Lee Ji-seon is all set for Miss Universe 2008 pageant

Beauty & the trainer: Lee Ji-seon (left) with her trainer Ines Ligron

Pose like this: Lee Ji-seon puts her training
to good use

2007 Miss Korea, Lee Ji-seon held a press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul at 10am today. The Korean beauty and her professional coach named Ines Ligron appeared to the press together.

Believe it or not, Ligron is coaching both Miss Korea and Miss Japan Hiroko Mami for this year’s pageant! You can read about her sessions with the girls at her blog.

Lee a.k.a. Sun Lee will be in Nha Trang, Vietnam from June 19 to July 14 to compete in the beauty pageant.

Mic test: ‘Can you hear me? Test…test.’

Crown-less: ‘Darn, I’m so not used to
walking about without my tiara!’

Happy gal: All the best Miss Korea!

Wanna know who is representing Malaysia? It’s none other than Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman student Levy Li Su Lin. You can read about the 20-year-old here or visit her blog :-).

Good luck to both beauties!

2008 Miss Malaysia Universe Levy Li Su Lin

Stars at the 2008 Dream Concert

Top Korean entertainers came out to play on June 7 at the 2008 Dream Concert, which was held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul.

The stars lit up the red carpet as they arrived and here’s a look at some of the more familiar ones.

Numero Uno!: The boys of A’STAR 1 shout for joy when they
discover that they are the first on the scene

Bling?: For a group who call themselves Jewelry, they sure
are devoid of bling

Where’s the circus?: Tired of playing Monkey all the time,
MC Mong decides to go as the Ringmaster!

Mighty Trio: The Mighty Mouse men share
the limelight with singer JJ

So hot: The Wonder Girls heat up the red carpet

Snap, crackle & pop: Poppin’ Hyun-joon
shows off his skinny ankles

Shiny: The Shinee boys aren’t going down without a fight. 아자 아자!

Fashion SOS: The SS501 boys lost their stylist before coming
for the event

Mega-group: Suju, as always, dominate the red carpet
when they arrive. Eh, how come there are only 12?

Gloomy: ‘What are you lookin’ at? You want a piece of me?’
Epik High boys need to learn how to smile when taking pics.

Ladies in white: Girls’ Generation stand out in pure white

Crispy: Special guest of the evening is K-1 fighter
and man with the tan, Choo Sung-hoon

Pics credit: Newsen

Dream Concert 2008

Lee Hyori for Isa Knox’s Whitening Serum

Flawlessly radiant

After all that prancing and surfing under the hot summer sun, Lee Hyori slaps on Isa Knox’s Whitening Revolution Serum to keep her skin radiantly white. No crispy tan for our sexy singer, no siree.

Here are more photos of the beautiful Lee Hyori (29) and the whitening product.

Isa Knox’ Whitening Serum blasts away dark pigmentation

Lee Hyori wields her weapon in combating
pigmented skin

Play the video below to watch the commercial. Enjoy :-).

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Sexy Lee Hyori models for Ocean World

Dining at Koryo-won Suria KLCC

fine korean dining

I’ve been telling myself that i need to blog about this before i forget. So here goes…

Last weekend, before the book fest, Liz and i met up at Koryo-won for lunch. We were in Suria KLCC in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and wanted to try out a Korean restaurant there. The one and only Korean food place we found is this restaurant.

klcc koryowon korean
Koryo-won Korean restaurant @ Suria KLCC

Located on the top-most (that’s the 4th) floor at Suria KLCC shopping center, Koryo-won prides itself in serving fine Korean barbecue and traditional Korean cuisine. I must warn you though, that this place is not cheap. It’s pricey and if you want a taste of premium wagyu beef (wagyu = Japanese beef also known as the caviar of beef) on a Korean barbecue, well, you can get it here. One serving of wagyu beef on the barbecue stove can set you back RM360 (USD110)! So if you don’t want to burn a huge hole in your bank account, order carefully. But if you are a tourist or earn USD or Euros or some other currency, then this place would probably be all right.

