K-popped! Trio on their Skytrex Adventure

The weekend following Liz’s birthday celebration, the Trio got together again for some adrenaline pumping fun at Skytrex.

What is Skytrex?

Why, it’s like jungle trekking except you’re in the treetops. At 17m (or 55ft) above the ground, you swing, climb and fumble through obstacles throughout the canopy of the forest, while being anchored, of course.

Skytrex is located in Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam, an agricultural park about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Covering 1,295 hectares, the park is one of the largest rain forest reserves in the world.

We met at the entrance of the park and took a tram to Skytrex. When we arrived, we signed a waiver form, the instructors suited us up in our safety harnesses, gave us a briefing on how to use our carabiners and pulley at the warm up course and we were off!

A Skytrex instructor fits the safety harness on Rooster.

Thank goodness all equipment is imported from France.
When thinking about dangling 50ft off the ground, being politically correct
is the last thing on my mind.

Orchid and Rooster trying out the warm up obstacle course.

After spending my whole life with my feet on the ground, 9ft in the air was a whole new perspective. Boy, what would 55ft feel like?!

Orchid climbs the first obstacle after completing the warm up course.

Liz carefully crosses the zig zag bridge.

Orchid on the flying fox obstacle.

Drinking water is available between obstacles on landings.

If you find that you can’t make it through the course,
you can always take the chicken exit.
It took a little over an hour to complete the entire course. As nerve wracking as it was, I was actually wishing for more.
Orchid, Skytrex Instructor and Rooster waits for Liz to complete the last obstacle.

Awesome stuff! You’ll have to try it yourself. Gather your friends, the more the merrier, and leave the city for some fun with mother nature for a change.

Check out their website if you’re interested: http://www.skytrex-adventure.com

Song Hye Kyo wears her bowl cut with panache

In a world where long hair is synonymous with beauty for a woman, Song Hye Kyo took a bold move and recently cut her long tresses into a “bowl cut”. I must say she wears her bold cut most stylishly. Let the petite actress show you how to wear a bowl cut…check out these recent pics.

Would you opt for a bowl cut?

Stylists fluffed up her bowl cut
for the official Worlds Within poster
Slicked back for a vampy look for Levi’s Lady Style

Stylish and edgy for Levi’s Lady Style (i wonder how many inch heels she’s wearing for that leggy look though)

Add curls at the end for a short and sassy style (Levi’s Lady Style)

Going au naturale at a Laneige event in Singapore

Apology after two years

The movie Apology was first screened at the 2006 Busan International Film Festival, but was put on the back burner until now.

The flick starring Moon Sori, Lee Seon-gyun and Kim Tae-woo will finally be released in South Korea on Oct 16.

Friendly lovers: Moon (centre) is flanked by her onscreen
lovers Lee (left) and Kim.

The romance flick revolves around a woman named Hyeon Jeong (Moon Sori) who is torn between two lovers. While she is married, marital bliss quickly becomes a thing of the past when her first love walks back into her life.

The South Koreans’ fascination with love triangles – and quadrangles – continue.

The stars of Apology, along with director Kang Lee-kwan, held a press conference yesterday in Seoul in conjunction with the film’s release.

Team effort: The stars of the movie with director Kang

Source: MSN News

See Ya dolls up for Hot Girl

When I look at See Ya‘s teaser album pics (above), I’m instantly reminded of Lee Hyori‘s U-Go-Girl (pic below, left) There’s a connection, but more on that later.

The See Ya girls will be dropping their 3rd album on Oct 2 and the trio has transformed their image and music.

The girls will apparently do away with their trademark medium tempo tracks and instead experiment with electro house beat tracks. Their new music style and powerful vocals are reportedly a winning combination.

Candy-coloured set: Is See Ya sweet as candy?

The concept for the album is “Dolls” which boasts of kitchsy looks and syrupy colours. Meanwhile, the title track off the album is Hot Girl.

Do you see the similarities between Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl and See Ya’s upcoming title track? There’s a reason – Cha Eun-taek – the mastermind behind Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl teaser images and MV. Mr Cha is also working with See Ya on Hot Girl.

I guess after Lee Hyori’s very successful album, the See Ya girls are going with the guy who has the winning formula, no?

