Bad Love – Episode 8

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) witnessed the emotional exchange between his brother-in-law Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) and girlfriend Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won). He is furious that Su-hwan was the lover who hurt In-jung so badly in the past. Anger takes over and Yong-gi goes home, bashes his nice house up a bit, and finds comfort in a bottle of soju.

Yong-gi is utterly dejected to find out In-jung’s
ex-lover is his brother-in-law Su-hwan.

At this point, Su-hwan confronts Yong-gi and rubs salt to the wound by saying that Yong-gi and In-jung cannot be together. Yong-gi is mad and throws a couple of punches at Su-hwan *
yeah punch punch kick kick * Su-hwan does not fight back but asks Yong-gi “How can you love a women whom i used to love?”.

Yeah Yong-gi whack him…
(Even when intoxicated, Yong-gi looks more alert
the forever contemplative Su-hwan)

Now comes the part which i don’t really understand – due to pride and family obligations, Yong-gi reasons that he needs to break up with In-jung and they cannot possibly continue their relationship (why why?) He is rude to In-jung the next day. In-jung has sold her shop and Yong-gi knows that she intended to leave him quietly. Both actually have made a resolve to end their relationship, but cannot bring themselves to say it. Major communication breakdown happening here.

In-jung cooks all of Yong-gi’s favourite dishes for lunch, but he has no appetite. He plans to leave her.

Yong-gi packs his stuff…intending to leave In-jung

Yong-gi packs his stuff and drives away – he makes a stop to visit In-jung’s dad at the hospital. In-jung’s dad was undergoing his physiotherapy exercises. After Yong-gi leaves, In-jung’s dad met with a fatal fall, hits his head and passed away.

Poor In-jung is devastated by the news and rushes to the hospital with her faithful friends –
samchun and ajumma (samchun’s girlfriend). Su-hwan saw them rushing into a taxi and follows them to the hospital. They try to calm In-jung down as she grieves for her dear father.

On the way to the hospital,
samchun calls Yong-gi but the latter refuses to answer his mobile phone. Only after a few tries, did samchun manage to get Yong-gi and he comes to the hospital. Yong-gi sees Su-hwan there, brushes past him, stood by the dead body for awhile, then after a brief inner struggle, he goes and comforts In-jung.

Yong-gi was leaving In-jung when he received his
samchun‘s call. He rushes back to the hospital.

Yong-gi’s heart breaks to see In-jung grieving…
he comes and comfort her.

(Ahh…this is my favourite part in episode 8)

Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Yong-gi’s dad who wants Yong-gi to get married to In-jung quickly, is making arrangements to meet “the mysterious pair” –
Mr Han and his lady driver/assistant. Stepmother is very angry about this because she knows that her husband wants to get Mr Han to take over the business from her son-in-law and later, hopefully hands it over to Yong-gi. Despite Yong-gi’s non-interest, his dad really wants him to take over his construction business. But no one else in the family supports this. Kang Joo-ran and her mother wants to see Su-hwan at the helm.

Joo-ran and Stepmother does not want Yong-gi
to inherit the family business

After the meeting with Mr Han, Yong-gi’s dad goes on to tell Su-hwan that he will be sent to Japan and his work on the Samcheok properties will be handed over to Mr Han. Su-hwan is furious at this and knows that he is being thrown aside by this father-in-law. He lashes back by threatening to hand in his resignation. Joo-ran is furious at her father and a family feud ensues.

Yong-gi stood beside his girlfriend at her dad’s funeral. In-jung tells Yong-gi “This is probably punishment for thinking that I could have you.” At the funeral, Su-hwan comes again to pay his respects but In-jung asks him to leave.

Yong-gi stands by his woman at her dad’s funeral

In-jung: “This is probably punishment for
thinking that I could have you.”

In-jung refuses Su-hwan entry

Su-hwan and Yong-gi talk outside and Su-hwan again re-iterates that Yong-gi cannot be together with In-jung. What a meanie! Yong-gi asks what if he and In-jung go away quietly and live their lives together (now why does he need to ask his brother-in-law permission escapes me).

Yong-gi: You wanna die? If not, just shut up!

In-jung says a final goodbye to her dad as she disposes of his ashes.
Yong-gi is there to support her.

Yong-gi accompanies In-jung as she disposes of her father’s ashes into the deep blue sea. After completing her dad’s funeral, she collapses in exhaustion and Yong-gi takes care of her. He looks at the beautiful In-jung while she sleeps and can’t leave her now.

