Choi Ji-woo to model for Louis Vuitton

Published on October 6, 2007 by in Buzz, Fashion

Choi Ji-woo (최지우) is the third most-wanted actress in South Korea, according to . Choi, 32, has acted in popular dramas like Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven and her most recent drama, Air City.

The Korean beauty, standing at 174cm (5′ 8″) also makes a striking model. It was reported on KBS Global that Choi Ji-woo will appear in a Paris fashion show for Louis Vuitton. She will be the only Asian star at the Louis Vuitton 2008 Spring/Summer Collection. Other celebrities who have participated in the show so far include Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson.

Choi will leave for gay Paris today to participate in the show on 07 Oct.

Update – 9 October 2007:
My apologies, Choi Ji-woo went to the LV fashion show as a guest and did not model for the event.

Princess Ji-woo at LV Paris Fashion Show

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Daejeon: ‘Dream Car’or ‘Dream Girls’ Festival?

Published on October 6, 2007 by in About Korea

I think it is the same everywhere…there will be lots of skimpily dressed sexy ladies at an auto show. Sometimes you wonder if there are more of these ladies than cars.

The first “Daejeon Dream Car Festival” is currently underway (2 – 7 Oct) at the Korea Trade Exhibition Center in Daejeon, South Chungcheong Province. It is a motor show for super cars and tuned vehicles.

I was surfing the net, and found these pictures. It’s weird, how come the ladies are the focus and not the cars?

Men…tell us…do you want to see the cars? Or the ladies at an automobile show? Or both? =)

For more:
Daejeon Dream Car Festival Photos on Yahoo! Korea
Super Cars Coming to Daejeon Dream Car Festival

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PIFF Opening Ceremony Red Carpet Photos

Published on October 5, 2007 by in Buzz, Fashion

Korean celebrities were dressed to the nines at the 12th Pusan International Film Festival opening ceremony. The women showed lots of flesh opting for long flowy dresses with necklines plunging to the waist. The opening ceremony was held at Busan’s Suyoungman Yacht Stadium, Thursday evening.

Here are the South Korean celebs that i recognize on the red carpet.

Lee Dong-gun was Uhm Jung-hwa’s arm candy for the night

Everybody’s princess, Yoon Eun-hye

Ahhh…just when i thought Gong Hyo-jin
looked lovely for once…

She spoils it by showing us that ugly blue dress
“I can’t hear you…” Daniel Henney wants
his fans to scream LOUDER!

Vavavavoom…who is this lady? She was the most
photographed for the night : Kim So-yun. By the way, the
dress looks like it needs some double-sided tape to keep it in place.

Dashingly handsome Daniel Henney gives
K-popped! a high five ;-)

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Lee Min-ki’s new drama – Evasive Inquiry Agency

Published on October 4, 2007 by in Buzz, Dramas

Are there any fans of Love Truly‘s Lee Min-ki (이민기 ) reading this blog? Well, we know there’s one big fan of his * wink * wink *. If there’s no one else who fancies him, then this post is especially for you (you know who you are!)

Lee Min-ki’s new drama on KBS2
starts airing in Korea on 8 Oct 2007

The 22-year-old Korean actor will be in a brand new drama called Evasive Inquiry Agency.

Korean title: 얼렁뚱땅 흥신소

Evasive Inquiry Agency (please tell me what this means if you know) will be aired on KBS2 on 8 October 2007. It has 16 episodes in total and will be aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55pm in Korea.

The stars were at Hyatt Hotel on 01 Oct to kick-off the drama

Lee Min-ki dresses like he’s a cast in the historical
fantasy drama –
The Legend with Bae Yong-joon

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Korean Film Festival at GSC

Published on October 4, 2007 by in Buzz, Movies

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), the largest chain of cinemas in Malaysia, is organising a Korean Film Festival at the end of the month (Oct 2007).

The event will be held at GSC Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur and GSC 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya from Oct 25 to 29.

After that, the festival will move up north to Penang. Your favourite Korean films will be showcased at GSC Gurney Plaza from Nov 1 to 5.