Here are more teaser pics from Hot Girl.

Nam Gyu-ri

Kim Yeon-ji

Lee Bo-ram

The girls get all dolled up

Get SeeYa’s 3rd album Brilliant Change

Source: Newsen

Milky Way Liberation Front @ the 2008 BIFF

Say what? It’s actually the title of a movie by first-time director Yoon Seong-ho. The director/ screenwriter’s movie is taking part at the 2008 Bangkok International Film Festival (BIFF), which kicked off yesterday (Sept 23).

Korean title: 은하 해방 전선 (2007)

Milky Way Liberation Front (MWLF) is the one and only movie from South Korea. The witty flick is all about life imitating art imitating life imitating art– you get the picture. According to the Tribeca Film program notes, MWLF sounds very much like a parody on director Yoon’s efforts in making a movie.

The story centres on Ryu Young-jae (Im Ji-gyu portraying director Yoon), who is screening his short film at the Pusan International Film Festival in October. He’s also courting a famous Japanese star to topline his first full-length feature.

Touchy-feely: ‘Here, lemme touch your cap’

He hasn’t penned the script yet but knows that he wants it to involve Siamese twins and a protagonist who loses his ability to talk(!). To add to the problem, everyone from the cinematographer to the sound engineer has an idea on how the story should unfold.

On top of that, Young-jae’s girlfriend (played by Seo Young-joo) dumps him saying that he doesn’t know how to communicate. And just like the protagonist in his upcoming movie, Yoon also loses the ability to speak! Things just aren’t going well for the director and his problems continue to increase.


Sounds like a fun movie. Has anyone seen it yet? MWLF is listed in the World Cinema section. I have no idea what that means – is it in competition or is it just invited for screening? The official website is no help, by the way.

Malaysia is being represented by director James Lee’s Breathing in Mud/ Bernafas Dalam Lumpur (2005) and horror flick Hysteria/ Histeria (2007) and Woo Ming Jin’s Days of Turquoise Sky/ Kurus (2008).

The 2008 BIFF runs from Sept 23 until Sept 30 at the SF World Cinema, CentralWorld and Aksra Theatre, King Power Complex.

Source: BIFF , HanCinema & Tribeca Film

Kim Joo-hyuk and Son Ye-jin “marry”

Happy together: Son Ye-jin (left) and Kim Joo-hyuk

Man, you won’t believe the great lengths movie producers go to these days to promote their flick.

The filmmakers behind My Wife is Married got Son Ye-jin and Kim Joo-hyuk all-decked out in a wedding gown and tux respectively and had the pair “walk down the aisle” at the Grand Ballroom, Plaza Hotel in Seoul this morning.

Married: ‘Yeah, to you…and the postman who lives
down the street.’

The duo appeared as “husband and wife” to the press to promote their movie about polygamy. Oh, the irony of it.

Son Ye-jin (April Snow, A Moment to Remember) portrays a girl named In-ah who is married to two men. Kim Joo-hyuk (Love Me Not, Lovers in Prague) plays one of her husbands.

My Wife is Married is scheduled for release on Oct 23 in South Korea.

Hilarious: ‘Ha ha ha…oh c’mon we aren’t really gonna
get married…ever.’

Wedding photo: The happily ‘married’ couple

Source: MSN News

Wonder Girls goes retro with Nobody

JYP‘s Wonder Girls are back with the new single ~ Nobody. It is their 4th project and immediately after it was released, it shot up in the music charts.

The music video for Nobody takes on a retro feel. Okay, i am not old enough to know if that’s like the 1930’s, 50’s or 60’s era. Can anyone tell us?

Check out the MV below (with English subs). JYP appears in the music video! By the way…i really like the song “Honey” – the one JYP sings at the beginning of the music video.

Do you like the song and MV?

I want nobody nobody but you…c’mon sing along now…

Kim Ah-joong’s coming back to the big screen

There’s nothing really new on the actress apart from the hype about her comeback in the manhwa-adapted flick 29 Years.

The movie is set for release early 2009 and it marks the actress’ comeback to the bigscreen after 2 years.

