Arirang TV – Korea’s Global TV

Here in Malaysia, we do not have a dedicated Korean channel. 🙁 We just made some adjustments to our satellite TV package so we can get more Asian entertainment news. Yeah we got Wah Lai Toi so now we have TVB8 and err…the rest that comes with WLT. With it comes Pops in Seoul as my sister has blogged about in her entry.

I was in Singapore recently and at the hotel, i got to watch Arirang – Korea’s Global TV. I was so excited and watched only this channel the entire time i was in Singapore.

Here’s a list of the programmes i caught:

Current Affairs

Arirang News
Korea Today

Heart to Heart
Art & Soul
Let’s Speak Korean

Pops in Seoul
Showbiz Extra

Arirang TV’s tagline: Korea for the World, the World for Korea


Let’s Speak Korean on Arirang TV

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