Sloppy Inquiry Agency opens shop @ KBS World

Lee Min-ki fans rejoice! The Love Truly actor’s latest drama entitled A Sloppy Inquiry Agency is/will be airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 303) this month (Oct 2007).

The reason for the uncertainty is because of the ambiguous online program schedule at Astro’s website.

According to it, Lee Min-ki‘s drama started airing on Oct 22 (Monday) at 9pm. However, the schedule also states that I’m Your Teacher aired at 9pm on the same day as well. Two programs sharing a time slot? How does that work? Unfortunately, I didn’t tune into KBS World that night so I can’t confirm which show aired.

Anyway, I checked the schedule for the upcoming Monday (Oct 29) and yes, A Sloppy Inquiry Agency is scheduled to air.

The series is a comedy about ordinary people with big dreams. Take Min-ki’s character for example. The 22-year-old plays Mu-yul a Taekwondo master who owns a gym. Business isn’t so good and he’s hoping that interest in the sport will pick up again when the Korean Taekwondo athletes win medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (fingers crossed, of course).

Watch the drama or else Min-ki’s gonna
Taekwondo you into a pulp!

One day, while having lunch at a private eye’s office, a client mistakes him for an employee and offers him a job! His adventure begins when he embarks upon the hunt for King Gojong’s treasure.


Want to watch the show? Remember this:

  • Channel: Astro 303 – KBS World
  • Day: Monday and Tuesday
  • Time: 9pm – 10.10pm, repeats at 3am the following day

It’ll most likely be in Korean with English subtitles. Oh, what joy! *skips around the room*

More on the drama @ K-popped!
Lee Min-ki’s new drama – Evasive Inquiry Agency

Pics credit: A Sloppy Inquiry Agency @ KBS World

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Hyun Bin’s the “It” guy on 8TV

Someone at 8TV is like Orchid – infatuated with Hyun Bin. Why? Because the My Lovely Sam-soon actor appears on the terrestrial channel the entire week! Seriously.

And tomorrow (Oct 27), the 25-year-old’s movie A Millionaire’s First Love (pic below) will be airing at 8.30pm on the network.

Man enuff: Hyunbin has no problems donning a French maid
costume ‘cos he’s man enough. Grrr….

The TV station should invite Hyun Bin sshi to Malaysia for a fan meeting for the benefit of all K-popped! Malaysians :-P .

What other Hyunbin shows are on 8TV? Snow Queen runs at prime time (8.30pm) from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, My Lovely Sam-soon is aired on Saturday and Sunday at 4pm.

Hyunbin, enough fan meetings in Korea and Japan already. When are you gonna fly your fine self down to Malaysia and grace us with your presence? And please, sing for us!

Hyunbin’s shows on 8TV

I want more Hyun Bin!

Pic credit: HanCinema

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Wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen

The actress is holding her top in place in case one of her breasts decides to pop out. Boy, she must’ve used a whole lot of double-sided body tape that evening.

The lady in the dangerously low off-shoulder dress is Lee Chae-young, one of the actresses in SBS’ new Friday Drama 아들찾아 삼만리, which literally translates to something like Son searches three long distance or Son searches thirty thousand ???…ah, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

This post is all about the dress! So here’s another picture of it.

Source & Pics credit: MyDaily

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Hwangjini (2006)

Korean title: 황진이 (Hwangjin-i)

What’s popping:

The Korean Wave is breaking on Malaysian shores with a purpose, isn’t it? Nearly every other channel on local TV is airing a Korean drama series. 8TV- checked. RTM2 – checked. Phoenix channel – checked. Prima channel – checked. Wah Lai Toi – checked. AEC – checked…you get the idea.

And now, we discovered that the latest TV network to join the fray is NTV7! Say 안녕 to Ha Ji-won‘s very popular drama Hwangjini!

The 3rd episode aired yesterday and we saw the transformation of the young Jini into a beautiful woman who loves learning how to become a gisaeng.

Her blind mother discourages her to continue, saying that she should settle down and start a family, but the determined young lady prefers the arts than family life.

Also, Jini meets an admirer, Eun-ho (Chang Keun-seok), who is a nobleman.

So far, the elaborate costumes in the period drama reminds me of Dae Jang Geum. And like Jang Geum, Hwangjini is at a “school” learning the finer skills of her art.

The plot:

The story of Hwangjini, the legendary gisaeng (similar to Japan’s geisha) or entertainer who lived in the Joseon era.

Stealing a kiss: Hey, Ha ji-won has a scene exactly like this with
Kwon Sang-woo in Love, So Divine. She must be a pro at it already!

