Korean Olympic Games athletes welcoming parade

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Swimmer Park Tae Hwan
carrying the flag at the parade

Korean athletes returning from the Beijing Olympics parade to Seoul Plaza during a welcoming ceremony in front of City Hall. People greeted them as they walked to Seoul Plaza.

South Korea finished seventh in the total medal tally with 13 gold, 10 silver and eight bronze medals, ranking second among Asian nations after China but ahead of Japan. South Korea’s performance far exceeded its original goal of winning 10 golds and reaching the top 10 in the overall ranking and was its best performance in Olympic history.

The welcoming parade for the South Korean athletes was held on Taepyeongro Street and Seoul Plaza from 6:40 p.m. on Monday.

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Source: Digital Chosunilbo

Song Hye-kyo sports short hair for The World They Live In?

Bob cut: Is that…Song Hye-kyo?

I dunno, the pictures of Song Hye-kyo in her “new” hairdo is so blurry, it could be a wig.

A first peek at the Full House actress in the currently-filming KBS drama The Word They Live In is circulating around the Internet.

The 27-year-old actress is pictured in a bob cut. Ah, she’s so pretty she can carry off any hairstyle.

Pixie cut: Song with short hair for Laneige

Song Hye-kyo will be co-starring with My Lovely Samsoon hottie Hyunbin in the drama that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of those involved in a drama production, much like SBS’s hit On Air. Will it be a gritty drama? Will it have stories of backstabbers and opportunists?

To find out, tune in to the drama, which is reportedly airing (South Korea) in Nov 2008.

Source: Newsen

Good bye Bi-Kyo, hello Hye-Bin!?

Brian Joo at Cafe Muse, New York on Aug 30

Want to see Brian Joo (pic right) in New York without going for his performance at Club Duvet on Aug 31?

Then make a beeline for Cafe Muse on Aug 30 because the 27-year-old singer will be there to sign autographs — but only for 30 minutes!

Cafe Muse is a little Korean Coffee Shop/ Bakery that is reportedly a 3-minute walk from Macy’s.

Here are the details:

What’s up?: Brian Joo’s autograph session
When?: 30th August 2008 (Saturday)
What time?: 6pm to 6.30pm
Where?: Cafe Muse, 43 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001
How much?: FREE…no age limit too. Aug 30 update: Rumour has it that there will be an entrance fee of less than US$20. Sheesh.

Source: K-popped! reader Elsa R

Brian Joo to perform in New York

M (2007)

Korean title: 엠 (Em)
Directed by: Lee Myeong-se

What’s popping:

Be warned, this is one really quirky thriller. It doesn’t unfold conventionally and may just turn off the average moviegoer.

After sitting through all the twists and turns, there was no “light bulb” moment for me. In short, after watching the film, I still can’t quite understand what the heck happened.

What made me sit through it? The charismatic lead Kang Dong-won. Before this, I have not seen any of his works, but one thing’s for sure, his screen presence compelled me to finish this at times meandering movie.

Kang plays a novelist named Minwoo who’s working on a follow-up novel to his recent bestseller. However, things aren’t going well – he’s plagued by nightmares, hallucinations and feels that he’s being followed.

The Doctor perscribes him Prozac and all hell breaks loose. Well, that is to say viewers are taken for a ride in his extremely convoluted mind where there’s no separation between fantasy and reality.

Consultation: ‘What did you just say Doc? How many times
in a day
do I take it?’

Very much like Minwoo, viewers will be wondering whether what happens is only a dream or reality. In all the confusion, there are some things that are real.

A sweet young lady named Mimi (Lee Yeon-hee) who has a crush on our tortured protagonist and his worried girlfriend (Kong Hyo-jin). Oh, and then there’s that bar called Lupin, which probably is only a figment of our protagonists’ imagination.

Yes, it is quite a chore keeping up with the pil-popping Minwoo. All that Prozac probably caused his condition. Also, the issue with his first love doesn’t quite anchor the film as it should.

Director Lee Myeong-se immerses the movie in an aura of mystery with dark and sombre sets, as well as quirky details.

