Love of South and North (2003)

Korean title: 남남북녀 (Nam-nam-book-nyeo)

What’s popping:

I caught the final hour of a flick that starred Kim Sa-rang (김사랑) and Jo In-seong (조인성) last night. The pair has excellent comedic timing!

I bet the first hour of the show, which I missed, was hilarious as In-seong – who plays the playful Chul-soo – is a riot with his over-the-top behaviour. However, like in most Korean flicks, the love story turned dramatic towards the end.

I’ll only say that it involves a gun, five agonising years and a grand declaration of love – Cinderella style ;-).

Love of South and North

The plot:

South Korean Chul-soo loves his women more than he loves his lessons, so his professor threatens to prevent him from graduating if he continues in his playful ways. At the insistence of the professor, Chul-soo decides to embark upon an archaeological dig, where he meets a North Korean beauty. Will their love for each other be stronger than their loyalty to their respective countries?

Watch it:

  • Astro KIRANA (Channel 23). But it’s under the title Love: Impossible.
  • Dates: June 21 & 30
  • Korean with your choice of English or Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
  • August 5 (5pm)
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