Yong-gi cares for In-jung and battles with himself.
He finally decides to stick by her side.

In-jung wakes up while Yong-gi goes out to buy some sesame porridge. She quickly packs her belongings and leaves. She goes to the bus station and purchases a ticket and got on a bus. When Yong-gi returned, he immediately knows she has left and drove to the bus station.

In-jung leaves him…but Yong-gi goes after her…

He sees her in the bus and chases after her in his car. Focusing on the bus and In-jung, Yong-gi did not see the oncoming car and meets with an accident…he jumps out of his BMW and runs after the bus (typical Korean drama style). But a car knocks him down and he can only see In-jung’s bus speeding away.

Poor oppa: An injured Yong-gi sees In-jung’s bus speeding off.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

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Bad Love – Episode 9

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Mind Your Korean 6: 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷…come on and count in Korean!

Orchid and Liz use their fingers and toes to count in Korean – while Rooster counts sheep in her sleep – in their latest Korean language class. They now share with you their adventures and misadventures with the language in MYK6!
여러분 (yeo-reo-boon = everyone), put on your Dracula costumes because we’re going to make like Count Dracula and count (what else?) in Korean (of course).

In this lesson, we will be playing around with native Korean numbers (숫자 = sut-ja = numbers) and will leave the Sino-Korean ones for another day.

Teacher: How do we use native Korean and Sino-Korean numbers? In reading out the pages of a book or dates we use Sino-Korean numbers. What else?
Fellow student: Money!
Teacher: 맞아요 (ma-ja-yo) Correct! We count money in Sino-Korean. But for age (나이 = na-i), people (사람 = saram) and objects/things (물건 = mool-geon), we use native Korean. What else?
Liz: Time?
Teacher: For time, it’s a mixture of both native and Sino-Korean.
Liz: Bwah ha ha ha ha…

Getting to know 하나, 둘, 셋…

And so we delved into the world of native Korean numbers. Below is part of what we learned. According to 선생님, numbers 40-99 are rarely used, except when talking about age.

1 = 하나 (ha-na) ~~~ 한(han)___

2 = 둘 (dool) ~~~ 두(doo)___

3 = 셋 (set) ~~~ 세(se)___

4 = 넷 (net) ~~~ 네(ne)___

5 = 다섯 (da-seot)

6 = 여섯 (yeo-seot)

7 = 일곱 (il-gop)

8 = 여덟 (yeo-deol, the 1st batchim is selected to be pronounced)

9 = 아홉 (a-hop)

10 = 열 (yeol)

20 = 스물 (seu-mool) ~~~ 스무(seu-moo)___

30 = 서른 (seo-reun)


Apart from that, we learned the counter word for various objects. I will have to fall back on Bahasa Malaysia (BM) to give you a better picture of this.

In BM, we have kata bilangan (direct translation = counting words) such as sebiji bola (a ball), dua buah rumah (two houses), tiga helai kertas (three sheets of paper) and so on.

They have that in Korean too. For instance if you are counting people, you go 명 (myeong), for age 살 (sal), for objects 개 (gae), for glasses/cups 잔 (jan) and so on.

K-popped! Trio가 몇명 있어요? 세명 있어요.

Also, when adding the counter word to the number mentioned, the numbers 하나, 둘, 셋, 넷 and 스물 change form to the one written on the far right of the number list above.

Are you still with me?

Why don’t you take some time to memorise (외우세요) the list above with the aid of a kiddie smash hit in…The Song Break.

The Song Break

Finding it hard to even remember numbers 1 – 10? No worries. Remember our favourite kiddie tune called Little Indians? The one that goes: One little, Two little, Three little Indians; Four little, five little, six little Indians…etc.

OK, now apply that tune and sing the song like so:

한명, 두명, 세명이에요;= han-myeong, du-myeong, se-myeong-i-e-yo;
네명, 다섯명, 여섯명이에요; = ne-myeong, da-seot-myeong, yeo-seot-myeong-i-e-yo;
일곱명, 여덟명, 아홉명이에요; = il-gop myeong, yeo-deol myeong, a-hop-meyong-i-e-yo;
열명이에요 = yeol myeong-i-e-yo

Got it? ;-) ;-)

Family matters

The class was then tasked with asking each other about our family and age so we could apply what we have learned. The examples below in no way reflect the true situation of Orchid, Rooster or Liz.