Watch it:

  • NTV7 – free TV, yay! (Astro Channel 107)
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9.30pm to 10.30pm
  • Dubbed in Mandarin with Bahasa Malaysia subtitles; toggle function doesn’t work. Darn.

Pics credit: HanCinema

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From the sketchpad: TVXQ

Two reasons why I’m a very happy girl this Wednesday afternoon:

  1. I’m 1/3 of the K-popped trio who lives in Beijing and blogspot (which hosts K-popped!) is finally accessible through a normal browser! Those of you not living in China – appreciate the freedom of surfing a web without boundaries!
  2. I ‘ve finally finished caricatures of the TVXQ boys! Forgive me avid TVXQ fans, besides Hero and U-Know, I really couldn’t pick out the differences between the other three.

I hope I’ve done the boys justice. Below is a TVXQ 1024×768 wallpaper for you! Enjoy!

There’s also a resized version of Hyori’s caricature to fit a 1024×768 screen here!
It is exactly one month before TVXQ performs for us Malaysians. For more pictures of the quintet, head over to Babyboss Pictures, the official photographer for the TVXQ 2007 concert in Malaysia!

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TVXQ profile
TVXQ tops Japanese music chart

Note: K-popped! celebrity illustrations are only fan art. Just sharing the hallyu lurve.

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JYP making a comeback as a singer!

Published on October 23, 2007 by in Buzz, Music

Yeah, Park Jin-yeong is making a comeback as an artist!

Park will release his 7th album on November 15th, 2007. It will be a comeback for him after 6 years. His last album was released in June 2001, entitled ‘GAME(놀이)’. Currently, work on the 7th album is almost complete.

Park has kept himself busy all these while training and grooming young fresh artists and producing for others. But he longs to sing and dance and take to the stage again himself!

A pic of JYP taken way back when he was a
singer and Rain was his back-up dancer

In an interview with Digital Chosunilbo in July 2007, Park said that he plans to make a comeback on stage and has already produced 30 songs that will be included in his new album.

I will come back as singer Park Jin-young with songs that the fans can enjoy and sympathize with“, said Park.

We look forward to your new album J.Y. Park! He does write good songs and has a talent for that. But i am not so sure about singing and dancing on stage again at age 35! Do you think he will be successful?

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Kim Ok-bin is all dressed-up

Over the Rainbow actress Kim Ok-bin models for SI’s 2007 Fall/Winter collection.

Standing at 167cm, the 21-year-old preens and postures in urban chic, revised classics, mix & match and European sense stylings.

Hmm, I can’t tell any of those apart…all I know is that the clothes are a little on the shiny side, causing the actress to look more like a fashion victim instead of a model.

Here are some of the designs taken from the online catalog. Would you pay good money for ‘em?

Ok-bin in her Sunday best for a day at the races?

Prim and proper office wear.

Lounging in shiny pants.

Ok-bin puts on a bowler hat to channel funnyman
Charlie Chaplin.

And it works! Because she’s hilarious imitating the
Leatherman (biker) from The Village People.

Tight (shiny) skirts and splits don’t go together, girl.

Ugh, ugly shoes

Fashion victim: Kim Ok-bin

I’m a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my

And finally, all that preening gives her a headache.

Source & Pics credit: SI

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J.Y. Park / Park Jin-young (박진영)

Published on October 23, 2007 by in Profiles

Park Jin-young (35), a graduate from the prestigious Yonsei University in South Korea (majoring in Geology), is now one of Asia’s most successful producer.

Since 2000, Park heads JYP Entertainment (JYPE) in South Korea and has seen huge success in grooming young singers such as Park Ji-yoon, G.O.D., Noel, Rain and The Wonder Girls. Park is a talented music composer and goes by the nickname “The Asian Soul“.

Not satisfied with success in his home country, Park longs to break into the US market. Park literally went knocking on doors in LA and passed his music tapes to prominent American hip hop artists in 2004, introducing himself as JYP. All that sweat and work did pay off, and his music can be found on hit albums of Will Smith (I wish I made that), Mase (The Love you need) and Cassie’s (When your body is talking).

He has also produced music for F4 and Jackie Chung in China, and AI in Japan.

Park is now based in the States and has opened JYP USA, the first Asian record label in the U.S., in the heart of Manhattan. He is currently working in parnership with Big Boi from Outkast and Lil Jon and is ready to launch three new Asian artists – namely JLim, Min and G-soul.

Park’s first love has always been music and dance. He actually started off being a dance singer before moving on to composing and producing. His debut was in 1994 with the first album Blue City.