The interior of the restaurant as you step in. They even have two private rooms which you could book for large groups.

The cheapest food item on the menu is RM25 (USD7.60). Nothing below that. After a quick survey of the menu, we ordered the Den Jang Ji Gae (된장찌개) and Mi Yok Guk (미역국).

Liz and i also took note that a drink at this place cost RM12 (USD3.60). They do not serve the usual free flow of tea or water here either. Since we were on a budget and want to keep the bill to a minimal, we didn’t order any drinks. We ordered soupy meals so that’s okay.

Liz had the Den Jang Ji Gae (RM25) which was traditional bean paste vegetable soup in a hot clay pot served with traditional Korean side dishes and fragrant rice. The vegetable soup and rice made a tasty yet simple meal. Very healthy too.

Den Jang Ji Gae – the traditional bean paste vegetable soup came boiling hot!

The vegetable soup with tofu and shrimps

Banchan – these Korean side dishes
with Liz’s order of Den Jang Ji Gae

I had the Mi Yok Guk (RM28) – a traditional seaweed soup served with steamed rice. How come this does not come with traditional Korean side dishes? The Mi Yok Guk is the same traditional soup Koreans drink on their birthdays. =) My seaweed soup came with fresh scallops in it. There was a very generous amount of seaweed but not so generous with the scallops in the Mi Yok Guk. If you dislike the slightly “fishy” smell of seaweed, don’t order this.

Mi Yok Guk (RM28) – a traditional seaweed soup

Seaweed with bits of fresh white scallop meat on rice

Although the banchan (Korean side dishes) were good, the waiters did not top up when we finished a couple of them. Usually, these side dishes were topped up. We had to ask for more. 🙁

We loved these side dishes and asked for more…

When we were having our meal, we noticed that a Korean man at a table nearby was served pieces of watermelon for dessert. We have visited quite a few Korean restaurants and they usually served fruits for dessert and on one occasion, we got a very nice sweet ginger drink with crushed ice. So after dinner, we waited for our dessert but none arrived. We then asked for the bill and the waiter took his time with that too. We were not at all pleased with the service at such an expensive restaurant. When Liz asked the waiter how come we didn’t get any dessert, he then mumbled some silly excuse which we could not understand and left! Gee…

Bad service caused us to leave the posh
expensive restaurant with a sour after-taste

The bill came up to RM60.95 as we kept it to a minimum by not ordering drinks and starters. So if you order drinks, a meal for two persons would be around RM80 – RM100 (that’s including the 5% Government tax and 10% Service Charge).

On the way out, the man at the door offered us sweets in a small basket and said “Here, this is for dessert”. Sweets for dessert at a fine restaurant like this? We were less than impressed. Fine dining indeed! It wasn’t that fine for me.

BookFest @ Malaysia 2008

K-popped!’s culinary adventures:

In Malaysia:
Affordable Korean food at HanChon (Sri Hartamas)
Lunch at Han Woo Ri, Korean BBQ restaurant (Ampang)
Eating out at Seoul Korea Restaurant (Taman Desa)
Korean Cuisine at Pavilion KL (Kuala Lumpur)
Dae Jang Geum (Section 14, Petaling Jaya)
Daorae Garden (Sri Hartamas)

In China
Coffee at Beijing’s 798 Art Zone
Delicious Korean cuisine at Beijing’s hutong
Korean snacks from Wudaokou
Lunch at Wudaokou

Big Bang takes Global Warning Tour to Thailand

Big Bang’s here to rock you!

And we Malaysians are consistently left out! Why is it that our dear neighbours get to enjoy so much K-pop while we Malaysians only get K-pop acts every now and then?

The Big Bang boys held their first independent concert in Thailand on June 7th. Called the Global Warning Tour (nice title), the party started at 8pm at the Huamark Indoor Stadium in Bangkok.

