Laneíge Make-Up Workshop

Last weekend, my sister and I did very girlie stuff on Saturday. I went to a make-up workshop while Liz went for a detox and massage session. She had to sit in a large sauna-like urn and sweated all her toxins out along with 400 calories. ;-) But we won’t be blogging about that here, as it is non-Korean related. Me on the other hand, went to Korean cosmetic brand – Laneíge’s make-up workshop.

This is not an advertorial. I paid good money (RM50 to be exact) to attend this workshop. I must say that the money was well spent as I learned a lot from the session and got to take home loads of goodies. Read on to find out…


The workshop was conducted at Laneíge’s spanking new office at The Gardens, Mid Valley.

I was at The Gardens, Mid Valley early on a Saturday morning

When I first stepped in, I was impressed with the make-up stations and atmosphere. The room in which we were to have the workshop was bright and clean. It had white lacquered tables, loads of make-up products and brushes for each participant to experiment. A huge Song Hye Kyo lighted image and shelves of
Laneíge products are on display tastefully along one of the walls.

Everyone arrived on time as we were told that our session would start at 9:30am. But it actually begins at 10am. Refreshments were served right outside the room. After having our fill of mini tartlets and orange juice or coffee, the workshop started.

There were 17 participants.



The session began with Celine Diong, Laneíge Malaysia Marketing Manager introducing the brand. She explained that many have difficulty and hesitate to say the brand name. Many women have ask how to pronounce “Laneíge”.

Well, I couldn’t agree more. Only the other day over dinner, one of my friends asked me this very same question.

Laneíge is pronounced “la nej” and rhymes with the word “edge”.

Laneíge means “The Snow” in French.

Our trainer for the day was Laneíge International Trainer, Jin Lee who flew in all the way from Seoul, Korea. Oh yay! A bonafide Korean make-up artist to train us? I was happy and excited.

Jin Lee is really fluent in English and she explained about our skin function, structure of the skin and how to take care of our skin. Our mental and emotional well being is reflected on our skin. Lee advised us to lead a happy, healthy and balanced life with a nutritious diet and to get lots of exercise to promote good skin. She also explained the difference between skin type and skin concerns. Jin Lee also gave us beauty tips which I will elaborate on later.

Jin Lee, International Trainer from Seoul was our skin coach for the day


After listening to around one and a half hours of lecture on skin care and Laneíge products, we were more than ready to try out the make-up products we had right in front of us. My fingers were itching to touch the colourful square eye-shadow palettes at the center of the table. I wanted to see how those colours would look like on my tanned skin.


Jin Lee began to demonstrate how to apply make-up on a model but this idea was quickly abandoned because the room got too noisy and everyone was busy experimenting on their own. Each table had a dedicated make-up artist to help us out. With all the commotion, Jin decided to throw the demo out the window, and let us begin.

In retrospect, I would have liked it if she continued with the demo. It’s not everyday you get a Korean make-up artist come to show you the ropes.


Skipping the demo we were told to prep our skin (the canvas) by applying foundation, concealer and some greenish liquid onto the eye area. The greenish liquid is actually called Skin Veil Makeup Base and it comes in light green, light purple or light peach. It helps to correct your skin tone where needed.

The foundation that we tried on was the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation. The foundation comes with a matching concealer (packaging is quite cool). The concealer is a shade lighter than the foundation and helps to cover unsightly blemishes. After applying the foundation, concealer and skin veil, my face immediately appeared brighter and I believe the word is luminescence.

After applying the Snow Crystal Dual Foundation, you will
achieve glowing,
luminescence skin like Song Hye Kyo.
Unfortunately, if you have very dark skin tone,
there will be no
Laneíge foundation in your shade (at least not yet!)

Although the foundation did make my face glow, I do not think I can take long term application of it. I need a non-comedogenic foundation. This one I feel, would clog up my pores.

Next we were asked to use the eye-shadow palettes provided to create two different looks – a clean natural look for daytime using the brown palette and a dramatic night look using the pink palette. I applied the day look on my left eye and the dramatic pink on the right.

After carefully scrutinizing my work, I decided I liked the day look better. The brownish bronze colours suited my yellowish tanned skin tone. So I removed the pink shadow and applied the day look on my right eye too. I can’t be going out in public with both eyes differently made up can I?