Example 1:
Q: 가족이 몇명 이에요? = kajogi myeon myeong-i-e-yo? = How many people are there in your family?
Note: If you follow the rules, 몇명 is actually pronounced myeot myeong, but it’s a little of a tongue twister there, so it is usually pronounced 면명 (myeon myeong) for a smoother speech.
A: 열한명이에요 = yeol-han-myeong-i-e-yo = 11 people.
Note: Take note of how 11 (열하나) is a combination of 10 + 1 (열 + 하나); and also how 하나 becomes 한 when the counter 명 is attached.

Example 2:
Q: 리즈씨, 오빠 있어요? = Lijeu-sshi, oppa isseoyo? = Liz, do you have elder brother(s)?
A: 네, 있어요. = Ne, isseoyo = Yes, I have.
Q: 몇명이에요? = myeon myeong-i-e-yo? = How many persons?
A: 한명이에요. = han-myeong-i-e-yo. = One person.
Q: 몇살이에요? = myeot sa-ri-e-yo? = How old is he?
A: 스물아홉 살이에요. = seu-mool-a-hop sa-ri-e-yo. = 29 years old.

Ordering a cuppa

So let’s say you find yourself at a café in Seoul one day and want to order a drink. This is how you can do it:

You: 녹차 있어요? = nok-cha isseoyo? = Do you have green tea?
아니오, 없어요. = anio, eobseoyo. = No, we don’t.
커피 있어요? = kheo-pi isseoyo? = Do you have coffee?
네, 있어요. = ne, isseoyo. = Yes, we do.
그럼, 커피 한잔 주세요. = geu-reom, kheo-pi han-jan juseyo. = Then, give me a cup of coffee please.
*a little while later*
여기 있어요 = yeo-gi isseoyo. = Here it is.
감사합니다 = gamsahamnida = Thank you. *slurrrrrp, ahhhhh*

No class next week

Below is a snippet of conversation the class had with Teacher about our next class, which happens to fall on a public holiday.

Liz: 선생님, next week class 있어요?
아니오, 없어요. I will see you all 다음, 다음 주.
Fellow student:
Huh? What’s that?
다음 is next. 주 is week so 다음, 다음 주 is next, next week.
Orchid and Liz:
아, 그래요!

So my dear MYK series fans, there will be no entry on class next week.

Mind Your Korean series:

MYK 1: I’m sorry (미안합니다) – You’re welcome (아니에요)
MYK 2: The one where 선생님 beats Liz to the punch line
MYK 3: The tale of the uncooperative tissue paper
MYK 4: From learning the alphabets to self-introduction
MYK 5: Simple conversations in Korean
MYK Quiz 1: The Match Up
MYK Quiz 1: Answers and winner announcement
MYK 7: Location, location, location
MYK Tidbits
MYK 8: 일, 이, 삼, 사…come on and count in Sino-Korean!

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Jun Ji-hyun and Hwang Jung-min promote Superman flick

Awww, so sweet – holding hands

Stars of the upcoming movie He Once Was a Superman (슈퍼맨이었던 사나이), Jun Ji-hyun and Hwang Jung-min, were out and about in Seoul yesterday afternoon (Jan 21) to promote the film.

Light gets into her eyes: Jeon Ji-hyeon struggles to open
her eyes when the camera flash goes off….

It is about an eccentric who thinks he is the Man of Steel (Hwang) and a documentary producer (Jun) who goes to great lengths to get a story on him.

Forty winks: So she decides to conduct the interview
with her eyes closed…nah, not really

The movie will be released in Korea on Jan 31.

OK, trivia time: Who can tell me why she’s wearing a “G” pendant?
Answer can be found at one of the links below.

More on He Once Was a Superman:
What on earth is Jeon Ji-hyeon doing?

Sassy Girl meets Superman

Source: Newsen

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Eugene and Lee Min-ki in the Philippines

Love Truly stars Eugene/ Kim Yoo-jin and Lee Min-ki have teamed up again for a new flick entitled Feels So Good. The cast and crew of the rom-com are currently in the Philippines to shoot the film!

Lee Min-ki (right) and Eugene are filming their
new movie at Boracay Island, the Philippines!

The actors met with the press in Manila last week. The flick is about 6 strangers who fly to the Philippines hoping to escape their troubles, unaware of what love has in store for them once they land on Boracay Island.

Twenty seven-year-old Eugene, who was “the face” of the Philippines tourism in Korea back in 2006, visited the country twice that year. At the recent press conference she told the press that she was excited to be back in the country.