Isn’t that great news? We’re working on getting the list of Korean movies being showcased so bear with us, ya?

Remember, you heard it at K-popped! first.

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BoA unleashes 23rd single in Korea

Published on October 4, 2007 by in Buzz, Music

Her singles number more than her age. Barely 21-year-old BoA releases her 23rd single Love Letter in Korea today (Oct 4).

The Japan-based singer unleashed the single in Japan on Sept 26. For the Korean market, the single comes in two different packaging. One with just the CD and another with a CD and DVD. There are three tracks in the CD.

BoA wrote the lyrics to the title track herself and it’s about a girl who wants to confess her love. But does she? You’ll have to listen to find out.

The 2nd song is a dance number called Diamond Heart while the 3rd is called Beautiful Flowers, the soundtrack from The Pro-Baseball, a Japanese TV program.

Oh, there’s a little extra as well, a hidden track of an acoustic version of Love Letter.

It is not available in Malaysia. Hee hee….

Source: Digital Chosunilbo
Pic credit: Love BoA Club

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Kim Hee-sun (김희선)

Published on October 3, 2007 by in Profiles

This lady is getting married soon. With all the entries i have blogged about her, i think it’s time we get to know Kim Hee-sun better.

Kim is only thirty, but has been in the entertainment industry for more than 13-years now. Touted to be one of South Korea’s natural beauties, she debuted on the television drama ‘Year 11 Students‘ at the young age of 16. Her movie debut was in 1997 where she acted opposite Jang Dong-gun in Repechage.

Kim has also been in two big budget movies, namely Bichunmoo (2000) and The Myth (2005). The latter was produced by Jackie Chan, costing over 100 million Hong Kong dollars! In the movie, Kim acted opposite Jackie Chan, and also sang a duet with him on the film’s soundtrack “Endless Love“.

Date of birth: 25 February 1977
Blood type: O
Weight: 46 kg
Height: 168cm


  • Smile Again (2006)
  • Sad Sonata/The Sad Love Story (2005)
  • The Perfect Girl/ My Fair Lady (2003)
  • Goodbye My Love (1999)
  • Tomato (1999)
  • Sunflower (1998)
  • Wedding Dress (1998)
  • To the End of the World (1998)
  • Mister Q (1998)
  • New York Story (1998)
  • Propose (1997)
  • The Color White (1997)
  • Faraway Country (1996)
  • Sauna Guys (1995)
  • The Son of the Wind (1995)
  • The Tale of Chung Hyang (1994)
  • Agatha Christie (1994)
  • Year 11 Students (1993)


  • The Myth (2005)
  • A Man Who Went to Mars (2003)
  • Wanee & Junah (2001)
  • Bichunmoo (2000)
  • Calla (1999)
  • Ghost in Love (1999)
  • Repechage (1997)

Read about Kim Hee-sun’s wedding:
Kim Hee-sun weds Park Joo -yung
Get Kim Hee-sun to the church on time!
Se7en the wedding singer
Kim Hee-sun reveals wedding dress
Kim Hee-sun’s secret engagement ceremony
Kim Hee-sun’s wedding dress
Wedding of the year?

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Love Truly showing on the Phoenix channel

Dear Malaysians, if you missed the Love Truly (or a.k.a Really, Really Like You) run on 8TV (June until August 2007) or just have a burning desire to watch the chemistry between Eugene, Lee Min-ki and Ryoo Jin one more time, you’re in luck.

Gleeful trio: (From left) Ryoo Jin, Lee Min-ki and Eugene are delighted that
their drama is being aired for the 2nd time in Malaysia within the same year.

The Phoenix Channel (Astro PHOENIX 312) is currently airing the drama series at 7pm to 8pm from Monday to Friday. Repeats are at 2.15pm the following day. Hmph, it’s still dubbed in Mandarin(!) and there’s no toggle function for audio and subtitles.

Gosh, I expected better from an Astro channel. Oh yeah, there’s only Chinese subtitles…someone at Phoenix-land really, really dislikes me (sic), huh?

