Han Eun-jung hosts Olive News

Actress Han Eun-jung (South Korean Lawyers, Full House) has been chosen to host a women’s lifestyle programme for the Olive channel.

Hostess with the mostest: Han Eun-jung is ready to share
fashion and beauty tips with the ladies

A press conference was held today (Jan 13) at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul at 2pm. The 29 year old plans to “change the lives of women within 60 minutes” with her show called Olive News.

Trends: ‘Yes, we will check out the latest trends…like which
plastic surgeon gives the best service.’

The programme is aimed at the chic, urban woman who is into fashion and beauty. Olive News airs every week on Friday at 11pm. It starts broadcasting in South Korea on Jan 15.

Hey, wait a minute. The show airs every Friday at 11pm? Wouldn’t the target audience be out clubbing and living it up at that time? Oh dear, who will tune in then?

Heart: ‘Show me some love, please.’

Source: Newsen

Han Eun-jung chops off locks for South Korean Lawyers

Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Hyun-joong model for Basic House

You could still be freezing your butts off in South Korea, but fashion – like time – waits for no man.

The Spring 2010 collection from Basic House is already here and who better to don those stylish clothes than the much-loved Yoon Eun-hye (YEH) and Kim Hyun-joong.

Earthy tones: ‘Don’t we rock the new Spring collection?’

Yes, Kim Hyun-joong (of SS501 and Boys Over Flowers fame) is teamed up with everybody’s Coffee Prince darling for Basic House’s Spring 2010 collection where the key to stylish casuals lies in mixing and matching.

YEH seems to be the constant for Basic House while her “leading man” keeps getting changed. In 2008, YEH modelled with Olympic gold medallist Park Tae-hwan. In 2009, she shared catalogue space with Hyun Bin.

It just shows that YEH’s star is still shining brightly…well, at least much brighter than the other Basic House models. I wonder how long Kim Hyun-joong will last?

Source: Newsen

Basic House Spring 2009 Collection (featuring Yoon Eun-hye & Hyun Bin)

Yoon Eun Hye shows off Basic House Olympic collection

SuJu’s Sorry Sorry is top selling K-album in the Philippines

There’s nothing to apologise for when your album is the only K-pop album appearing in the 2009 Top 25 Best-selling Albums list.

Big hit: Sorry Sorry is much loved in the Philippines

Super Junior, a 13-member South Korean boyband, has raked in a substantial amount of sales for their 3rd album at Music One stores from Jan to Dec 2009.

Music One, which is one of the Philippines’ largest music retail stores, reports that SuJu’s 3rd album Sorry Sorry is sitting prettily at the No.10 spot of its Top 25 Best-selling Albums list.

According to Universal Records, Sorry Sorry debuted at #1 on the Music One Album Chart just three days after its release in Sept 2009. The group now holds the distinction of being the first K-pop artist to reach No.1 in album sales in the Philippines.

Three months after its release in the Philippines, Sorry Sorry went gold making it the first K-pop album to go gold in the Philippines.

Congratulations to Super Junior for their outstanding achievement.

I wonder how they fared in Malaysia? Anyone working for the record label selling SuJu’s album?

Don’t know what Sorry Sorry sounds like? Quickly hit the play button below, or be very sorry.

Source: The Korea Times

Super Junior The 3rd Album Sorry Sorry

All about SUJU

4Minute and BEAST celebrate Universal Music deal

Cube Entertainment has great plans for its artists. The talent agency inked an agreement with US music label Universal Music on Jan 4.

2010 화이팅!: 4Minute and BEAST are all ready for the challenges ahead

This means music from Cube Entertainment’s artists will be licensed and distributed under the Universal Music banner in the Asia-Pacific region with the option of expanding their influence to other overseas markets.

Fantastic: ‘We have a deal with Universal Music…
we’re so excited…we just can’t hide it.’

Girl group 4Minute and idol group BEAST were out and about yesterday evening (Jan 5) for the 2010 Cube Star Party, which was held at the Melon Ax Hall in Seoul. Their agency took the opportunity to announce the good news (and we bet the talents had a blast celebrating it).

Congratulations to the Cube Entertainment team!

Sources: Newsen & The Korea Herald

US TV gets Korean dramas

This is especially for those living in North America.

Starting Jan 2010, MHz Worldview starts airing Korean TV dramas and feature length films from YA Entertainment every Thursday during prime time.

Yes, they will be subtitled in English.

On US TV and DVD: Some K drama & movie titles for
the K-popped! masses

Dramas include The Grand Chef, I Love You, Someday, Alone In Love and Freeze. Meanwhile, films include Lover’s Concerto, My Beautiful Days, My Little Bride, Peppermint Candy, Singles and Turning Gate.

MHz Networks is an independent, non-commercial television broadcaster that serves the Washington, DC area’s 4.9mil residents with 10 local broadcast channels.

The Korean programmes will also be available via DVD at the MHZ Networks online shop.

Do you have the MHz Network? (Hit the link to check).

To check out other titles available from YA Entertainment, hit this link.

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

Korean title: 블러드 (Beul-leo-deu)

What’s popping:

Ugh, I’m sad to say this: nothing much.

