Welcome to Hallyuwood Theme Park

Hallyuwood: A place for the family

Who needs Disneyland when there’s a facility dedicated to Hallyuwood? Yup, a Hallyuwood theme park is being built on a 990,000 square metre site in Gyeonggi Province. It will be completed by 2012.

Below are more of the artist’s impression of the place. Sweet!

Asian Garden: Flowers in bloom

Boat ride: Korean version of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Place of fun: A bird’s eye view of Hallyuwood

The theme park will house studios where Korean dramas and films are made, entertainment facilities, a museum, shops, Korean cooking classes and restaurants!

Wow, it sure sounds like a must-visit place for the K-popped! Trio….four years and counting!

The ground-breaking ceremony called the Hallyuwood Start Festival was held at Janghang-dong in Goyang City at 5pm yesterday (May 29).

Ambassador: ‘Eat my dust Bae Yong-joon and Rain,
I’m the chosen one. Hai-yaah!’

Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, the guest-of-honour cum goodwill ambassador of Hallyuwood Theme Park, was present at the event.

Hey, how come a Hong Kong star gets to be the face of Hallyuwood? Why not Top Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon or our beloved Energizer Bunny?

Goodwill ambassador: Jackie Chan will
promote Hallyuwood to the masses

Anyway, an official with the Gyeonggi government explained: “We thought Chan is a perfect fit for this position to publicise Korean culture to the world, as he has a deep interest in Korean culture and is on intimate terms with many Korean stars.”

Korean celebs who turned up for the event include Chan’s close friend Choi Ji-woo, I Love Asia singer Kim Ah-joong and Lost star Kim Yun-jin.

Pals: Choi Ji-woo (left) stands by her friend

Gloved ones: Kim Yun-jin (left) and Kim Ah-joong

Source (partial): Digital Chosunilbo
Pics: As credited

Dream Concert 2008

Something big will be happening at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium on the 07 June 2008. It will be the 14th annual “I Love Korea! Dream Concert“. The event is jointly organized by the Korean Entertainment Producers Association and Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS).

This year, Jewelery, Wonder Girls, Dong Bang Shin Ki, MC Mong, Suju, and Girls’ Generation are among the many stars who will be performing at the concert. This mega music festival is also to promote patriotism and to stop illegal distribution of music.

For more information, go to the Dream Concert’s official website

Source: Krnloop

Korean stars come together for I Love Asia song project

JYP to Jackie Chan: ‘So yeah, we’re gonna sing this part real loud,
OK. You can go ahead and do your kungfu moves when
we get to this part.’ – Pic edaily

Today’s the day folks!

It’s the day when our beloved Hallyu stars come together to lend their voices to the I Love Asia song project to raise funds for the Sichuan earthquake victims.

Wonder Girls: Fighting!

The We Are the World-like project is the brainchild of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, and fully supported by super producer JYP and director Kang Je-kyu.

Many stars turned up for the recording this morning, some already decked-out in matching I Love Asia T-shirts!

Brown Eyed Girls were seen practicing with song sheet in hand while Chae Yeon and Park Yong-ha were seen listening to their iPODs – to familiarise themselves with the tune (I think).

Brown Eyed Girls: ‘ The tip of the tongue, the teeth, the lips’

Battle: All set for some musical action

All in all, there are 30 Korean stars involved in the fund-raising effort:

Head honchos:

  1. Park Jin-young
  2. Kang Je-kyu

Figure skater:

  1. Kim Yuna


  1. Kim Ah-joong
  2. Park Yong-ha
  3. Han Hye-jin
  4. Yoo Seung-ho
  5. Jeon Hye-bin


Here’s a peek at part of the song’s lyrics. Can anyone translate the Korean bits?

I’ll be on your side 함께 할게
I’ll give you my hand 내 손을 잡고 일어나
눈물이 마를 때까지 나의 어깨에 기대서 쉬렴
다시 일어나 웃는 니 모습을 기다릴게

Left to right: Alex of Clazziquai, Kim Dong-wan and Park Yong-ha

Left to right: Chae Yeon, Clon – Kang Won-rae (in wheelchair)
Goo Jun-yub and Horan of Clazziquai

Left to right: Joo, Jo Sung-mo and Gan Mi-yeon

Left to right: Han Hye-jin, Jeon Hye-bin and Kim Ah-joong

Source & Pics credit: Yonhap News

Park Jin-young and Jackie Chan team up for Sichuan project

Nicky Hilton’s Fashion Show in Seoul

I didn’t know that socialite and party girl Paris Hilton’s younger sister Nicky is a fashion designer. Okay, maybe i have not been keeping up with the Hollywood scene since i’ve been k-popping so much. ;-) So, tell me, did you know this?

Well, Nicky Hilton was in Seoul recently to launch her clothing lines Nicholai and Chick.

Nicholai is the high-end brand while Chick carries more casual wear. Nicky held a fashion showcase for the brands’ Fall/Winter 2008 collection in Seoul on the 22nd May.

Nicholai / Chick By Nicky Hilton

For more runway photos, go to Chosun.com

Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee kiss

Why is Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee locking lips in the photo below?

kimtaehee_songseunghun kiss

Are they really getting married?

20080526andre kim wedding

Nah…it’s just another Andre Kim fashion show.

Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee are special guest models at Andre Kim‘s UNICEF charity fashion show in Chongbok Province.

Hmm…was the kissing necessary in a charity fashion show like this? I certainly don’t think so. Maybe Song Seung-hun hasn’t been getting much action lately and couldn’t resist fresh faced Tae-hee. Or are they Korea’s hot new couple?

