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Whoa…all you fashionistas out there, we noted that many have viewed our story on Song Hye-kyo bagging the Celine deal. So here’s more news and pictures on Ms Song and her Celine bag.

I am so curious…why did the French luxury brand Celine collaborate with Song Hye-kyo? Well, I went to the House of Celine site, and this is what I found…

The idea was first conceived when Song Hye-kyo spotted the iconic Bittersweet model in a Celine store. Totally infatuated by its look, Song decided to use its existing shape and to reinterpret it according to her own whimsical trendy taste.

The creative process for this bag took several months. Song was totally engrossed in the project and worked rigorously on the design, the selection of materials, the colours, the embellishments and all the practical details.

Ahhh…so, now we know!

Also, here’s a quote from Croatian designer & Celine’s artistic director on the project.

Having travelled extensively throughout Asia, I have found that Asian women have become more active and have obtained more freedom in modern society. Today, i am more delighted to have worked closely with Song Hye-kyo for this new creation and be a part of an innovative project that opens up our company onto the world. I sincerely believe this bag represents the new voice of Asian women.

Ivana Omazic, Celine’s artistic director.

Here’s the Ms Song bag up-close. A special collector’s item “Song Hye-kyo” embellishment will be seen hanging from each of those bags. Since the number of bags produced will be limited, i wonder if there will be replicas of it hitting the streets soon. 😉

Pictured below:
On the left, the iconic Celine Bittersweet bag – large in pearl grey.
On the right, someone actually carrying Ms Song’s Celine bag.

The house of Celine was founded by (now) 87-year-old Madame Celine Vipiana.

Song Hye-kyo bags Celine deal


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