Jung Ryu-won @ Seoul Fashion Week

Arrival: Ryu-won arrives for the fashion
show at SETEC

My Lovely Samsoon actress Jung Ryu-won attended designer Lee Seok-tae’s show during the Seoul Fashion Week today.

The 26-year-old donned a black and white printed top paired with red pants.

Meet & greet: She spots Kim Hyo-jin and goes,
‘Girlfriend, we have the same hat on!’

The cute thing about her was that just before the fashion show started, she put on glasses for a better view of the fresh designs :-). Hmm, maybe she just wanted a clearer look at the male models? πŸ˜›

Clearer view: ‘Let me just put them on and…
yup, I’m all set for the show.’

Source: Newsen

It’s Seoul Fashion Week

The party on Mnet Countdown, Oct 23

Oh what a night!

It sure looked like all of Korea’s best performers gathered to party on the Mnet Countdown show on October 23. Oh well, maybe i am missing Lee Hyori. Here are some highlights to that very happening music chart countdown show! Guess who was photographed the most?! πŸ˜‰

Let’s see…who should i start with…okay, the rising gods…

Dong Bang Shin Ki strikes weird poses

Charismatic Hero Jaejoong & U-know Yunho of DBSK
showing off their muscles and expensive accessories

DBSK – again!

DBSK accepting their Mnet award for topping the
charts with Mirotic 2-weeks in a row!
The See-ya girls look on.

See Ya performing on Mnet

Wonder Girls in hot pink performs the very catchy Nobody

Sohee wants Nobody but YOU!

Sunmi might not be so accommodating though…

2pm without JYP

Brown eyed girls took to stage too!

The lesser known YMGA ~ do you know them?

Kapow! Rain makes an explosive entry
on the Mnet stage

Rain and his controversial magic stick

Check out my awesome clothing line.
Rain in
Six to Five and proud of it!

Camera close up…what is the camera man doing?

Youtube links of the Mnet show on Oct 23:

Pics credit: Newsen, Gonews.co.kr, MyDaily

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Oh Ji-ho and SHINee to cameo in My Precious Child

The good news is, we Malaysians might get to watch it too.

Hunkalicious Oh Ji-ho and young heartbreakers SHINee are set to cameo in KBS’ weekend drama My Precious Child a.k.a. My Beloved Children.

Good or bad?: Is My Precious Child
worth tuning in?

The drama is about a girl named In ho (Lee Tae-ran) who works at a radio station. She meets and falls in love with a guy who shares her name (played by Bad Love‘s Kim Sung-su in his first drama lead).

Actress Heo Su-gyeong and trot singer Tae Jin-ah have both appeared in the first episode of the series.

Heartthrob Oh Ji-ho (32) is set to cameo in the 7th, 9th and 10th episodes. Oh and Kim Sung-su’s (33) friendship go way back to the days they started out as models.

Chummy: Sung-su (left) and Ji-ho started out as male models.
I wonder if they can do the Blue Steel!

Meanwhile, SHINee will appear as guests on a radio program in the drama. The Noona is Pretty singers are set to cameo in the 9th and 10th episodes.

Request: The SHINee boys take the opportunity to dedicate
a song to all noonas.

The drama started airing on Oct 4 in South Korea. I think it should arrive at Malaysian shores soon? πŸ™‚

Source: Newsen

What’s up with the Bad Love heartthrobs?

It’s Seoul Fashion Week!

Seoul Fashion Week kicked off on the 15th October, 2008. Top Korean designers will present their 09 spring / summer collections for 8 days at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC), Daechi-dong, southern Seoul.

Actress Lee Yeon Hee on the catwalk

Fashion shows for men’s wear will run from Oct 18 – 19 and for women’s wear, Oct 21 – 25. Asian designers will get to show off their creations on the catwalk on Oct 20.
Men’s wear designers will include Chang Kwang-hyo, Park Jong-chul, Song Hye-myung, Park He-rin, Kim Seo-ryong, Song Zio, Park Sung-chul, Lee Ju-young and Seo Eun-gil.

Women’s wear designers include Song Jain, Gee Choon-hee, Lee Young-hee, An Yoon-jung and Cho Sung-kyong.

Lee Yeon Hee (East of Eden) & Jung Kyeo Woon (Women in the Sun)
modeling for designer Cho Sung-kyong at Seoul Fashion Week

09 S/S Seoul Collection –
designer Jeong Hoon Jung (μ •ν›ˆμ’…)

Designer An Yoon Jung’s dresses

Rain and DBSK critisized for suggestive music

Just when i thought Rain could do no wrong in the eyes of Korea, i read headlines in a Korean website that singer Rain and DBSK are under heavy criticism for their erotic songs.

Top news & Editors Choice:
Rain & DBSK makes the headlines & are criticized

Rain’s 5th album title track Rainism is said to have sexual connotations and the cane Rain uses at the end of the dance (which he refers to as a “magic stick”) suggest sexual innuendos.