While watching the film, I couldn’t help labelling it a B-grade movie: below par CGI effects, poor acting, cheesy dialogues and a shallow plot.

Sure, it’s based on an anime – which I do not follow – and while one might not expect too much from it, the storyline, as well as its delivery here, is neither interesting nor engaging.

The katana action sequences are pretty cool, but in this day and age, moviegoers are already desensitised to displays of flamboyant martial arts. Viewers not only want intense action, they also want meat on the story, which Blood fails to deliver.

In fact, the main story seems more like a side plot to the action scenes. The drive of the flick – the gradual revelation of Saya’s identity – is treated like an afterthought.

Also, the “big reveal” is handled so carelessly that it’s such an anticlimax. There’s just nothing much going for this flick and viewers will be disappointed when the end credits start to roll…I know I was.

Haiyaaah!: ‘Here’s your one-way ticket to hell’

There is no intrigue, no mystery, no oomph to Saya’s story.

Of course, the only reason K-popped! is watching the movie is Gianna Jun (Jeon Ji-hyun), who makes her Hollywood debut here. While the South Korean talent portrays the brooding, demon-slayer of a few words well, it isn’t enough to make the film an enjoyable experience.

Blood reminds me of that 2007 B-grade disaster Dragon Wars: unimpressive, non memorable and just going through the motions. I just hope there won’t be a Part Two to this flick.

Mad: Saya is pissed off at the bad CGI creatures she has to battle with

Jeon Ji-hyun sshi, please find another “Hollywood” movie to appear in to expunge this disappointing debut from our memories…we know you are capable of appearing in something better.

The plot:

Saya (Gianna Jun) is a hafling – part vampire, part human – who only lives for one thing: to mete out revenge on the Mama (sic) of all demons, Onigen (Koyuki). The rest of the story is…irrelevant.

Die, you, die: Saya (Jeon, left) comes face to face with…Ju-on!

Watch it:

Get the DVD

Pics credit: IMDB

Gianna Jun at Blood: The Last Vampire press conference

Blood: The Last Vampire in Malaysian cinemas 11 June 2009
Gianna Jun in Blood: The Last Vampire
Jeon Ji-hyeon promotes her vampire movie in Japan

The Slave Hunters will reach Malaysia on Feb 3

There’s only one reason why I want to watch this K-drama and it’s none other than Oh Ji-ho (pic below). The model turned actor will be appearing as a slave in the KBS sageuk drama entitled The Slave Hunters (a.k.a Chuno).

The 34 year old plays Song Tae-ha in the drama. Tae-ha is a slave who is falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He is hunted by a bounty hunter named Lee Dae-gil (Jang Hyuk) who is seeking revenge on Tae-ha. Both men then become entangled in a love triangle with Un-nyun/Hye-won (Lee Da-hae), a runaway slave who becomes a nobleman’s daughter.

The Slave Hunters will reach Malaysian shores on Feb 3, 2010. It will be showing at 9pm on everyone’s fave (and one and only) Korean channel, KBS World (Astro channel 303).

Will you be tuning in for the show?

Real life: Lee Da-hae (centre) and her
leading men in Chuno

Reel life: Hye-won (Lee Da-hae, centre) with bounty hunter Dae-gil
(Jang Hyuk, left) and slave Tae-ha (Oh Ji-ho)

Source: KBS World

Hyun Ah of 4 minute shows Change

Hyun Ah of 4 minute has completed her solo project and the jacket photo of her super single entitled Change is released Jan 3.

Hyun-Ah: Formerly of Wonder Girls, and now of 4 minute, is set
to release her solo project called Change

The former Wonder Girl is all dolled up, looking sporty yet sexy. She exudes the hip hop glam of the 80s.

The MV teaser for Change will be released Jan 4 and Hyun Ah is set to perform her new single on KBS Music Bank on Jan 8.

Source: MSN News

Big Bang bags Japanese awards

In trend?: G-Dragon (2nd from left) looks like a girl and
T.O.P (centre) looks like he has an overturned bird’s nest on his head

South Korea’s Big Bang bagged their second major award in Japan on Dec 30. The quintet walked away with the Best New Artist trophy at the 51st Japan Record Awards. They are the first Koreans to win the award.

The coveted award is given to one of the four recipients of the New Artist Award. This year, Big Bang’s contenders were Japanese artists Maya Sakura, Scandal and Hilchryme.

T.O.P.’s woes: ‘Yeah, a family of swallows has been living in my
hair for about a month now.’

Previously, the boys made waves at the Japan Cable Broadcasting Awards when they won the Best Newcomer Award. It sure looks like Big Bang, much like TVXQ, will be huge in the land of the rising sun.

Big Bang released its first Japanese single My Heaven in June 2009, followed by Gara Gara Go! Their third single was Koe Wo Kikasete. All singles, including their first album, climbed to the top 5 of the Japanese Oricon Music Chart.

Gara Gara Go!: Big Bang rocks the night

In Nov 2009, Big Bang won the Gold Artist Award at the Best Hit music programme on Nihon TV. They also appeared in award ceremonies on TV Asahi and Fuji TV.

The boys will hold concerts back home in Seoul from Jan 29 to 31.

Sources: The Korea Times & Hankooki

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