Newspaper clipping showing the pair at the press
conference in Manila

Meanwhile, her 23-year-old co-star Lee Min-ki is visiting the Philippines for the first time. He said that he has heard of the beautiful beaches in Boracay but did not know it was in the Philippines until he arrived at the country last week.

Shooting of Feels So Good is set to wrap up on Feb 23.

Yo Filipino readers (if we do have any), tell us if you bump into any of the stars, OK? ;-)

Source: The Seoul Times
Pics credit: The Seoul Times & StarNews

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Bad Love – Episode 7

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) happily brings his girlfriend Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) home to celebrate his father’s birthday. Ex-lovers In-jung and Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) are shocked to see each other in the same house. They do not say a word about their past relationship and both carry on the charade. In-jung is stunned and appears to be suffering from the same syndrome Su-hwan is suffering. Both look stoned.

Su-hwan and In-jung are uncomfortable. Su-hwan excuses himself
from dinner and makes sure his family does not get
home while
Yong-gi and In-jung are at the house.

Su-hwan’s wife Kang Joo-ran and daughter Miso will return from a skiing trip and join them at dinner, but Su-hwan intercepts them before they get home and lies that he has important matters to attend to at the office. Thus Su-hwan and family ended up having dinner outside.

Yong-gi’s dad is looking out for him and wants him to get involved in the family business to secure his share in it.

After the revelation that Yong-gi and Su-hwan are brother-in-laws, In-jung is in a dilemma. She can’t bring herself to tell Yong-gi this and she can’t seem to see any future for her and Yong-gi. At this point, there’s a communication breakdown in their relationship. Yong-gi is unaware of what’s really troubling In-jung and is led to believe that she is not feeling well.

In-jung walks away from Su-hwan after telling him she
hates him but is in love with Yong-gi.

In-jung meets with Su-hwan and tells him that she will leave Yong-gi. She truly hates him and it looks like she is still indebted to her adulterous involvement with him 5-years ago. She has not finished paying for it. Su-hwan does not say a word.

Yong-gi is very VERY sweet and In-jung cannot bring herself to leave him. They spend a romantic Christmas Eve together. Ah….Yong-gi is absolutely adorable at this point.

Yong-gi makes a red “seesaw” love bench
expressing their love for each other

Yong-gi and In-jung spend Christmas eve together. Yong-gi put
together a romantic party just for his girlfriend.

The next day, In-jung attends to matters at her chicken shop. She has found a buyer for her little shop and intends to sell it and leave Yong-gi and Samcheok.

At Seoul, we are introduced to someone who seems to be Yong-gi’s dad’s business partner. Su-hwan meets this man and also a woman who looks uncannily like Yong-gi’s now deceased ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann. She even has a scar on her wrist which suggests that she has attempted suicide. Who could the pair be?

Su-hwan meets the mysterious pair

In-jung goes to Yong-gi’s very arty home to say goodbye, but he is nowhere to be found. She cleans up the Christmas eve party mess and then gets a call from the hospital her dad is staying…someone has changed his room.

Yong-gi was at the hospital visiting In-jung’s dad and making him very happy. In-jung’s dad likes Yong-gi very much. They go to the beach so that In-jung’s dad gets some fresh air instead of being cooped up in the room all day.

Yong-gi gets along with In-jung’s dad famously.

In-jung’s dad is so pleased to see that In-jung has found herself a
wonderful man like Yong-gi. He says they are
soul mates.
The old man is really
very adorable.

Yong-gi tells In-jung’s dad that despite what difficulties they face, he will not leave In-jung. In-jung is moved to tears. How is she going to leave this man?

After a day spent with In-jung’s dad, In-jung asks Yong-gi how much he loves her. He says “I go crazy when I look at you. I love you.” In-jung can’t bring herself to leave him.

In-jung calls Su-hwan who happens to be in Samcheok and they meet by the docks. In-jung begs Su-hwan to let her be with Yong-gi (at this point, i am wondering why she has to beg him? All she has to do is come straight with Yong-gi…who cares what Su-hwan thinks). Anyway, Su-hwan says “No. Think of what we meant to each other.” Apparently now Su-hwan wants In-jung for himself – still. He will not let her go to Yong-gi.

