Park Eun-hye promotes Detective Mr. Lee

Bouncing back: Park Eun-hye plays a
detective in her new drama

Dae Jang-geum actress Park Eun-hye appears to the press on Nov 17 to promote her spanking new drama Detective Mr. Lee. Park will play a beautiful and intelligent female detective in the crime-solving series.

Lee Tae-gon, Lee Won-jong and Choi Pil-lib will join her in South Korea’s first “interactive” drama. The three actors will also be playing investigators.

The 8-episode series allows viewers to not only be recruited for the drama, but also allows them to choose the background music of the show — I wonder how that works?

Bond wannabe: Lee Tae-gon tries to
look like a smooth operator

Say “kimchi”: Choi Pil-lib happily shows
off his pearly whites

Game for a scuffle: Lee Won-jong wants some
knuckle-cracking action

It looks like Park Eun-hye (30), who suffered a miscarriage in Aug this year, is bouncing back after that sad period in her personal life :-). Good for her.

Detective Mr. Lee is scheduled to air over South Korea’s Mega TV channel on Nov 21.

Sources: Newsen & Hanfever

Tears at the Mnet KM Music Festival 2008

Image Hosted by

Korean entertainment may not be as glamorous as it seems. It’s a high pressure job – being an entertainer, striving to get to the top or even keeping one’s position at the top. In the music scene much competition lies between the giants of the industry, namely SM, JYP and YG entertainment companies. So you can imagine how relieved it would be to win an award, especially a prestigious one at the Mnet KM Music Festival 2008.

Much tears were shed and here’s a peek at the award winners.

JYP Entertainment’s Wonder Girls were moved to tears as
they bagged the “Song of the Year” award for Nobody

SM’s top boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s
Max Changmin shedding tears of joy

DBSK accepting their award for “Album of the Year”

Rain's best Rainism performance at MKMF 2008

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Rain gets rid of his clothes…

After the SBS fiasco, Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) is back on stage at MKMF 2008 (Mnet KM Music Festival).

We know Rain couldn’t remain fully dressed in his Rainism suit for long (no matter how many versions of it he wears, we know he just wants to get rid of the long sleeves, tie and vest). Well, in this MKMF performance he shows off his famous abs once again.

Image Hosted by
Rain is fed-up of his Rainism suit and ditches it for a
leather jacket and mid-knee leather pants instead

Yeah and he performs Rainism with an opened jacket, revealing much skin. Some say this is his best Rainism performance yet. Also, if you missed seeing Bi dancing freestyle, he danced with his on-screen alter ego.

Check it (i know you want to!).

Pics credit: Newsen, Asia Economy Korea

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2008 Mnet KM Music Festival:
Big Bang member smooches Lee Hyori

TRIVIA: Big Bang member smooches Lee Hyori

Who is the Big Bang member smooching Lee Hyori on stage at the 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival on the 15th November?

Image Hosted by

No, it wasn’t G-dragon. No it wasn’t Taeyang.

Yes, it’s me TOP. I kissed Lee Hyori.

I don’t know the story behind the kiss or why TOP instead of another Big Bang member got to kiss Hyori. But here are more smooching pics.

In the collaboration performance of Lee Hyori & Big Bang, Seungri sang Hyori’s song…U Go Girl.

Hyori & Seungri

Hyori and Daesung

View the video clip of Big Bang and Lee Hyori collaborating at the MKMF performance. Here they sing Lies and Haru Haru.

YouTube video clip of Big Bang and Hyori at MKMF 2008

Rain cancels performance on SBS Inkigayo

Rain in his bad boy outfit is mad at SBS

Rain has canceled his Rainism performance on SBS Inkigayo which will be recorded on 16 November.

Why? What happened?

Rain is really pissed off with SBS. He was performing Rainism at the 1st Water Grand Awards on SBS broadcast. Towards the end of the song, when Rain was dancing with his cane (magic stick), the music went off, and they went to commercial break!! Leaving Bi in the middle of his dance, and his backup dancers looking surprised. Rain politely bowed and walked off the stage.

This slip up will cost SBS Rain’s appearance on Inkigayo. Check out this video from a fancam which managed to capture the unfortunate incident.

Source: Popseoul

Pic credit: Asia Economy

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Nanta cooks up a storm for the K-popped! Trio

Ready for some cookin’: Rooster (right) and I showing off
our Nanta tickets 🙂

Believe the hype, folks – the Nanta (Cookin’) non-verbal live show lives up to its many good reviews and here is another one.

Admission pass: A closer look at our 50,000 won tix

We made our way to the GangBuk Nanta Theater for the 5pm show on Pepero Day – a perfect ‘lil end to our first vacation in the land of the Hallyu.

