taejo Togokhan.

Source: Daum with translations at HanCinema
Pic credit: Newsen

Rain’s Ninja Assassin

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Kim Ha Neul’s drama On Air gets an extension

Is anyone reading this blog watching the SBS drama On Air? The drama which stars Kim Ha Nuel is currently airing in South Korea and is getting pretty high ratings!

Kim Ha Neul and Lee Bum Soo in a scene (SBS Drama, On Air)

The plot revolves around what goes on behind the scenes of a Korean drama production. You will get a glimpse of what the life of a lead actress (Kim Ha Neul) entails when the camera stops rolling. She would probably have relations with the producer (Park Yong-Ha) and
scriptwriter (Song Yoon-Ah). Lee Bum-Soo plays one who trains the actors and of course there’s a love triangle in there somewhere!

30 year-old Kim Ha Neul might just have found the role of a lifetime. She will be much remembered for her portraying of actress Oh Seung-ah. Many fans have expressed their admiration for her portrayal of this role. People are even beginning to call her “Kim Seong Ah” off screen.

Kim saysI really like Oh Seung Ah. Although I’m an actress, I’m not good at expressing my emotions and behaviors. Oh Seung Ah is totally different with me. She is a straight person; she always says whatever on her mind. To portray this character effectively, before the filming starts, I had spent a lot of time to examine and analyze the character. I tried to find the best way to act.” [Asianfanatics]

The drama is so well received that they will be adding three more episodes making it a 23-episode drama.

Kim Ha Neul is Oh Seung-ah in On Air

Pic Credit: SBS Korea
Sources: Coolsmurf, Mykofan

Epik High’s One

Here’s a little Friday Kpop music treat: Epik High’s first track off their latest album, One.

Taken off the hip hop trio’s Pieces, Part One long-player, the MV shows a depressed and desperate Jung Ryu-won (of My Lovely Sam-soon fame) who opts for the easy way out in life – suicide.

However, the Epik High trio, who seem to be guardian angel-like characters – they walk through solid matter and “turn back time” – intervene.

It’s has a catchy hook, so watch it now…quickly ‘cos time is tickin’, time time is tickin’ tickin’; time is tickin’, time time is tickin’ away ;-).

Source: K-popped! reader momo

Fly to the Sky 10th Anniversary Album – Recollection

Fans of the R&B duo Fly to the Sky are very excited that the Recollection Album will be released on April 24, 2008. It’s a special cover album in tribute to the fabulous 90s.

Recollection contains the duo’s tantalizing covers of familiar hits such as Kim Dong Ryul’s Chi joong jin dam (Track 2), Panic’s Dal peng ee (“Snail” – Track 6), Park Ki Young’s Majimak Sarang (“Last Love” – Track 3), Cool’s Hanjang eh choo uk (Track 10), and Turbo’s Whe Sang (Track 4).

You can purchase the album from YesAsia!

For Malaysians and Singaporeans, it’s better to pre-order via the fan club as you will get a free poster and also maybe save on shipping cost as they are ordering by bulk.

Price – S$18 or MYR42 not inclusive of shipping cost.

Place your order for the FTTS Recollection Album

Do you want Fly to the Sky Remake Album?