Despite it being a Korean brand, I noticed that the eye-shadow is made in Italy. Celine, the Marketing Manager told me that to bring its clients the best in products, the company sources from all over the world.

The brown ‘daytime’ palette. It consist of 4 carefully selected
eyeshadow squares. 


I really like the Long Lash Mascara and High Perm Curling Mascara they let us try out. There are two different techniques used when applying these mascaras.

First apply the Long Lash Mascara to create volume and lengthen your lashes. Start by looking down and coating some mascara on top of your lashes. Then apply to the bottom of lash with a zigzag motion. The mascara will be trapped in between your lashes creating intense volume and making it look like you have thick lush lashes. At the same time, it lengthens your lashes.

Next, apply the High Perm Curling Mascara with normal strokes (don’t use zigzag now) to the bottom of the lash. The special brush will make your lash curl up.

It’s amazing! I looked like I had fake lashes on. I want to take these products home! And lucky for me, the High Perm Curling Mascara miniature was in the workshop goodie bag.

To finish off, I applied the Snow Crystal Sheer Lip Gloss and cheek colour provided.

Oh yes, i almost forgot to mention one other product that I really like (besides the fab mascaras!)…the eye liner pencil (with sharpener) was quite good. Usually when I apply pencil eyeliner, it smudges on my oily skin towards the end of the day creating unsightly panda-like eyes. But this eyeliner pencil did not smudge. Wanna take home this too. ;-)


You not only get to listen to skin care tips and try out cool products, you get to bring some of them home with you! How cool is that?



Korean cars at the Beijing 2008 Autoshow

I have to admit, show booths for the Korean cars have always been rather dull and conservative to me. With all that technology going on in South Korea, you’d think they’d make cooler cars. But I suppose this is pretty “cool” technology. Kia was showcasing their concept Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV: Sportage FCEV.

Hmm, wasn’t the FCEV revealed at the 2004 Geneva Autoshow? HellooOo, it’s 2008 already!
Anyhow, with planet earth getting destroyed and all that, at least Kia is doing their part on keeping green.

Unfortunately, due to a busy schedule, I wasn’t able to go to the exhibition held last week. So I asked my buddy to get some shots of the Korean makes. Uh… gee, thanks for the TWO shots dude. ;p

Ssangyong’s Kyron and the Actyon looking very lonely.
Hey! Where are the chicks?

That said, I had to scour the web.

Hyundai debuts their 2009 Elantra

South Korean car maker, Oullim Motors, launches their Supercar, the Spirra S.
Only 100 of these babies will roll off the assembly line in S. Korea this month.

GM’s speedy little Chevy Aveo, manufactured at GM Daewoo, S. Korea.

I think that’s it. Kinda bland I’d say. I’ll stick to my American Muscle car, preferably with a Korean oppah sitting shotgun.

If you’re looking for more sexy cars at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, Road and Track has pretty good coverage of the event.

Park Jung-ah's acting career revived

Park Jung-ah’s acting career is given
a chance…one more time

Thanks to Jewelry‘s chart topping comeback hit One More Time, Park Jung-ah‘s acting career is revived.

Two years ago, the leader of the quartet shot a movie entitled Frivolous Wife, which was put on the back burner. But now that the talent has made a successful comeback with her girls in the music scene, the flick is set to be released to the public.

Park (left) in Frivolous Wife

In the movie, the 27-year-old plays a wild college student who learns to shoulder some responsibility after marrying into a wealthy family. Her husband is played by Park Jin-woo.

A rep from her talent agency said: “The movie was finished two years ago, but we couldn’t find the time to release it due to circumstances of the producing and distributing companies. Jewelry has been popular recently so we decided on its premiere.”

Ha ha, what a load of cow dung. 거짓만 하지마. Just say that “we’re gonna milk every cent out of her current popularity” and be done with it.

Source: Yahoo! Korea with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: Yahoo! Korea & Newsen

Park Jung-ah’s acting career revived

Park Jung-ah’s acting career is given
a chance…one more time

Thanks to Jewelry‘s chart topping comeback hit One More Time, Park Jung-ah‘s acting career is revived.

Two years ago, the leader of the quartet shot a movie entitled Frivolous Wife, which was put on the back burner. But now that the talent has made a successful comeback with her girls in the music scene, the flick is set to be released to the public.

