Lotte World

Sure, we were in Seoul last year (November 2008), but we’re not done blogging about it yet!

During our trip, the Trio reserved a full day for fun at Lotte World to get in touch with our inner child. Gee, I haven’t been to an amusement park in over a decade. The last time the 3 of us went to one together was Pesta Port Dickson back when some of you reading this blog were still crawling around in your diapers and drooling all over the place. If you know Pesta PD way back then, you’d remember what crap it was.

Adventure Land in Lotte World.

Orchid planning which rides we should go on first.

Lotte World is divided into two sections – Adventure Land (an indoor park) and Magic Island (an outdoor park). Start your fun in Adventure Land and make your way to Magic Island then come back to Adventure Land by 9pm to catch the laser light show before leaving Lotte World.

Traditional dances and other performances at the open theater in Adventure Land.

Liz in Rooster on the carousel.
Hmm, looks like we’re the only unaccompanied minors on this ride. ;p

One thing I noticed in Seoul – every bare wall must be inked!

So we joined in as well. While in Rome, do what the Romans do, right?
Note to self
: pack good quality markers on next trip to Seoul.

Rooster loves sideshows because they don’t make her puke.

Lotte World’s impressive laser light & fire show begins every night at 9pm.

I wouldn’t recommend putting Lotte World in your “must do” list when you visit Seoul unless you really want to. We put it on our list because, hey, we’re on holiday and we’re going to have fun!

What we spent:

  • Full day pass for one adult and entry to all rides: KRW31,500
  • Lunch at a burger stall: KRW25,000
  • Dinner at the Lotte World food court for 3: KRW12,000. Big portions and great for sharing.
  • Snacks: KRW1,000/box of really yummy buttered roasted squid.

Getting there:
From downtown Seoul metro, take the Green Line and stop at Jamsil station.

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Seung-ri holds naughty party too?

Feelin’: ‘Oh here, let me cover that run in your pantyhose.’

Hey, that looks a lot like JYP’s Naughty Party!

Well, that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw photos of Seung-ri heating up the stage at Mnet’s M Countdown on Jan 8.

The 19-year-old performed his debut solo effort entitled Strong Baby.

Aww, it looks like baby Big Bang is all grown up. Check out the sizzlin’ hot track complete with naughty dance routine and song lyrics! (Note: Seung-ri is replacing the catchy “crack” hook to “clap”. I guess he sounds like he’s pushing drugs by going “crack” all the time :-P).

Hmm…Strong Baby, huh? More like Notti Baby (spank, spank, spank, spank).

Touch ya: Seung-ri helps his dancer strrr-etch

You like it?: Seung-ri and gals having
a good time

Emergency: ‘Dang it Seung-ri, I told you not to wolf down
that drumstick. Lucky I know the Heimlich manoeuvre’

Fire starter: Seung-ri gets tangled up
in some bad business

Booty grabber: ‘Whoo hoo! Buns of steel!’

Source: MSN News

Seung Ri is not yet a man but a Strong Baby

Joo Ji-hoon and Shin Mina in Kitchen

What’s cookin’?: Joo Ji-hoon (left) and Shin Mina
promote their latest flick

Mmm hmm…the two stars are set to whip up something good in the Kitchen.

Devil co-stars Joo Ji-hoon and Shin Mina reunite in Kitchen, a romance flick directed by Hong Ji-young. Joining the mix is actor Kim Tae-woo (pic below, right), who plays a key role in the film’s love triangle.

Trio: These are the “chefs” in Kitchen

The stars of the show were out and about earlier today to promote the film.

Kitchen will be release in February 2009 (South Korea).

Ingredients: Joo Ji-hoon shares his special
butter cake recipe

Attentive: He then listens to feedback from the audience
on how to improve on his butter cake

Source: Hankooki

Shin Mina poses for Calvin Klein

Is love in the air for Joo Ji-hoon and Song Ji-hyo?

Rain: Channel [V]’s chosen one

[V] crowns Rain this month’s (January 2009) Chosen One. Tune in to Channel [V] (in Malaysia, it’s Astro channel 714) for Rain interviews, performances etc. Rain will be celebrated all this month on [V]!! Woo hoo!

Korean pop star Rain is The Chosen One

Watch Rain storm his way back on the charts with the debut of his new video, Love Story. Fans can get more on their idol with the [V] special on Sunday, January 25 at 7 pm HK/SG.

Sonyeoshidae goes Gee

Girls’ Generation a.k.a Sonyeoshidae (SNSD) is set release their first mini-album with the title song Gee.

For or Against: Are you gonna support SNSD’s comeback with Gee?

This is a comeback of sorts for the 9-member girl group that has gone through a rather rocky 2008…and yes, we are talking about K-pop fans boycotting the group during the 2008 Dream Concert. (The girls received the silent treatment from other K-pop fans when they took to the stage. Brr…chilly in there, ain’t it?)

What were the fans angry about again? It wasn’t stated at the Wikipedia site.