Lonely: Minwoo (Kang) drowns his sorrows in wine.

Take for instance that time when Minwoo was having lunch in a private room with a publisher. A table/portable fan was switched on and when the oscillating fan was directly pointed at the person who was speaking, his speech was “chopped up” by the blowing wind.

M is a head-scratching flick and after finishing the movie, my only comment when Orchid asked me how the movie was was “Weird”.

The plot:

A novelist who is working on a deadline suffers from paranoid delusions. Why is that girl following him around? Why does the smoke-filled Lupin bar only appear at night? Is his repressed memories getting the better of him or did the Doctor give him the wrong perscription?

Who’s that girl?: Is Mimi (Lee) real
or imagined?

Watch it:

The DVD was just lying around at home (cue Twilight Zone music…no, I’m not on Prozac). Don’t know who lent it to us :-P.

Purchase the movie here

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TRIVIA: Lee Jun-ki’s sister on Marie Claire?

Who’s this who will be appearing in Marie Claire, Korea’s September issue?

Lee Jun-ki’s sister? Or is that Jun-ki himself with heavy make-up on?

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Okay, even Liz thought that was Lee Jun-ki! But that isn’t him. It’s Yoon Eun Hye.

Yoon Eun Hye once again shows us she is unafraid to be different in this fashion shoot. She was in London for this shoot.

Who would like to see her in another drama or movie? As interesting as it might be, i think i’ve seen her in enough fashion spreads. Give us a movie soon YEH!

Love her smokey eye make-up

Is that a bird? Wait…it’s YEH!

SeeYa announces 3rd album comeback

We are happy to report that our 3rd album
will be out on 25 September. Wait for it please…
From left: Lee Bo Ram, Nam Gyu Ri & Kim Yeon Ji

I’ve come to conclude that Korean’s love to use the word comeback. Anyway, the trio SeeYa has announced that they will drop their 3rd album on the 25 September, 2008. This squashes the rumour that Nam Gyu Ri will leave the group to start off a solo career in acting and singing.

Nam Gyu Ri made her debut in acting recently and was in a horror movie with Kim Bum entitled Gosa. The movie is also known as Death Bell (Midterm of Blood).

Source: Reviewstar.net

SG Wannabe & SeeYa join East of Eden’s winning equation

Yoon Eun-hye at 2008 Joinus Fall/ Winter fashion show

Eye spy: ‘Wow those are really nice shoes…gotta get ’em.’

I know what Yoon Eun-hye did this afternoon! And no, I don’t have her on Twitter or whatchamacalit.

The Coffee Prince darling was at Samsung-dong’s Coex Intercontinental Hotel today for the 2008 Joinus Fall/ Winter collection fashion show :-).

More pics below:

Clap clap: ‘Ha ha ha, the model looks good, but I
look better in that dress.’

Reflective mood: ‘These girls have
nothin’ on me.’

Check it!: ‘Like my pantyhose? Drop by your
nearest Joinus outlet.’

Fashionista: ‘Thanks to Joinus, my wardrobe has an
endless supply of in-season items. I rock!’

Appreciated: ‘Thank you for the bouquet…but I’m more
excited about the cash.’

Kang Dong-won (강동원)

Ah, some people have it all. Not only does Kang Dong-won posses model good looks, he’s also smart and comes from a well-to-do family (Daddy’s the vice president of a huge corporation).

A modelling agent spotted Dong-won back in 2000, when the young man was still studying Mechanical Engineering at Hanyang University (one of the best private universities in South Korea). With his androgynous good looks, Dong-won became a professional model before he started acting. He debuted in the drama The Funny Wild Girl (2003) before making his movie debut in Too Beautiful to Lie (2004).

People started taking notice of the model-turned-actor after he appeared in Temptation of the Wolves (2004). The flick made him one of the most promising young actors in South Korea. In fact, he is considered one of the leading stars of the second generation Hallyu (the 27-year-old is particularly popular in Japan.)

In 2006, the actor starred in the critically-acclaimed Our Happy Time. He then proved to all and sundry that he is more than just a pretty face by toplining hit movie Voice of a Murderer the same year. Only his voice is heard in the flick.