Park (left) in Frivolous Wife

In the movie, the 27-year-old plays a wild college student who learns to shoulder some responsibility after marrying into a wealthy family. Her husband is played by Park Jin-woo.

A rep from her talent agency said: “The movie was finished two years ago, but we couldn’t find the time to release it due to circumstances of the producing and distributing companies. Jewelry has been popular recently so we decided on its premiere.”

Ha ha, what a load of cow dung. 거짓만 하지마. Just say that “we’re gonna milk every cent out of her current popularity” and be done with it.

Source: Yahoo! Korea with translations at HanCinema
Pics credit: Yahoo! Korea & Newsen

Do Not Copy Me tees on Korean celebs

Do Not Copy Me: Kim Tae-hee (left) and Moon Ji-eun
in sleeveless Viktor Viktoria Vixens tee

Korean celebs such as Kim Tae-hee and new singer Moon Ji-eun have been spotted in Do Not Copy Me T-shirts.

I like the statement on the tee and surfed around to find out where to get it. Viktor Viktoria, a prime destination for fashionistas located in Milwaukee and mega online store, sells the T-shirts among many, many other things.

Original: Model shows off the VVV
Tee at the online store

Apart from the uber chic Do Not Copy Me tees, other bold statements on T-shirts include Chicks Rule, All The Good Ones Are Gay, Don’t Be Jealous (which was even seen on Paris Hilton), Miso Hot and Please Do Not Feed The Models.

Envy: Paris Hilton in one of the VVV tees

Do you have any of the T-shirts? The Viktor Viktoria Vixens range is selling from US$22.99 (RM73). Also, do you know if the ones on the Korean celebs are VVV originals? I don’t see sleeveless versions of the T-shirt at the online store.

Dad sends Eru off for military duty

Proud moment: ‘Stand tall and proud son, you’re
doing our country a great service’

Eru’s celebrity father Tae Jin-ah sent his youngest son off for his compulsory military duty on Labour Day yesterday.

From the pics, it sure looks like Daddy stole the limelight during the event. The 25-year-old (and Daddy) saluted and bid farewell to fans before Junior entered the training centre.

이렇게: ‘You salute like this! Keep your hand straight.
I don’t want to see any girly bent in the hand now, you hear?’

Singer Eru, who was born in New York, gave up his US citizenship in 2005 to acquire a Korean one.

Goodbye Eru, see you in two years’ time.

Hugs: ‘I’m gonna miss ya my boy, but let’s not
tear up in front of these people.’

Simply the best: ‘My son’s the best.’

Singing praises: ‘Let’s put our hands together for Eru
who is enlisting today. Hip hip hooray!’

Hot day: ‘Man, it’s so hot. My scalp’s burning.’

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

Eru to enlist for military duty in 2008

Affordable Korean Food at HanChon

Wanna know where to get really affordable Korean cuisine? My friends and i went to HanChon in Sri Hartamas and the set lunch there cost RM9.99 nett!

For RM10 (that’s like USD3), you get Korean side dishes, soup, your choice of main course and drink (Green Tea or soft drink). A pretty good deal if you asked me! All of us were very full and satisfied after lunch.

HanChon restaurant is located at a shop lot
tucked away in Sri Hartamas

Entrance to the restaurant – you may dine outside too

Hanchon’s cosy, colourful interior

HanChon seems to be famous for its fried chicken. Besides the set meals, you can order fried chicken in medium or large amounts (10 pieces or 24 pieces). They have two flavours – standard or hot (which my friends say isn’t very spicy). They also claim that their fried chicken is fried in canola oil which is healthier. HanChon restaurant does delivery of their famous fried chicken.

Okay, now back to our set lunch meals. For main course, you have a choice of:


HanChon Chicken (Wing / Drumstick) – Fried chicken (wing or drumstick) served with rice, salad & mash potatoes (potatoes + rice = carbo overkill!)

HanChon Cutlet – chicken cutlets served with rice, salad, mash potatoes with your choice of BBQ or teriyaki sauce

THE HANCHON SETS: Special fried chicken, salad,
mashed potatoes & rice. Each set meal comes
with soup,
a drink (soft drink / green tea) and
Korean side dishes (kimchi included).