Today’s menu

A quick check shows that the White Team will be taking the stage. Here’s the cast list:

Manager – Kim Moon-soo
Female – Hwang Yoo-kyung
Sexy Guy – Jeong Min-gu
Nephew – Min Seong-jin
Head Chef – Kwon Dae-hee

The story is simple. Three chefs – Head Chef, Female and Sexy Guy – are ordered by the Manager of the restaurant to prepare a lavish wedding banquet within an hour – by “6 o’clock”.

Clean kitchen: The set up before the show

He brings his Nephew to work with the chefs. Initially, the chefs give the newbie the cold shoulder, but they soon warm up to the mischievous boy as they work together on the meal.

Apart from the fall-off-your-seat-laughing comedy, the highly entertaining show incorporates the Korean traditional Samulnori rhythm – a hypnotic beat that enthralls and captivates.

Nanta, which is known the world over, has been running since Oct 1997 and is voted one of “the 10 most famous tourist attractions in Seoul” by the Korean Tourist Service.

Appetizing laughter

The show is such a riot – the comedic timing and chemistry among the actors are delightful. From doing acrobatic-like feats to banging on pots and pans to a mesmerising rhythm, Nanta doesn’t fail to entertain the audience.

Goofing around: Rooster and I entertain Orchid before
the real show starts

Whether it’s the slapstick comedy or the spirited percussion play, the actors seem to execute their parts effortlessly and flawlessly. Also, it is obvious that the actors are enjoying themselves (more on that later).

True to its description, there is minimal dialogue in the show since it is all about body language and the most universal of all languages – comedy!

Intimate ambiance

One of the strengths of the show is the intimate setting of the theatre. The GangBuk Theater we went to is actually the largest with a 324 seating capacity. Nonetheless, it is cosy enough for the actors to interact with the audience, making the cast so much more “accessible”.

Bride & Groom of our show: Unsuspecting members of the audience
recruited as extras! – Pic taken from Nanta Official website

To make the Nanta experience even more personal, members of the audience are recruited for some of the scenes! Just be prepared during the soup-tasting and dumpling-making sequences ;-).

With such a cosy atmosphere, expect the actors to take the opportunity to poke fun at the audience, cajole the audience to cheer and clap louder…and oh, conduct a clap-off among the crowd.

Hilarious tid bits

At one point in the show, the Head Chef conducted a clap-off among the audience. Dividing the crowd down the middle into two groups, he tried to get us to mimic his rhythmic claps.

Head Chef: Actor Kwon Dae-hee had a tough time
getting the crowd to clap to his rhythm.
– Pic taken from Nanta Official website

It was a tough crowd that evening as an ahjumma kept foiling the rhythm! It got so exasperatingly funny that the Head Chef had to break character and take a moment to regain his composure. The crowd cheered loudly.

Apart from that, the blossoming romance between Female and Sexy Guy was adorable especially so when the Nephew (my personal fav) kept butting in at the most opportune times.

Comic relief also came in the form of the Manager, who’d come into the kitchen periodically to bark orders at the team.

Manager: Watch out for Kim Moon-soo’s signature gesture
in the show ;-). – Pic taken from Nanta Official website

With so much going on, it was amazing that the little details of the show were not overlooked. Take for instance the scene where the chefs were cooking soup. The aroma of soup being cooked actually filled the air! Also, the chefs deftly displayed their “cooking skills” with sharp knives, a wok and fire!

Eye candy dessert

Female: The lovely Hwang Yoo-kyung is the
rose among the thorns.
Pic taken from Nanta Official website

Guys, your eye candy comes in the form of the Female chef who goes about the kitchen in an abs-baring uniform.

Nephew: My personal fav, Min Seong-jin plays
the mischievous newbie cook.
– Pic taken from Nanta Official website

Sexy Guy: Jeong Min-gu plays the macho man who
is vying for Female’s affections. –
Pic taken from Nanta
Official website

Ladies, you have a choice between the Sexy Guy or Nephew, both of whom show off their sculpted torso during the percussion grand finale – awesome! – and I mean the percussion play, OK :-P. Ha ha, yeah right.

The verdict:

Highly, highly recommended. It is worth the 50,000 won (RM127) you fork out for the show.

If I were to rate it, I’d give it a 5/5.

Traveller’s tips:

Outside looking in: The GangBuk Nanta Theater
  • You CANNOT walk in to the theatre’s box office to purchase tickets (trust us, we learned it the hard way). Make a phone booking! Number to call: 02-739 8288 (when in South Korea).
  • Book early because the show usually plays to a full house.
  • Turn up one hour before the show to collect your tickets.
  • When we were there, the crowd was mostly made up of tour groups.
  • Strictly no photography/ videography during the show!
  • You can purchase Nanta merchandise at the lobby after the show.
  • We took the subway there. Get off at Seodaemun station, Exit #5. For map, please go to the Nanta Official website.
  • More on Nanta here
My Nanta memorabilia: The green plastic ball (left) was one of the colourful balls
thrown into the audience by the cast. Yes, 미안합니다, I took one home :-P.
Wish I could get it autographed, but the cast did not reappear after the show :-(.