Pics credit : Newsen

More André Kim fashion shows:

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André Kim designs Samsung home appliances

Park Jin-young and Jackie Chan team up for Sichuan project

Super producer: Park Jin-young has written a song to
help raise funds for relief efforts in Sichuan

Kpop’s super-producer Park Jin-young (JYP) and Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, along with director Kang Je-kyu, are set to compose/produce a We Are the World-like song to raise funds for relief efforts in Sichuan, China.

The project, which is dubbed Asia Is One, We Love Asia, will be produced by Kang (director of Taegukgi and Shiri) at the request of Chan.

Singer/composer/ producer JYP is the music producer. It is reported that JYP has finished composing the song for the project.

JYP Entertainment said: “Chan proposed a project that would show the unity of Asia. We have agreed to work on a song that will raise spirits during the difficult time in Asia, following the earthquake damage in Sichuan, China.”

I can’t wait. JYP’s songs are good! :-)

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is said that top Korean artistes and actors will be given the honour of singing the tune…hey, what about the rest of Asia? Can I croak in the background or something? Or play the triangle…how about the castanets? :-P

The song will be recorded when Chan visits Korea soon.

Source: The Korea Times
Pics credit: Hankooki & The Korea Times

Ahn Jae-wook donates to Sichuan earthquake victims

Kil Gun goes to Bali for music video shoot

Kil Gun, the singer who donned nothing much but gold body paint for her comeback look, was in Bali, Indonesia recently to shoot a music video for her latest track entitled Country of the Sun. The song is from her comeback album entitled Light of the World.

Formerly a back-up dancer for singers like Lee Hyori and Baek Ji-young, the 29-year-old is set to wow the K-popped! masses with her sultry dance moves in her new MV. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be seeing in the MV.

In the sea: Is that Kuta beach behind her?

On a cliff: Wind in the hair, salty sea breeze and the
waves breaking below…perfect!

Yachting: Time for some boat action?

If you are in Seoul, the good news is you can catch her live at her showcase on May 28 at Club NB2 in Hongdae.

Source: Hankooki & krnloop
Pics credit: Hankooki

The Good, The Bad, The Weird @ Cannes Film Festival

Director Kim Jee-woon’s (A Tale of Two Sisters) kimchi spaghetti Western was invited to the 61st International Cannes Film Festival for a screening under the Out of Competition category.

Kimchi spaghetti Western: The Good, The Bad,
The Weird or 좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈

Helmer Kim said: “I think the invitation of my movie proves that Cannes recognises the new experiments being made in Korean commercial cinema.”

Red carpet: From left Song Kang-ho, Jung Woo-sung,
director Kim Jee-won & Lee Byung-hun

The one-of-its-kind flick was apparently well-received at the festival, which ran from May 14 to May 25.

The movie’s distribution rights for the United Kingdom has been reportedly snapped up by Mel Gibson’s Icon Entertainment International. No buyers from the US yet.

Set in the Manchurian desert during the 1930s, the film is about three characters: The Good (Jung Woo-sung), The Bad (Lee Byung-hun) and The Weird (Song Kang-ho) who are in hot pursuit of each other because of a map.

The Weird starts it all by stealing the map from a Japanese official, The Bad is hired to get it back, while The Good is a bounty hunter who is tracking both of them down!

Happy mood: The guys celebrate at the screening
of their movie at Cannes

The stars of the flick joined Director Kim on the red carpet at Cannes on May 24 for the screening. The film looks kinda fun. Check out the trailer below (with English subs)…I wanna watch it! :-)

Source: Digital Chosunilbo & Festival de Cannes
Pics credit: Hankooki & Digital Chosunilbo

What’s up with The Good, The Bad and The Weird?

Rain to release 5th album in October 2008

The Korean superstar is set to release his fifth album in October 2008 and we are glad to report that it’s catered for the Asian market. Whoo hoo!

The first Korean single off the album will have versions in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Intense: Bi trains for his fighting scenes in Ninja Assassin in Berlin

After many years of churning out smash hits such as Bad Guy, Running Away from the Sun, I Do and I’m Coming with his mentor Park Jin-young, all eyes are now on Rain in his latest endeavour since he will be producing his own songs in the upcoming album.

The 26-year-old left JYP Entertainment late 2007 to establish his own talent agency J. Tune Entertainment.

A rep from J. Tune Ent said: “Rain wants to make more new attempts in this new album, therefore he has been holding the post of a producer.

“In this new album Rain will invite well-known composers to collaborate together. Rain himself will be most familiar with his own style, so he will create everything on his own–from the songs of the album to the accompanying on-stage dance choreography.”

All the best, Rain. I think you’ll need it. We’ve actually heard a track composed by the Energizer Bunny – the unimpressive Any Dream, which is Samsung Anycall’s Beijing Olympics theme song.

The track lacked a hook that makes the song memorable.

Hai-yaaah!: Rain’s Kung Fu Fighting

Apart from that, Bi’s recording for Dreamworks’ animated movie Kung Fu Panda will only be for the Asian release of the flick. For the US release, the studio went with Cee-Lo Green and actor Jack Black’s version, which has more punch to it.

It’s rather unfortunate that Rain’s version of Kung Fu Fighting is weak and the vocals are mostly hidden behind the music, unlike his past Korean smash hits, which wonderfully displayed his deep and sexy voice. I guess he’s still not familiar with the English language.

Don’t believe us? Check out Rain’s Kung Fu Fighting below:

Source: MyDaily with translations by dsl99a@Rain-USA & SexyBi, nicolech76@RainHK and K-popped! reader Joshua Bonfili & hackenslash
Pic credit: Indulge in Rain’s World

Rain vs. B-Boys in latest Samsung Anycall CF
Rain composed Any Dream song
Bi to record theme song for Kung Fu Panda

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