It is said that 10,000 fans including those from Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam showed up for the concert. I’m certain some Malaysian fans went for it as well, although they were not mentioned in the report by Hankooki.

As expected, the boys rocked the house! 🙂

Were you there?

The Big Bang boys heat up the stage

‘Lemme hear you scream!’

Everyone wants a piece of Tae Yang

Tae Yang puffs out his chest and shows
off his rock solid bod

Seung-ri makes grown men genuflect

Dae-sung sings his heart out for a lucky fan,
who looks overwhelmed. Someone’s walking
on cloud nine…

Fan loses it when Dae-sung goes all gentleman-like
and kisses the back of her hand

Other fans look on with envy

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

THE FACE SHOP : Win a trip to Korea!

I was walking around at The Curve, Damansara when i caught a glimpse of Kwon Sang Woo and he was asking me to go to Korea with him! 😉 ㅋㅋㅋ To be precise, it was a cardboard version of Sang Woo sshi, with the announcement that THEFACESHOP is currently having a contest and you might win a trip to Korea!

Yes! I want to go to Korea!

With that thought in mind, i stepped into the shop and was ready to buy whatever it takes to participate. =) A very pretty lady assisted me in getting their star product, the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask. You either buy this or purchase up to RM150 to enter the contest. Without appearing over-enthusiastic, i listened attentively to what the product can do. The sleeping mask is to be applied twice per week after your usual night moisturizer. You then leave it on overnight. The mask will increase the elasticity, tighten pores and thoroughly hydrate your skin. Plus it smells quite nice. Okay, i’m sold!

THEFACESHOP’s star product cost RM89.90

After looking around the brightly lit shop, i realized that THEFACESHOP does have many interesting products! They have this shea butter lip balm that smells similar to chocolate that i really like, but didn’t get.

But i did bring home these other items…


  • Black Label Eye Shadow in Gold Pearl Pink (RM22.90)
  • Eyelash XNS (RM8.90)
  • Eyelash Adhesive (RM8.90)
  • Strawberry scented emery board (RM3.90) – not shown in pic

If you are interested, below are the details on how to enter the lucky draw contest.

Win a trip to Korea for 2 persons worth RM8,000!

6 June – 3 August 2008

How to participate: Purchase the Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask (RM89.90) or purchase up to RM150 in a single receipt to be eligible for the lucky draw.

Gummy's Looking into the Mirror

Did you know that Gummy is actually the unofficial 5th member of Big Mama? Well, I didn’t until I decided to listen to her songs…and curiosity did the rest.

She was grouped with the Sistas with Voices at the start of her career but management decided that she would do better as a solo artist! With that said, I guess you can gauge how good she is then, huh?

Songbird: What a voice!

The 27-year-old made her comeback in March this year after a 3-year hiatus from the K-pop music scene. Her first MV featured T.O.P of Big Bang and Sandara Park.

Gummy is a songbird with an admirable set of pipes and boy, can she blow. Since it’s Friday, why don’t you relax with this soothing ballad from Gummy entitled Looking into the Mirror? It features a rapper named Red Roc.

The MV depicts a woman who catches her husband cheating on her, and her downward spiral into depression after the incident.

Uh, not quite a Happy Friday subject to leave you guys with…but the song is good :-P.

Here is Gummy’s MV featuring TOP and Sandara Park

An interview with Bae Yong-joon

Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon talked to the Korean press after a very successful The Legend Premium Event 2008 in Osaka, Japan on June 1.

The 36-year-old talks about administering his own injections, shampooing his long tresses, his future projects and marriage plans. Check it out!

I am Legend: Bae Yong-joon thrilled fans by
appearing in his character’s costume

1) Thoughts on today’s event where 35,000 fans turned up?

It was sad when filming came to an end but at that time, director Kim and I said that it wasn’t over yet. However, now I feel that it is finally over.

It was nice today. I was able to meet my Asia family face-to-face. It was made even more meaningful as I shared this moment with the director and co-stars of The Legend.

