Daorae Garden

We discovered a really cosy and friendly restaurant serving authentic Korean cuisine called Daorae Garden. The ingredients and cutleries are even imported from Korea! You’ll be able to enjoy a typical Korean meal of rice (밥), bulgogi (불고기), kimchi (김치) and if you feel like it, soju (소주)!


Tip: Soju is not listed on the menu, you’ll have to ask for it. You’ll be served green tea by default.

Located at Desa Sri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur, the Daorae Garden (다오래 가든) restaurant is a little gem tucked on the first floor of Plaza Crystal Center (it’s on the same row as Maybank and Vital Pharmacy).

You’ll be warmly greeted “Annyeonghaseyo!” (안녕하세요!) by the Nepalese waiters who speak fluent Korean (cis, I’m so jealous), and even be served by the restaurant’s owner.


The service is excellent and the food, delicious. The side dishes are plentiful and they come by default! Apart from that, you’ll also be feasting using authentic Korean utensils (check out Orchid’s entry on that).

Daorae Garden offers a genuine Korean dining experience. However, it is a pricey affair. A bottle of soju (360ml, 참이슬) and a bowl of bulgogi cost RM25 each. Nonetheless, for not-so rich people like the K-popped Sisters, it makes a lovely treat on special occasions.


Get there:

  • Korean BBQ Daorae Garden
  • No. 9-1 Floor Plaza Crystal Ville Center, Jalan 23/70A Desa Sri Hartamas K.L.
  • Tel: (03) 6203 2616

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