In-jung is weak…weak at the thought that there is no way
out and she has to leave Yong-gi. She collapses into Su-hwan’s arms.
Don’t forget, Su-hwan is the man who seduced her on a yacht
over a weekend affair, made her pregnant, then tells her
he is married & leaves her. His parting words? “If there was such thing
as another life, let’s not meet there too.”
(At this point, Liz is so irritated at Su-hwan that
she clenches her fist and goes…”Eat sh*t and die!)

Yong-gi sees what is happening…he sees In-jung begging Su-hwan and Su-hwan bringing In-jung into his embrace…i do not know if he heard any of the conversation…we will know in the next episode.

Yong-gi is furious to see his girlfriend in
the arms of his brother-in-law!

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

Join us – read & discuss:
Bad Love – Episode 8

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Korean language course at UTAR

So you want to learn Korean too? Orchid and Liz are enrolled at the Inter-Cultural Language School (ICLS), but we discovered another establishment that is also offering Korean language courses.

The Centre for Extension Education at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) is offering a 30-hour Korean Level 1 course. Below are the details:

Start date:Feb 20, 2008
Days: Every Monday and Wednesday
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: Centre for Extension Education, UTAR, 11 Jalan 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Fee: RM400

The 선생님 is Jane Teoh. The profile I got on her reads:

Teoh obtained the Certificate of the Test of Proficiency in Korean from the Language Education Institute, Seoul National University and Kyung Hee University. She has been travelling frequently between Korea and Malaysia since 1999. During these several years of extensive exposure in Korea, Ms Teoh has mastered its language, history and culture while teaching Mandarin in Korea. Ms Teoh has organised and led many study tours for both Malaysian and Korean colleges.

For more information, such as course details and contact persons, please hit the image above or go to:

Check out:
K-popped!’s Mind Your Korean series

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Bad Love NG – The Korean Wave

Check out this video clip of a collection of NGs while filming the drama Bad Love.

The last part is especially funny…where Kwon Sang-woo and his samchun gets all wet. It must have been very cold as they filmed the drama in winter.

Bad Love drama recaps:
Bad Love – Episode 1
Bad Love – Episode 2
Bad Love – Episode 3
Bad Love – Episode 4
Bad Love – Episode 5
Bad Love – Episode 6
Bad Love – Episode 7
Bad Love – Episode 8
Bad Love – Episode 9
Bad Love – Episode 10
Bad Love – Episode 11

More on Bad Love

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Dragon Wars/ D-War (2007)

What’s popping:

If you absolutely adore cheesy B-grade flicks, then you may have found the love of your life in this one. Well, on second thoughts, maybe not because the film takes itself a little too seriously.

D-War is a feast of unpolished CGI effects with a wafer thin plot that is at best, good for a laugh.

However, after watching the 5,000 Years in the Making featurette, you’ll understand that the flick was made with a whole lot of heart and passion (more on that later), but this time, heart and passion alone isn’t enough.

Boy, where do I start?

Dragon Wars, you’d expect two Imoogis (that’s what the creatures are called before they turn into full fledged, fire breathing dragons) going at each other like nobody’s business.

Unfortunately, only the Bad Imoogi named Buraki cares to make public appearances. The Good Imoogi is a prima donna-like character who hides itself in its lair most of the time.

Buraki’s minions include all sorts of dinosaur-like creatures and at one point in the flick, I had to remind myself that this isn’t a very long episode of a violent Dinotopia.

Buraki’s army: Dinotopia-like creatures go berserk

The screenplay is pretty awful. It’s unimpressive nor memorable and feels like it’s just going through the motions for the sake of a story.

Right now, I can’t really recall why the FBI dude – Agent Frank Pinsky (Chris Mulkey) – is involved in the case. And did you notice what a bad shot he is? He shot the protagonist Ethan (Jason Behr) point blank…and missed! Are you kiddin’ me?!

Man of steel: Ethan (Behr) takes a bullet point blank and is uninjured!

Also, I totally blanked out during the showdown in LA, especially when the helicopter pilots kept talking in codes like so:

‘Mad Dog One, flight’s inbound. True and contact.’
‘Mad Dog, white lightning. Cleared.’
‘One’s in hot. Three-Mike-Mike.’
‘One’s on top. Two, break right.’

Hey, it even rhymes! But seriously, someone’s taking his Maverick-talk a little too far, isn’t he?

The sequence I enjoyed is the flashback to ancient Korea. It’s when old man Jack (Robert Forster) narrates the legend of the Imoogi to young Ethan. Ooh, storytime, I like.