In 2007, the actor tackled the role of the Prozac-popping novelist Min-woo in director Lee Myung-se’s M. The flick was their second collaboration together after 2005’s Duelist. At the time of writing, Kang Dong-won is said to be starring in director Choi Dong-hun’s Tale for Jeon Woo-chi, which is scheduled for release in early 2009.

Here’s the lowdown on Kang Dong-won:

Name: Kang Dong-won (강동원)
Date of birth: Jan 18, 1981
Place of birth: Busan, South Korea
Height: 186cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: B
Education: Graduated from Hanyang University with honours (major in Mechanical Engineering) & currently in Sangmyung University’s Graduate School (major in film)


  • Tale of Jeon Woo-chi (2009)
  • M (2007)
  • Voice of a Murderer/ His Voice (2007)
  • Our Happy Time/ Maundy Thursday (2006)
  • Duelist (2005)
  • Temptation of Wolves/ Romance of Their Own (2004)
  • Too Beautiful To Lie/ Don’t Believe Her (2004)

TV dramas:

  • Magic (2004)
  • 1% of Anything/ Something About 1% (2003)
  • Funny Wild Girl/ Majestic Lady/ Lady of Dignity (2003)

Source: Wikipedia, bestuff & HanCinema
Pic credit: Newsen

Brian Joo to perform in New York

Yo K-popped! friends in the Big Apple, what are you doing on Aug 31?

If you answered “watch paint dry”, then let me tell you about a Kpop event that might interest you.

Flying solo: Brian Joo will be going solo for
his performance in NY

Brian Joo – 1/2 of the Fly to the Sky duo – will be performing at Club Duvet in New York City on Aug 31. I wonder what language he’s going to sing in…and what songs? If you are going for the event, do tell us what went on, OK?

Anyhoo, you must be age 21 and above to enter the club.

Details below:

Day/ Date: Sunday/ August 31, 2008 (Malaysia celebrates our 51st year of independence! Yay!)
Venue: Duvet Nightclub @ 45 West 21 Street, New York, NY 10002 – between 5th and 6th Avenues (Don’t ask K-popped! for directions because we are as lost as you)
Age restriction: 21 and above (Hey you over there, put away the fake ID, ya hear?)
Dress code: Upscale attire – No exceptions! (Wah, so classy one ah?)
DJ: Chi nen and EML a.k.a. Big Mike (Uh, huh yeah OK. Same to you.)
Music: Hip-hop/ throwback/ modern (Darn, I was looking forward to polka music!)
Guestlist pricing: No guestlist for the event; only regular-priced door admission and limited discounted advance tickets (If you’re certain you’re going, go for the discount – it’s 50% off! 😛)
Advance tickets: US$20 advance tickets, tickets will go up to US$40 at the door; limited to only 300 (Quite a bargain, ain’t it?)
Buy those advance tickets:
1. Call: 914.396.3007 or 646-895-2525
2. E-mail: promotions@mkproductionnyc.com

Have fun and please ask Brian if he has any plans to come over to Malaysia in the near future. Thanks :-P.

Source & Pic credit: K-popped! reader Elsa R

Daniel Henney & Kim Ha-neul show you 7 ways to kiss

Snog: ‘Daniel & Haneul sittin’ in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g!’

Wow, so much hype over this photo movie called Sweet September.

Apparently, Daniel Henney and leading lady Kim Ha-neul will be demonstrating 7 kinds of kisses in their upcoming photo movie. There’s the passionate smooch, the puppy love kiss and…you’ve got to watch the movie to find out the other five :-P.

Bonding: ‘Man, this is the most hilarious day ever.
Both of us are having a bad hair day!’

About 100 professional photographers were recruited to work on the project. Apart from the 7 different kinds of kisses, the photo movie will also be using 7 different colours to portray the romance between the leads.

What’s with the number 7?

Sweet September is scheduled for release on Aug 20.

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

A taste of Sweet September
Kim Ha-neul and Daniel Henney in Sweet September