Why are we getting the same drama on different channels? Is there a share-a-drama program between the terrestrial and satellite TV stations that we are not aware of?

Ah well, at least this drama is aired on Phoenix after it ended its run on 8TV, but did you know that the Korean drama Marrying a Millionaire starring Ko Soo has been simultaneously showing on Astro PRIMA and TV2?

Come on guys, don’t waste time slots like this. You can bring in more dramas if you stop competing for a piece of the K-popped! Malaysian pie this way.

A more effective method would be to air the dramas in its original Korean audio with either the Bahasa Malaysia or English subtitles on to capture the non Chinese-speaking market…and we’re growing, I think.

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Honey Lee in Korean traditional clothing

Published on October 2, 2007 by in Culture

Miss Korea 2006, Honey Lee (24) is one hallyu star who has been photographed a lot wearing Korean traditional clothing. She must be one of Korea’s top cultural ambassadors.

Korea’s traditional clothing is called “hanbok,” an abbreviation of the term Han-gukboksik (Korean attire). The beautiful hanbok is the pride of the Korean people and an integral part of Korean culture.

Below are pictures of lovely Honey Lee in various types of Korean traditional clothing and music instruments.

A vibrant red hanbok with traditional headgear.
Is this an official costume, for a festive
occasion or to be worn at weddings?

I think the skirt is called “chima” and
the bolero-like blouse is called “jeogori“.

Lee is carrying the “changgo” (장고) also spelt “janggu”.
The hourglass drum is the most widely used percussion
instrument in most kinds of Korean traditional music.

Honey Lee and her kayageum or gayageum.
Incidentally, she’s a professional kayageum
player and has released four CDs.

Lee in traditional costume at the Miss Universe 2007
pageant in Mexico City. Yes, there’s that hourglass drum
called the “janggu” again.

Another hanbok. What’s that umbrella like hat called?
It’s pretty cute and i bet keeps you in the shade.
This outfit looks like it is for the outdoors. Do Koreans
wear it during harvest season?

Intricate designs on the hanbok.

I really like the hanbok with its vibrant colours, graceful flow and intricate details. However, i still do not know what the different types of clothing is called. Or what the umbrella like hat (headgear) is called. If you do know, help us out okay?

Pics credit: Soompi Forums

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Speak Korean? Get a job in Malaysia

At the prompting of a friend today, I surfed a job portal and came across this interesting job offer. If you live in Malaysia (or are planning to) and speak fluent Korean, listen up. This is for you.

Astro, Malaysia’s one and only satellite TV that is also bringing us our 1st dedicated Korean channel, is looking for Presentation Editors. They have five – count ‘em, FIVE – vacancies!

Here’s the job description and requirements:

Presentation Editor (Korean Speaking)
Location: Selangor – Bukit Jalil / Cyberjaya


  • Monitor the incoming satellite transmission prior to transmission to Astro’s customers and executing good broadcasting presentation.
  • Make sound judgement with regards to content as well as editing techniques.
  • Performing content presentation on online non-linear editing system.

The Person:

  • University graduates preferably in Mass Communication, Social Sciences, Arts, Languages or other related disciplines. Fresh graduates and those who are awaiting examination results would also be considered.
  • Good command and communication skills in the Korean language.
  • Possess strong analytical skill and have keen interest in film, music, documentary, sports and news programmes.
  • Knowledge/exposure in broadcasting would be an advantage.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills as well as high awareness in cultural and religious sensitivities.
  • Able to work independently, alert, quick thinking and a good team player.
  • Willing to work in a 12-hour shift environment.
  • Possess own transport and willing to relocate and travel.

Competitive Remuneration inclusive of:

  • Contractual and performance-based bonus
  • Meal and shift allowances
  • Medical and hospitalisation coverage
  • Employer EPF contribution – higher than statutory requirement
  • Free monthly Astro subcription worth RM149.90

Interested candidates are invited to apply online. For more information about ASTRO, visit our homepage at

Psst, hey, if you get the job, remember to buy us at K-popped! a round of drinks with your first paycheque, yah? ;-)

Source: Jobstreet

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