CL and The Sam Willows Set The Stage For Day 1 Of MTV Spotlight At Hyperplay

Hyperplay, the first ever integrated ASEAN esports and music festival happening at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, brought together avid fans on its first day, living up to the expectations of the festival’s hype and thrills. In celebration of our youths, fans got to immerse themselves in a range of esports action and music performances – the two key cultural cornerstones of the generation.

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Fascinating Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Hyperplay

Behind Hyperplay, ASEAN’s first ever eSports and music festival happening at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this weekend, comes the heavy-lifting work most fans do not see in its lead-up. To give everyone a better idea of what it takes to put together a festival of this stature, the Hyperplay team of insiders goes behind-the-scenes to reveal some of the fascinating backstage facts – revealing nuggets about what it takes to create and produce this hyper-entertaining regional event in Singapore.


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Oh!K Programming Highlights – August 2018

This August, Oh!K (Astro Ch 394) continues to offer everyone who loves drama the ultimate Korean entertainment! Fans of the shows can finally see how their favourite dramas end with the finale for Always Spring on 8th August (Wednesday) @ 9.00pm and Bong’s Happy Restaurant on 14th August (Tuesday) @ 11.00pm.

Furthermore, get started on several brand new series, starting with The Rich Son set to premiere on 6th August (Monday) @ 7.50pm, Reverse set to premiere on 9th August (Thursday) @ 9.00pm, and Pots of Gold set to premiere on 15th August (Wednesday) @ 11.00pm . Time will continue to air within 24 hours of Korea from Thursdays to Fridays @ 7.50pm.

Also, get excited for staying home over the weekends and follow the adventures of your favourite Korean stars on the hottest variety shows – Dunia: Into a New World airs on Saturday @ 7.55pm and I Live Alone on Sundays @ 7.55pm.

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