Name: Park Jin-young / J.Y. Park
Nicknames: JYP, The Asian Soul
Date of birth: 13 January, 1972
Height: 185cm
Weight: 78kg
Blood type: AB


JY Park’s Profile on MySpace
JYP’s in the business of making stars
Music mogul Park Jin-young under global spotlight (KBS World)

More on JYP:
JYP is Korean entertainment’s top dog
JYP making a comeback as a singer!

JYP’s in the business of making stars


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Lee Da-hae (이다해)

The My Girl actress has a MySpace site but she hasn’t visited it since March 2006 at the time of writing.

At the site, the adorable 23-year-old says that she was born in South Korea but went to high school in Sydney, Australia. She goes on to reveal that she speaks English pretty well :-) .

She reportedly debuted in 2001 and has popular dramas Green Rose and My Girl under her belt. Her latest drama is Hello! Miss.

Name: Lee Da-hae (이다해), Cherry
Real name: Byun Da-hae (변다해)
Date of birth: April 19, 1984
Height: 170cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood type: O
Family: Parents and an older brother
Education: Burwood Girls High School, Sydney
Religion: Christian

TV dramas:

  • The Slave Hunters (2010)
  • Hello! Miss (2007)
  • My Girl (2005)
  • Green Rose (2005)
  • Five fingers (2005)
  • Lotus Flower Fairy/ Heaven’s Fate (2004)
  • Star’s Echo (2004)
  • Sweet 18 (2004)
  • Good News (2003)
  • Shoot for the Stars (2002)
  • Ling Ling (2002)

Source: Lee Da-hae’s MySpace website & Lee Da-hae @ Soompi
Pic credit: HanCinema

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My Lovely Sam-soon (2005)

Published on October 22, 2007 by in Dramas

Alternative title: My Name is Kim Sam-soon

Korean title: 내 이름은 김삼순 (Nae Il-eum-eun Kim Sam-soon)

What’s popping:

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” ~ Forrest Gump

Isn’t life simply exciting? Single people out there… you just don’t know who you would end up with. Don’t settle for second best! Wait for the right one. Well, that’s what the lead character in MLSS got…she got the best!

I think this is my favourite k-drama to date. Simply excellent! Now I know why fans of MLSS can watch it over and over again. It is fun, light-hearted and I for one really love Kim Sun-ah’s character. She’s just a regular girl like any of us, plus a bit on the plump side (뚱뚱하다 ). Who would think she would win the love of “Ice Prince” played by the delectable Hyun Bin.

When her boyfriend of 3-years dumped her on Christmas Eve, Kim Sam-soon was broken-hearted and disappointed with love. She soon meets a man who got on her nerves at first, but turned out to be her Prince in the end. She learned how to love and trust again, despite how it might hurt.

There are so many memorable scenes in this drama and I especially like the fact that Sam-soon wakes up early to bake and make wonderful chocolate creations to soothe herself when she is down. I also like it that both the leads are true to their feelings and did not lie or tried to hide the truth from the other party.

The plot:

Wrecked with the guilt of his brother and sister-in-law’s death, and abandoned by his first love three years ago, Hyun Jin-heon (Hyun Bin) has withdrawn himself to become a hard-hearted, bad tempered man. He is the wealthy heir to a luxury hotel business, and currently runs a French restaurant called Bon Appetite. His mother wants him to marry quickly and keeps a steady stream of “marriage dates” set up for him.

Jin-heon – “I am in love with my baker.”

Kim Sam-soon (Kim Sun-ah) is a patissier (she makes cakes and all kinds of yummy desserts) who was trained in France. She meets Jin-hyeon by chance and he hires her to work in his restaurant. At first their relationship was a ruse so that Jin-heon’s mother would get off his back and stop her match-making antics. But soon, Jin-heon realised that he is really falling for the out-spoken Sam-soon.

There are other complications though, in the form of Yoo Hee-jin (Jeong Ryeo-won), Jin-heon’s ex-girlfriend. She returns after a three year absence and wants to rekindle the relationship she once had with Jin-heon.

Spoil-sport…after abandoning him 3 years ago,
Hee-jin appears and wants him back

The ever-smiling (in this drama) Daniel Henney plays Henry Kim, Hee-jin’s doctor and friend from the States. He is hopelessly in love with Hee-jin yet does not demand that she love him back. He’s just there for her – a shoulder to cry on.

Watch it:

It is currently airing on 8TV but it is dubbed in Mandarin.

Get the DVD box set. This one’s for keeps!

ps: Okay, if you read this and do not have the urge to watch the drama. I write a bad review. It’s really very nice. :-)

Also check out:


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