The problematic part of the Rainism song?

“λ–¨λ¦¬λŠ” λ„€ λͺΈ μ•ˆμ„ 돌고 μžˆλŠ” λ‚˜μ˜ magic stick
더 이상 λ„˜μ–΄κ°ˆ 수 μ—†λŠ” ν•œκ³Œ λŠλ‚€ body shake
make it Rainism The Rainism λ‚΄ λͺΈμ„ 느껴 버렸어”

“My magic stick is spinning in your shivering body.
You can’t go beyond my body shake.
Make it Rainism The Rainism feel my body.”

Also, the part where Rain sings “I’m gonna be a bad boy” is not well received by the public.

The lyrics for Dong Bang Shin Ki‘s 4th album MIROTIC song has been analyzed and it was found that the words “crystal” refered to the male sperm and “red ocean” symbolizes the women’s hymen. Thus MIROTIC’s “I got you under my skin” is highly sexual as well.

Rain and DBSK have always been portraying a sexy image. But did they just cross the line with their new songs?

Tone it down guys, if you still want parents to let their teenage kids go to your concerts!

Source: StarNews Korea

TVXQ’s 4th album – Mirotic
Rainism is out!

Forever with Lee Bul

Boy, the daily heavy downpours in Kuala Lumpur has me feeling a little pensive…and I’ve found the perfect song to complement my mood.

Singer: Lee Bul debuted with his ballad Forever on Sept 10

Meet Lee Bul. Last month, he was known as the new kid on the Korean music block. His debut single Forever (μ˜μ›) was released on Sept 10.

The extremely jiwang (Bahasa Malaysia slang for “emo”) ballad is a song about missing someone you love. It’s really easy on the ears :-).

The MV boasts a star studded cast namely Park Jung-ah (Jewelry), Kim Dong-wan (Shinhwa), Sasha, Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls), Tae-yeon (SNSD), Sun Ye (Wonder Girls) and Shin-dong (Suju).

Check it out…do you like it?:

Long, sexy hair no more: ‘Yes I’ve had a
haircut since my debut.’

Best angle: ‘I look my best from this side.’

Pic credits: Yonhap News

Worlds Within Press Conference in Seoul

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo at the
Worlds Within Press Conference in Seoul

The cast of Worlds Within came out for a press conference at Seoul’s JW Marriott Hotel on the 20th Oct. This highly anticipated drama which stars Hyun Bin (My Lovely Samsoon) and Song Hye Kyo (Full House) will start airing on KBS in Korea on 27 October.

KBS! This means those who subscribe to KBS World on Astro (here in Malaysia) will probably get to see this 16-episode drama soon! Yay! At least something cool is happening on KBS.

Worlds Within stars Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin on location
Worlds Within Press Conference in Singapore

2008 Pink Film Festival

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There will be a Pink Film Festival (only for women) from the 1 – 28 November in South Korea. Check out the cute poster. However, this film festival is especially for the adult female.

Movies screened in this film festival are independent movies, unique to Japan (whatever that means, sorry, my Korean translation skills leaves room for much improvement). Budget for these movies do not exceed 30 million Korean Won.

I think males are only allowed on opening day and on Wednesdays where it’s “Couples Day”.

Everything on the official Pink Film Festival website is in Korean. There’s also a list of films that will be screened.

Well, this is a first i’ve heard of a Film Festival especially for women. Interesting concept and if there were one in Malaysia, i hope they show lots of romantic comedies and chick flicks! However, this festival seems non-mainstream. Movies look very arty and some even erotic. No wonder it is only for ADULT females.

Source: StarNews

Kim In-seo heats up Arabian Nights 2

Sultry: In-seo goes for the arched back and
wind-in-the-hair effect

She graced the cover of January’s Maxim (Korean edition) and now, she’s making news again for appearing in the erotic fantasy TV movie Arabian Nights 2 a.k.a One Thousand and One Nights 2 (μ²œμΌμ•Όν™”2).

Kim In-seo (23), the chick who even got K-popped! readers a buzzin‘, is being noticed for her fantastic fashion sense in the movie aired on the OCN cable channel (South Korea).

All for fashion: ‘Dang, these earrings are huge…
it has caught in my hair’

The dresses, accessories and shoes she dons in the flick has stirred up much interest from viewers….I’m not so sure that that‘s the only reason people are talking about it. Maybe it’s me, but “erotic fantasy” sorta got my attention there ;-).

Arabian Nights 2 is on every Monday and Tuesday at 12am. Mmm hmm, it’s the kind of show…er, not suitable for the young ones.

Wanna drink?: Waiting for someone to share
a nightcap with

Mystery: A shroud of uncertainty fills the air as In-seo sits
prettily in her sexy dresses

Source: Newsen

Maxim January ’08 cover girl: Kim In-seo (κΉ€μΈμ„œ)