Spring Fever (2003)

Korean title: 봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요 ? (Bom-nal-eui Gom-eul Jong-a-ha-se-yo?) which translates to Do You Like Spring Bear?

What’s popping:

I must confess, I’ve only watched snippets of the movie because it is usually screened at some ungodly hour – 12am! 4am!

It was shown on Astro throughout June, but the TV guide shows that the flick will also be playing in July.

From what I’ve seen, the rom-com revolves around a library book with a love note in it, a girl (배두나) pining for the “love note” author and her guy friend (김남진) who wants to be more than friends ;-). Umm, what has the flick got to do with bears? Anyone knows?

The plot:

Hyun-choi (Bae Doo-na) has been dumped countless times because of her tough chick persona. One day, she discovers a note in her library book and is obsessed with finding who the author of the message is (whoo hoo, must be some message). She begins her search, and even neglects the attention she receives from her guy friend, Dong-ha (Kim Nam-jin).

Watch it:

  • Astro KIRANA (Channel 23)
  • July 8, 21 and 28 (check the TV guide for the exact times)
  • Korean with Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
  • August 8 (1am), 12 (1pm), 19 (7pm), 23 (7am)
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