Yoo Ye-eun, the blind piano prodigy

Here’s a touching and inspiring story for all our readers.

Blind since birth, 5-year-old Yoo Ye-eun appeared on Star King – a Korean talent competition show – in March 2007.

The little angel has not received any formal piano lessons, but has the gift to play-by-ear after listening to a song once.

Prodigy: Yoo Ye-eun on the piano

She started tinkling the ivories when she was three, after listening to her Mother sing. Since then, she has only been “learning” music through the computer.

Yoo Ye-eun’s performance during Star King (sorry, but video has been removed by Coolsmurf) left many teary-eyed as she deftly moved her fingers over the piano keys, and amazingly hit the right notes – all this without the sense of sight!

It is also revealed that Ye-eun is an adoptee. Oh, she sings AND plays the piano at the same time too! Now, how’s that for talent?

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Who is your Prince?

I just watched the 2006 MBC Korean drama Goong (궁) a.k.a. Princess Hours. The drama, adapted from a popular manhwa, is a fairy tale of sorts. In the story, modern day Korea is a constitutional monarchy. The plot revolves around the Royal Family and two princes vie for the affections of the heroine (portrayed by Yoon Eun Hye). If you can’t imagine Korea having a Royal Family, just imagine England’s Royal Family and the lives of Prince William and Prince Harry.

I am writing this entry because while watching the drama (it has 24 episodes), at one point, i could not decide who i wanted the heroine to end up with more. The antagonist proved to be very formidable and had strengths and qualities of his own. It wasn’t as clear cut for me as say…like in Stairway to Heaven (2003) where there was no contest!

Those who have seen the drama would probably know what i am talking about. Did you feel the same? To those who have not seen the drama yet, let me tell you about both the princes.

Prince Lee Shin

Crown Prince Lee Shin

Next in line to the throne, tall and handsome Prince Lee Shin (aged 19) has been groomed to be the next King since the age of five. He has a quiet and steely disposition. At times, he might even appear emotionless and heartless. However, under that stubborn exterior, this young man has a pure and good heart.

He is also one of the loneliest persons on earth – much lonelier than you or me because he has not truly experienced the love of a mother or a father. The royal household is conducted in a very formal manner and there is much protocol. Hugs are not given freely. His best friend in the whole world is a small teddy bear given to him when young.

Despite the luxuries the life of a Prince has to offer,
he is the loneliest person you’ve ever met

Most of the time Prince Shin is misunderstood because he cannot find the words to express what he feels in his heart. ‘Tis not easy to win his affections, but if you can melt the outer glacier, you will have him faithful and loyal, by your side forever.

Favourite past time – fencing. This prince also loves movie making and has ambitions to become a director.

Prince Shin has a penchant for wearing pink and polka dots. He is a walking fashion disaster most of the time. In the final episode, pairing a buttoned down formal shirt, jacket and peddle pushers was just too absurd.

26-year old Joo Ji Hoon assumes
the role of Prince Lee Shin

Prince Lee Yul

Destiny took the crown away from him…

Originally the Crown Prince, the position was robbed from him after his father’s death. He and his mother were then banished from the Palace. Prince Lee Yul spent the next 14-years in London, secretly groomed by his mother to one day reclaim his rightful position.

Prince Lee Yul is soft spoken, gentle and sensitive. He is most attentive to your needs and is always a good listener and companion. Whenever you feel sad or depressed, he’s there to comfort you. He will whisk you away from your troubles and be your shoulder to cry on. He is also a hopeless romantic and knows how to treat a lady.

Prince Yul Goon – the hopeless romantic

Nineteen year old Prince Yul loves to read fantasy books and you will see him with the Lord of the Rings or a Harry Potter book whenever he is relaxing.

This prince has a penchant for women’s accessories and his signature piece is a looped gold necklace. At times, he might pair it with stud earrings.

28 year-old actor, singer and model
Kim Jeong Hoon plays the role of Prince Lee Yul.
He even wears his
Tiffany & Co. Feathers lariat necklace
off screen.

So which one of them is YOUR Prince?

Pics credit: MBC

Speed Racer exclusive extended trailer

Hey all you people who are waiting patiently for the movie Speed Racer (in which Rain will play Taejo Togokhan), the exclusive extended trailer has just been released today!

Go Speed Racer…
watch the special exclusive extended trailer

Trailer courtesy of Warner Bros. Hit the link below to watch it!
Watch Speed Racer exclusive extended trailer!

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Speed Racer (2008)

Maxim cover girl puts on weight

Rotund: Han Young piles on the pounds for Elephant

Kim Ah-joong did it. Lee Hyo-ri did it…heck, even Oh Ji-ho did it.

Did what, you ask? Piled on the kilos ala Eddie Murphy, i.e. by slipping into a fat suit.

Han Young, who showed off her dangerous curves on the cover of this month’s Maxim (Korean edition) has “put on weight” for an MBC sitcom entitled…er, Elephant.

