Keep Your Skin Hydrated All-day Long With the Floral Hydro Line!

The Narcissus, also known as daffodils is popular because of its beauty, symbolic meaning and its healing properties. In the ancient Roman days, the Narcissus was cultivated because they believe the sap extracted from the flower possesses healing properties. It is also a symbol of chivalry during the Victorian times and a symbol of hope today. A bunch of Narcissus is usually offered as a gift because it is believed to bring good fortune and happiness.

Brand General Manager of Mamonde Malaysia Celine Diong and Mamonde Senior Marketing Executive Josephine Woon (Right) Showcasing the Improved Floral Hydro Line

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Meet Kim Bohyung, the girl group member turned vocalist

Kim Bohyung is known as a talented vocalist of the girl group called SPICA. Besides that, she has also written her name as a soundtrack singer for K-dramas such as The K2, Pied Piper, Jackpot, Super Daddy Yeol and more.

SPICA debuted in 2012 under B2M Entertainment and has been actively promoting until last February, when CJ E&M announced that the group had disbanded. Not long after the announcement, another article was released to say that the band was not actually disbanded. What is the truth behind all these announcements?

Spica Kim Bohyung (1)

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