  • Bulgogi (Beef rice)
  • Dakbulgogi (Chicken rice) (Shouldn’t it be dakgogi?)
  • Bibimbap (Mixed rice)
  • Ogingeo Deobbab (Squid Rice)
  • Kimchibokeumbab (Kimchi fried rice)
  • Sam Gye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup), priced @ RM15

I opted for the squid rice thinking it would come with tiny red Japanese octopus. The dish came with lots of cabbage and “squid” in the form of calamari rings instead! Not quite what i was expecting and the dish looked very different than what was shown in the menu. But it wasn’t too bad. The sauce was like tomato sauce and slightly sweet. It was served with a super large portion of Calrose rice.

Squid Rice with lots of cabbage

The Bulgogi Set & hot green tea


BURP! Here’s what our table looked
like after we were done with lunch

All in all it was a pleasant experience dining at HanChon. Although this is one of the first Korean restaurant i’ve been that does not use authentic Korean utensils. Yeah i missed the long handled spoons and metal chopsticks. The restaurant is comfortable and air-conditioned (a must in hot and humid Malaysia), and the food is good.

HanChon Korean Restaurant
30, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 1876 / 1877

All photos taken with a friend’s Apple iPhone

K-popped!’s culinary adventures:

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Eating out at Seoul Korea Restaurant (Taman Desa)
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Coffee at Beijing’s 798 Art Zone
Delicious Korean cuisine at Beijing’s hutong
Korean snacks from Wudaokou
Lunch at Wudaokou

South Korea’s Gambler crew in Hype Nation

Top Korean B-boy team Gambler is set dance its way into the Hollywood flick entitled Hype Nation.

The US$25mil (approx RM79mil) movie will be helmed by Alex Calzatti, with record producer Teddy Riley as the project’s music director.

Place your bets!: The Gambler crew battles it out with
B2K in Hype Nation

The story follows dance battles between the American R&B group B2K and the South Korean Gambler crew. Eight members of Gambler will leave for the US on June 1 to choreograph dance moves with B2K for the flick.

It is also reported that Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg is set to appear in the movie, which is slated for release in 2009.

Filmmakers are currently casting for a Korean female lead. Production begins July 15. Forty percent of the film will be shot in the US and 60% in South Korea.

The Gambler crew has won numerous dance competitions including the 2004 Battle of the Year in Germany, the 2005 U.K. Championship and the B-Boy Hodown in the United States.

Source: & Dark Horizons
Pic credit: KBS

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Learn how to dance from Poppin’ Hyun-joon

Having fun at Korean class

We may not be continuing with our Mind Your Korean series, but here’s a peek at what happened during K-popped!’s latest Korean class.

Orchid and I have been attending the Korean Beginner Level 2 class and are now capable of making simple, but longer sentences such as: 우리는 수요일에 ICLS에서 한국말을 배워요 :-).

Speaking Korean is another thing altogether. Let’s just say we can crack our Korean teacher up with our conversational skills. Oh yeah, Rain, we feel ya boy. We know how it’s like learning another language and have other people laugh at us.

But I digress. The reason for this entry is to share about a rather eventful class we had. During the class, we not only got a chance to tease 선생님 and laugh at the antics of a fellow classmate, but I managed to deliver a long-awaited punch line of mine!

Lost hunk

We’ve been tutored by 선생님 since Dec 2007 and have developed a warm camaraderie with her. 선생님 is a fun and absolutely great person to know, one who loves movies, music, Jay Chou (especially) and Lee Hom ;-).

The Pleasant Interruption (above) is illustrated by (the sleeping) Rooster

During class, 선생님 got all flustered and lost her teaching momentum for a bit after a rather pleasant interruption.

Halfway through class, we get a knock on the door and it opens. Standing at the doorway is a tall and handsome Chinese-looking young man who looks straight at 선생님 and goes:

Dude: Hi, I’m Jason XXX (he may look Asian, but he has a Mat Salleh (Caucasian)- sounding last name) and I’m here for the Korean class.

선생님: (looking very flustered and surprised) Oh, the Beginners’ class?

Dude: (hunk looks a little lost) It isn’t here?

선생님: (is that a slight blush I’m detecting on Teacher?) Beginner 1? It’s downstairs.

Dude: (hunk still a little confused) Ah….thank you (closes door and leaves).

