Korean fashion in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered where to buy Korean made handbags and fashion accessories (necklaces, pendants, jewels, hair clips, hair bands etc.) here in good ole Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya?

Well, look no further. There’s this shop called Orioli and they sell Korean stuff! There’s a branch in Bangsar Village II and i have spotted another outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

The one in 1 Utama is in the old wing, near Jaya Jusco.

Typical to Korean fashion, they have chunky key chains, which you attach to your handbags or mobile phones.

Before, i thought these huge “soft toys” or “fuzzy pom-pom like balls” attached to the mobile phone or handbag looks tacky. But now i think otherwise. Some of them are rather nice and it ads that extra ‘pop’ to your accessories. My sister calls it “accessory for your accessory” (get it?).

I saw one that really matched my new handbag and it cost close to RM20.

Learn Korean:

유행 – fashion, fashionable

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