Set to put that sour episode behind them, the SNSD girls unleashed a teaser of their Gee MV on New Year’s Day. In it, the girls make like mannequins that come to life. (Watch it below.)

SNSD’s Gee will be released on Jan 5 while the mini album will go on sale on Jan 7.

Will the girls be getting your support, or are you still pissed off at them?

Source: Hankooki

2008 KBS Drama Awards – Highlights
(Yoona wins Best New Actress)

Black-tipped nails all the rage in Korea

Natural coloured nails with black tips seems to be all the rage in South Korea now. It’s actually a custom blend French manicure. Instead of white tips, substitute it with black nail polish. Try this the next time you do your nails.

Image Hosted by
Moon Geun Young sports black tips
at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards

Image Hosted by
BoA did her nails that way too!

Frozen Flower tops Korean box office

Jo In-sung, Joo Jin-mo and Song Ji-hyo in Frozen Flower
쌍화점 (Ssang-hwa-jeom)

Korean movie Frozen Flower sold 310,000 tickets in just one day! By this weekend, 1 million tickets would have been sold. The Showbox movie was released on 30th Dec, 2008.

Frozen Flower (쌍화점) is a tantalizing movie about homosexuality and betrayal set in ancient Korean Goryeo Dynasty times. The flick which opens in South Korea this week stars two of Korea’s famous actors, Joo Jin-mo and Jo In-sung.

In the movie, Joo Jin-mo plays ancient Goryeo’s king who has to produce a son to keep his throne. However, this king cannot sleep with a woman and his romantic partner is his chief bodyguard, Hong Lim (Jo In-sung). Their secret relationship begins to fall apart when the king decides to ask Hong Lim to sleep with the queen (Song Ji-hyo) to produce an heir.

This movie, directed by Yoo Ha is filled with explicit sex scenes (think Joo Jin-mo and Jo In-sung) and graphic violence. Although the movie sets itself out as a historical drama set in the late Goryeo Dynasty, the story is purely fictional.

The King and his lover:
Hong Lim (Jo In-sung) left, and the King (Joo Jin-mo) on the right.

Source: Newsen

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Top artiste BoA back in Korea for year-end

Image Hosted by
Saehae bok mani badeuseyo!

South Korean singer BoA (real name Kwon Boa) left to make a mark in the United States in September, 08. She spent four months in the States and her single Eat You Up rose to #15 in the Billboard Club Charts.

BoA returned to South Korea and appeared on stage on the 29th December, 2008 performing at the SBS Gaeyo Daejung (Music Festival). She sang two of her English songs – Eat You Up and Look Who’s Talking. BoA, who’s looking so adorable with bangs performed with much charisma and energy.

BoA performing at the SBS Music Festival

The local press also took this opportunity to speak to the young diva. This 23 year-old (born 5th Nov, 1986) singer who debuted when she was 14, has conquered the Japanese market. Despite such success, she feels very emotional and nervous about making it in the United States. BoA plans to release her first American album in mid-2009. She will be heading to Japan to work on it, then return to America where she will continue with her studies to master the English language.

BoA also confesed that she gets very nervous when she is performing in her home country Korea. Why? It’s because there’s such high expectations from her.

BoA will be heading back to the
States to continue establishing herself
as a pop artiste there

Seung Ri is not yet a man but a Strong Baby

Do you think I’m a man? Or perhaps a Strong Baby?

One by one…Big Bang members are venturing into solo careers. There was Taeyang giving his first solo concert back in July ’08 and Daesang singing trot.

Now Seung Ri releases his new solo single Strong Baby (‘스트롱 베이비’). He’s more buffed and claims to be a man, but alas, he does not quite reach the mark. Seung Ri looks more comfortable waving a giant fabric lollipop doing the “Wonderboy” thing rather than trying to sell us a strong masculine, sexy image.

Image Hosted by
Seung Ri in Strong Baby. Inset: Seung Ri doing Wonderboy

Only in his teens – nineteen to be exact (but in Korean age, he’s 20), Seung Ri is trying to create a sexier, more mature image in his newly launched MV for Strong Baby. The music video was launched on 01 January, 2009 at 12noon!
The MV features fellow Big Bang band mate G-dragon.

Check out Seung Ri in Strong Baby ~ guaranteed to make the fan girls faint.

Pics credit : Newsen

Dance Battle : JYP vs Rain

I’m black, you’re white (or vice versa):
A Michael Jackson fan and
Donkey Kong on the dance floor

We were all anticipating the Rain – Colbert dance off back in April 2008. But did any of you get a whiff of a dance battle between JYP and Rain?

Who would have thought you’d see (once) master and protege on the same stage, in a dance battle! If you didn’t know, before Rain set up his own entertainment company J. Tune Entertainment, he was with JYP Entertainment. JYP discovered and groomed Bi.

So check out this very very special stage on MBC’s Music Festival, 31 December, 2008.

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