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Pepero Day is celebrated on 11.11

Happy Pepero Day!

BoA sexes it up for America

Legs: ‘Yeah, I’ve got ’em…so I flaunt ’em.’

BoA, who turned 22 on Nov 5, adopts a sexier image in her venture into the American market.

The Eat You Up singer is already reaching out to fans through her official and MySpace websites. Also, a Facebook account will be coming soon.

Do you think BoA will do well in the States? Eat You Up isn’t that great a track…it’s just so-so.

Notti, notti: BoA works the high heels
and garter belt….

Source: Hankooki

Fashion 70s (2005)

Korean title: 패션 70s
: 28

: Lee Jae-gyoo & Lee Jeong-hyo

Costime Designer
: Ji Choon-hee

What’s popping:

A tale told in the 1950s – 1970s where two girls exchanged parentage. During the Korean war, rich girl Ko Joon Hee (Lee Yo Won) is separated from her father. After sharing difficult times with a young friend and ‘elder sister’ Lee Kang Hee (Kim Min Seong) during war times they develop a sisterly bond.

However, because of the circumstances at war, both girls were separated and Kang Hee was adopted by Ko Joon Hee’s father, who thinks that his real daughter is dead. Mr Ko is the owner of a huge textile business and the former Kang Hee grew up as Joon Hee in the lap of luxury.

The first 3 episodes of this drama shows
footage back in the 50s during war times

By a twist of fate, the real Ko Joon Hee was adopted by Kang Hee’s criminal charged and poverty stricken mother. They both spent the post war times on the secluded island of Manggol. The real Ko Joon Hee is now called Han Duh Mi and lives a simple life.

Will the real Ko Joon Hee please stand up!
Han Duh Mi (left) and the now, Ko Joon Hee

Two other characters in the drama are Kim Dong Yeong (Joo Jin Moo) and mischievous Chang Bin (Cheon Jeong Myeong). The former is the filial son of the Defense Minister while the later is the son of fashion designer Chang Bong-Sil (Lee Hye-yeong).

Leading men: Chang Bin and Kim Dong Yeong

The lives of these four crosses paths during war times when they were just young kids, up till when they grow up in the 70s. A tale of love, deceit, ambition and politics unfurl.

What i liked about this particular drama is that each of the characters (and that goes beyond the extend of the four main characters) are well elaborated. You do not feel as if the story revolves around the main character. You feel for poor rich girl Ko Joon Hee, who now wears designer clothes and lives a life any woman would desire, but has lost her very own identity, as she assumes the name of another. You feel for Chang Bong Sil, a mother who struggles to put her son above her passion and love for fashion.

Madam Chang Bong Sil longs for the
and respect of her only son Chang Bin

I also enjoyed the performance of Lee Hye-yeong who plays designer Chang Bong Sil who runs a fashion academy called Ensemble. Her quirky accent and short curly hairdo added to the 70s era. Another plus point is the clothes and 70s feel of this drama is really refreshing and almost good enough reason for you to pick this one up.

Love the clothes and the nostalgic feel of the drama!

The plot:

Rich girl & poor girl exchange lives. Both end up studying at a fashion academy, both vying for the love and affection of one man. One tries to find her true identity while the other tries to hide the truth.

TVXQ’s Vacation: Eternal (2007)

Korean title: 이터널 (I-teo-neol)

What’s popping:

Tie warp alert! Micky Yoochun enters a twilight zone of his own as he returns to the little seaside town he spent a part of his childhood in.

It’s a journey of self-discovery for Micky, who is tired of living the life of a popular star.

Feeling depressed and hemmed in, he is reminded of a childhood promise/wish by a very close friend that indirectly (or directly, if you wish) made him who he is today.

Micky “returns” to 1994 and meets himself as a boy. He then relives an incident in the past that brings back memories of the wish he made with his then best friend, Joojin. And with that, he becomes more appreciative of who he has become – depression and loss of freedom and all.

Me & Myself?: ‘Dude, you walk like me!’

Micky is OK in his role, but I think the kids who portrayed young Micky (Shin Tae-hoon) and Joojin (Choi Sul-li) had more screentime than the TVXQ heartthrob himself.

Nonetheless, the gist of the story is a touching and entertaining one.

The plot:

Stretched thin while preparing for their upcoming concert, the five boys of TVXQ/ DBSK are given a break from each other for two weeks.

Their vacations see them heading out on their own (except Xiah and Max) and Eternal is Micky’s story of finding the meaning behind his fame and popularity.

This is part of a four-episode omnibus. The other episodes are Cassiopeia, Beautiful Life and The Way U Are.

Watch it:

Get the DVD

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Pics credit: Vacation Official website