Liz: 안녕하세요!!! (In other words, HELL-LOW!)

(our flustered 선생님 bursts out laughing, walks to her desk, holds on to it for support and starts wiping her face with her handkerchief)

Orchid: 선생님, 괜찮아요? (Teacher, are you alright?)

Teacher had to take a couple more secs to compose herself before continuing with the lesson.

Aww, 선생님, too bad the guy didn’t join us when we started class last year, huh? :-P. We’d have a 멋있어요 classmate!

Lost classmate

The language centre we are attending has three floors and at any given time, there are many language classes going on. To find out where our class will be held, we’d have to check the notice board to see where we’re being located for the evening.

We were having a conversation with fellow classmate MG before class started. Looking a little tired while trying to finish up her homework, MG related this funny story to us:

“I came early and went into a Korean class, sat down and started doing my homework. I thought it was our class as I didn’t read the notice board properly. But as it turns out, it’s the Korean Beginner Level 1 class! I was there for quite a while and the students thought I was the teacher!”

Er…MG, didn’t you notice that we weren’t in the class with you? But it’s OK, that evening was really tough for you. Besides, you were zoned out for most of the class. Hope you’ll feel better soon.

Liz (finally) delivers her punch line – 아싸!!!

Back in Mind Your Korean 2 (MYK2: The one where 선생님 beats Liz to the punch line) I blogged about how Teacher stole a punch line I’d been working on for a while. Bummer.

But then good things come to those who wait (four months!), right?

Ha ha, so yeah, I finally delivered my punch line in class. Well, it wasn’t comedy gold, but it cracked Orchid, 선생님 and one other classmate up.

선생님 was asking a fellow classmate whether she likes (Rain).

선생님: 좋아해요? Mr. Rain 좋아해요?

Liz: (gleefully puts on a frown and cuts in) 좋아해요!! 하지만, 사랑해요!! (complete with the typical Korean “saranghae” gesture)

선생님: *laughs*

For the benefit of those who can’t read Hangeul:

Teacher: Do you like Bi? Do you like Mr. Rain?

Liz: I DO NOT like Rain! BUT, I love him!

What? You aren’t laughing? Like I said, it isn’t comedy gold :-).

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Oh Ji-ho dominates Malaysian TV programming

Can somebody please inform the delectable Oh Ji-ho (pic left) that he is the man of the moment on Malaysian TV?

He should fly over to Malaysia for some promos – a little meet-the-fans session, a little chit chat and dinner with K-popped!….you know, stuff ;-).

Uh-huh, fellow couch potatoes out there – yeah, I’m talking to youthe 32-year-old’s dramas are currently being aired on the small screen (on different channels) and if you’re a fan, you’ll be deliriously happy to know that you can watch the hunk every Monday to Friday! Oh joy.

Make a date with the Korean actor at 9pm every Monday & Tuesday over at the KBS World network (Astro Channel 303).

His latest drama Single Papa in Love may be coming to an end (the final episode airs next Monday – May 5) but I’m still enjoying its run and look forward to watching it; unlike the time when I was forced had no choice but to watch the final episode of Bad Love because Orchid was too busy to review it.

Single Papa in Love

Not interested in prime time dramas and prefer late night shows instead? Well, then how about meeting up with Oh Ji-ho every Wednesday & Thursday at the KBS World channel again?

The actor appears in the 2004 drama Second Proposal at 11.15pm. Oh, just checked the schedule at KBS World and it’s the 16th (and last, I presume) episode tonight?

Update May 1st – Labour Day!: Second Proposal has 22 episodes thus the 16th episode is not the final one as presumed.

A Second Proposal

Have no fear, all you Oh Ji-ho fans, 오빠 will still be entertaining you through the small screen on 8TV (Astro Channel 708) because his 2007 drama Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung just started airing this week!

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung. Uh-huh 오빠 puts on a
fat suit for the drama

This means, you’ll get to watch Oh Ji-hunk every Monday to Friday from 8.30pm onwards! Isn’t that a sweet deal now? Hmm, not quite actually, because the Korean dramas on 8TV are all dubbed. Ah well, you’ll just have to get used to 오빠 conversing in Mandarin.

Bummer :-(.

I for one, ain’t gonna waste my time watching the dubbed version…even if there’s hunky 오빠.