Kim Ah-joong shot to stardom after appearing in the rom-com 200 Pounds Beauty, which was also adapted from the manhwa (comics) of the same name. Recently, Orchid and I re-watched the flick and I must say, it is still entertaining the second time around.

Haven’t seen it yet? It’s time to get the DVD. Read our review first, if you like.

Star: Kim Ah-joong portrayed Hana/Jenny – a heavyweight contender
in the entertainment industry after shedding pounds through
plastic surgery in 200 Pounds Beauty.

The actress portrays doe-eyed innocence convincingly. The film defly addresses the issue of plastic surgery in Korea – the prejudices against it as well as the societal pressures that cause so many starlets to go under the knife in search of perfection.

There’s one part in the flick where the heavily-operated on – and now supposedly “perfect” – protagonist is requested to get “some work done” by someone who is clueless about her past. Hmph, perfection (much like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, huh?

Now that I’m acquainted with the “standards of beauty” in the Korean society, the film has more depth to it.

Movie aside, it has been widely speculated (and perhaps true) that Kim Ah-joong is no stranger to a little nip and tuck of her own.

Perfection in beauty? Check out the pics below and tell us what you think?

Pic credits: Hankooki

Kim Ah-joong gets 29 Years
Kim Ah-joong a natural beauty?
Make me a Korean star!

Korea's hottest boyband returns

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
TVXQ’s Fall Mini Concert & Press Conference
TVXQ is back with more weird outfits and ridiculous hair styles!

But hey…the fans just can’t get enough of them.

From left: Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong,
Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho

After a nearly 2 year wait (one year seven months to be exact), TVXQ returns to Korea with their 4th album – Mirotic. They started off their fouth album promotions with a press conference and a Fall Mini Concert at Seoul City Hall on the 21st Sept 2008.

TVXQ or Dong Bang Shin Ki have also waited a long time
to come back to their Korean fans.
They are happy to perform
in Seoul again and are very excited to show their fans a more mature TVXQ.

Here’s what each member had to say at the press conference:

“Just as fans have waited for a long time, we’ve waited for our fans for a long time.” – Yunho

“Holding a concert in a public area and being with the city residents is a really happy event.” – Changmin

“I’ve come with a happy heart from the beginning, and hope there is a happy ending.” – Jaejoong

“While performing outside of Korea, I’ve often missed Korea, and I was really excited while working on this album.” – Yoochun

“Last night I thought about too many things and didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Having to show everyone a more mature side gives me a bit more pressure.” – Junsu

Shortly after its debut, Mirotic is rising up to #3 in the Mnet music charts.

DBSK donned black suits and performed
Hey! (Don’t bring me down) at the mini concert

Don’t try this at home…

DBSK’s Mirotic Fall Mini Concert in Seoul

Source: Soompi Forums TVXQ official thread with translations by jae!fany (Shinki! Forums)

TARA 3: Isaac and William Hong eliminated

The chicks got to them…and we’re talking about poultry.

Eliminated: Isaac (left) and William Hong of South Korea
are no longer in the race

The South Korean brothers came in last at the pit stop in Vietnam last night and were subsequently eliminated from The Amazing Race Asia 3 (TARA3). What a short-lived run…too bad.

In the second leg of the “Toughest Race Ever”, racers reached breaking point in a ruthless leg that tested their stamina and mental strength.

However, the Hong brothers were bringing up the rear from the start. They weren’t in the lead group on the race to Vietnam. They were so trailing the rest with the two Thai teams.

The brothers’ downfall was the Some Walk Detour where racers had to catch chickens from a farm and deliver them to the market.

Chicks problem: ‘Man, these chicks are working me to the bone.’

William was seen doing all the manual labour, while Hyung was counting the chickens William caught. Isaac, help out a little, no? Even the Thai Beauty Queens seemed to breeze through the challenge!

Anticipation: Sorry guys, you’ve been eliminated

Anyways, the boys are out. And you can actually chat with William today (Sept 19) from 5.30pm to 6.30pm (Malaysian time) at http://amazingraceasia.spaces.live.com/

Pics credit: TARA 3 official website

Hong I-sak and Hong Woo-rim of TARA 3
South Korean team on The Amazing Race Asia 3