My boyfriend is type-B (2004)

Korean Title : B형 남자친구 (B-hyung nam-ja chin-gu)

Choi Seok-won (최석원)

Lee Dong-geon (이동건)
Han Ji-hye (한지혜)

Wow, this movie was released way back in 2004 but i am only watching it now. 🙂

My boyfriend is type-B

How come we like things that are bad for us? Like if you want to loose weight, you order deep-fried fish & chips for dinner instead of the healthy salad. (okay okay, maybe you don’t do that, but i do!). Too much chocolates is bad for you but you just go at it like there’s no tomorrow.

Lee Dong-geon or Lee Dong-gun (BTW…both refers to the same guy lar. It’s just the romanization. If you want to be precise, just call him 이동건) plays a jerk in this movie. He lets his women wait, asks them to foot the bill, sells them out to other people…you get the gist. But then he is cute and sweet sometimes. He is naughty AND nice! Sigh. So Han Ji-hye is at odds with herself. Should she give him a chance?

The movie is so-so only for me. But it wasn’t a chore to watch either. It is rather cute. If you are a Lee Dong-gun fan, then it’s a must watch.

By the way, both the leads are currently a hot item in Korea. Check out Awww, what a cute couple for details.

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