Falling short of actually gaining weight for the role — like what Renee Zellweger did for the Bridget Jones‘ movies — the fat suit is a safer alternative for the typically shapely Korean stars to experience how it is like to be 둥둥해요.

Can you just see the Tigress just waitin’ to leap out of the rubber suit?

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Maxim April ’08 cover girl: Han Young

Han Ye-seul gets physical for Reebok

Gettin’ physical: ‘Lemme just lace my shoes up
and I’ll come over and whoop your @S$’

Korean celeb Han Ye-seul didn’t just get her sexy body from her Mama, she worked out for it too ;-).

The Couple or Trouble actress donned some fashionable gym attire for a Reebok photoshoot in February 2008.

The 26-year-old actress/model flew to New York to show off her shapely figure in some serious Reebok threads.

Check ‘em out!

Seeing double: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’

Yoga: ‘Bend backwards and touch your left foot to your
forehead…hmm, easy.’

No sweat: ‘This 3-pounder’s a breeze, gimme a heavier
dumbbell, why don’t you?’
Girly: ‘I feel like a schoolgirl in this short shorts
and pink shoes.’

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

FT Island concert ticket refund date postponed…again

Sorry folks, but I guess many of us saw this coming, huh?

Like our dear reader KKVL has mentioned, the FT Island ticket refund exercise has been called off…for the second time!

DO NOT go to Cineleisure, Damansara tomorrow if you’re planning a trip there to get your refund.

All K-popped! got from the organiser, C.I. Entertainment, was an e-mail that reads:

Dear all,

We regret to bring you this announcement. We understand that the ticket refunding is to be done on 13 April, Sunday.

However, due to the inability to settle certain legal procedures, we have decided that we cannot proceed with the ticket refunding process this weekend until further notice.

We assure you that we have worked to our best capabilities to quicken these pending matters.

We will be updating the latest developments from CI Entertainment within these two weeks. Please kindly visit CI Entertainment or Seoul ID.

Thank you.

C.I. Entertainment postpones refund date
Malaysia: FT Island concert refund process

Shadows in the Palace Contest results

Congratulations Mastika Mustafa, Marie Phang, Lim Jia Ying, Lee Mei Ying and Atikah Suib! Your pair of movie passes will be mailed to you.

Yes, there are FIVE, or rather, 다섯 (da seot) ghostly apparitions hidden in the Shadows in the Palace movie poster. Did you miss them? Check out the answers in the image below.

Still can’t see them? Click for a larger view.

To all our contestants, thank you for participating!


This contest is sponsored by AOE Worldwide.

Miss Korea vs. Miss Japan

Miss Universe, Miss Japan and Miss Korea were spotted together during an event in Tokyo on April 8.

Vogue: Beauty queens in a row

Miss Korea Lee Ji-seon (pic above, left), recently crowned Miss Japan Hiroko Mima (centre) and reigning Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan were seen striking a pose for the photogs.

They may be sharing the limelight now, but come June 2008, 24-year-old Lee is set to go up against 21-year-old Mima for the diamante tiara, bouquet of flowers, sash and oh yeah, that little thing called the Miss Universe title :-).

This year’s Miss Universe pageant will be held in Vietnam! Here’s a closer look at the competing beauty queens.

Miss Korea Lee Ji-seon VS Miss Japan Hiroko Mami

Round 1: Winning the title – Miss Japan seems to be more
enthusiastic about winning the crown.

Round 2: Pretty as a flower is Miss Korea

Round 3: Sassy chick – Miss Japan strikes a side profile pose with
lots of attitude

Round 4: Oooh, attitude again from Miss Japan. Nice.

Park Chan-wook’s Bat plot

Apparently, the actors recruited for the flick have finished reading the script and are all set to give their best for the movie.

Park Chan-wook’s latest flick entitled Bat stars Song Kang-ho as a pastor who turns into a vampire! He portrays Sang-hyun, who becomes enarmoured with his friend’s wife, Tae-joo (Kim Ok-bin), and they fall in love.

Lovers: Kim Ok-bin (left) has an affair with Song Kang-ho in Bat

Sang-hyun soon gets infected by a virus that turns him into a vampire, causing him to experience an identity crisis. Apart from that, Sang-hyun becomes aware of a ghostly presence in Tae-joo’s house!

The side plot revolves around the relationship between Tae-joo and her mother-in-law, who is paranoid about losing her son to Tae-joo.

A vampire, a ghost and a suspicious mother-in-law? Sounds like a recipe for wicked occurrences.

Filming begins mid-April in Seoul and Pusan. Other actors include Kim Hae-sook and Shin Ha-gyoon.

Source: Naver News with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: HanCinema

Kim Ok-bin is leading lady in Park Chan-wook’s new flick
Park Chan-wook hunts down female lead for Bat