2) You were hurt while filming The Legend. Have you recovered?

It’s still a little uncomfortable to walk. I am getting shots in my knees. For my shoulders, I’ll have to wait 1-2 months before going for surgery.

Ten days before filming ended for The Legend, I was seriously hurt, but I wouldn’t go to the hospital because I thought I would have to put on a cast, which would stop filming.

It hurt so much, I couldn’t sleep and had to take painkillers so I could continue working. Once, I went to a hospital and all the nurses were too busy attending to emergency patients. I had to administer the painkiller shots on my own (laughs).

3) While filming The Legend, there was talk about tension between director Kim Jong-hak and you.

That’s not true at all…and that’s all because of reporters (laughs).

My relationship with director Kim is very good. He is sometimes like a friend and sometimes like a father to me. During filming, we also talked about medicine that was good for us (laughs).

Busy bee: BYJ has many plans for the near future

4) You will be lending your voice to the animation of Winter Sonata, which is set to air next year.

That’s right. A Korean version has been planned, but I’m keen on doing a Japanese version as well.

5) When you arrived in Japan, you filmed your fans with a digital camera.

I really like taking pictures. I wanted to take pictures of my family (fans). I am also thinking of publishing a book that introduces famous places in Korea to foreign tourists. It will contain pictures that I’ve taken.

6) Are you planning to keep The Legend hairstyle you have on right now?

When my next work is decided, I will change my hairstyle accordingly. There are many uncomfortable aspects about long hair, like using a lot of shampoo and taking a lot of time to dry (laughs).

7) Marriage plans?

My friends and juniors are all marrying, and I do have thoughts about it…but it’s not working out the way I want it to (laughs).

Even at home, my parents are talking about marriage. Last year at the MBC Acting Awards, I said I wanted to marry within three years, and I still have that desire. Introduce me to someone! (laughs).

The marrying kind: He wants to get married, but
still hasn’t found The One yet. Any takers out there?

8) Your message to fans in Korea and Asia.

I believe that the love I receive not just from Korea, but from Asia is undeserved. If I cannot repay the love I receive through my acting and movies, I want to repay it some other way. When I find out how, I will let you know.

Source: StarNews with translations at HanCinema

Bae Yong-joon in Osaka, Japan
Bae Yong-joon lends voice to animated version of Winter Sonata

Seo In-young of Jewelry for Maybelline

Stunner: Maybe she’s born with it.
Maybe it’s Maybelline

Joining the ranks of BoA and our very own Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is Seo In-young of girl group Jewelry.

The One More Time singer has been selected to become the face of Maybelline! Yeah, she does embody the company’s advertising slogan of “MAYBE She’s Born With It” ;-).

Here are pictures of the 24-year-old in her first photoshoot (on June 4) for Maybelline.

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Jewelry antes up sex appeal

Rain sings Kung Fu Panda theme

Rain creates a different kind of panda-monium

But before that…whoa, pandemonium in Malaysia last night huh, folks? Gridlock on the roads, lots of honking, tempers flaring and ALL petrol stations were jam-packed right after our Government announced the price increase in petrol.

RM2.70 per litre of petrol? Man, we’ve got to move around less…or sumthin’.

Everyone was racing to the pumps to fill up their car tank before the price hike took effect at midnight. Craziness to the max!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s talk about a different kind of panda-monium – the kind that only Korean superstar Rain can create :-).

TheStarOnline.tv has a behind-the-scenes video of Rain recording the Kung Fu Panda theme, courtesy of the movie’s local distributor United International Pictures.

As anyone who is following this blog knows, the Energizer Bunny’s version is only used in the Cantonese version of the movie. Hit this link to enjoy the video!

Everyone is kung fu fighting…

Screen captures credit: United International Pictures

Rain’s Kung Fu Fighting track in Cantonese version of flick
Rain to release 5th album in October 2008
Bi to record theme song for Kung Fu Panda