Imoogi throws a tantrum: ‘I wanna be a Dragon! I wanna be a Dragon!’

In Korean folklore, an Imoogi is a creature waiting to be transformed into a Dragon. It needs a Yuh Yi Joo, which happens to be inside a girl named Sarah (Amanda Brooks), to complete its transformation.

The Bad and Good Imoogi are competing against each other to obtain this Yuh Yi Joo to fulfill its destiny. Apparently, it’s the only way to maintain balance in the world and if the Bad Imoogi gets to it first, mankind is doomed.

The plot:

Reincarnated warriors Ethan (Behr) and Sarah (Brooks) are reliving a vicious cycle of their past lives – star-crossed lovers who chose to die together instead of sacrificing for the good of Man. Oh, they were Koreans then.

Man eater: Imoogi is a short distance away from a Happy Meal

Now that they are reincarnated into Americans, will Ethan and Sarah be able to outrun the Bad Imoogi and his minions? More importantly, will they escape their fate again and subsequently impose the same destiny on themselves 500 years down the line, or suck it up like a hero and do the right thing?

This fantasy-action flick is Korea’s largest-budgeted movie (as of 2007) at US$75mil.

Watch it:

If you really want to, you’ll need to buy the DVD. K-popped!’s copy was specially delivered to us by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, USA. 감사합니다!

The DVD, which was released in the States on Jan 8, comes with Special Features that includes:

5,000 Years in the Making featurette
Comedian-turned-director/writer Shim Hyung-rae talks about the 5-year struggle he went through to bring his dream to reality. He shared about how he knocked on doors to get the right people to work with him and how the flick is a labour of love.

The director talks about himself

The man behind Yonggu Art Entertainment also talks about passion for his work and to not be afraid to try something new – no guts, no glory.

Dragon Wars Animatics: From Storyboard to Screen
Clips of various sequences that compare the storyboard visualization of a scene to the actual one on film.

Conceptual Art Gallery
Sample sketches of the characters and creatures featured in the movie.

One of the sketches from the gallery

Official D-War DVD website

D-Wars to invade US homes on Jan 8
That plot sounds fishy
D-Wars (2007)

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Oh Ji-ho is a Daddy

Handsome Couple or Trouble oppa Oh Ji-ho will portray a single father in the upcoming KBS drama series entitled Single Papa in Love.

Oh ji-ho says, ‘Who’s your daddy?’

The 32-year-old actor will play a pest exterminator by day and a K-1 fighter by night. The optimistic single dad, who is raising a 7-year-old, does not lose his sense of humour under bitter trials.

The actor says that he took on the role to encourage the 250,000 single fathers in Korea.

Since it’s a KBS drama, there’s a possibility that we in Malaysia will get to watch it too! Yay, go KBS World! 화이팅!

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: JoyNews

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Watching Korean drama Bad Love on VeohTV

K-popped! is currently in the midst of watching Kwon Sang-woo‘s latest drama Bad Love / Cruel Love. You will be able to read the drama synopsis after we’ve seen the episodes. We are watching it on Astro’s KBS World, every Mondays and Tuesdays @ 9pm. We are very blessed to get good English subtitles along with the drama.

Many have expressed disappointment that they can’t follow because the drama is not screened on cable TV where they are at. Sometimes, my friends miss the particular episode, and they are not satisfied with just the recaps and drama stills.

Well, you can now watch entire episodes on VeohTV. No subtitles though. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Go to and do a search for Bad Love episodes.
    Here’s the direct link if you want.

  2. Sign-up as a user and download the VeohTV player (if you do not sign-up and download the player, you will only get to watch a 5 minute teaser trailer)

  3. Install the player and whalla…watch the entire episode at your leisure

The VeohTV player. You can select to view it full screen as well!

Bad Love ratings, rants and behind-the-scenes

Bad Love episode re-caps!
Bad Love – Episode 1
Bad Love – Episode 2
Bad Love – Episode 3
Bad Love – Episode 4
Bad Love – Episode 5
Bad Love – Episode 6
Bad Love – Episode 7
Bad Love – Episode 8
Bad Love – Episode 9
Bad Love – Episode 10
Bad Love – Episode 11
Bad Love – Episode 12
Bad Love – Episode 13
Bad Love – Episode 14
Bad Love – Episode 15
Bad Love – Episode 16
Bad Love – Episode 17
Bad Love – Episode 18
Bad Love – Episode 19
Bad Love – Final Episode

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