The Promise (2005)

Korean title: 무극 (Moo-geuk)

What’s popping:

It’s hilarious…in all the wrong places. A supposedly emo moment got me tickled pink and the fantastical elements here border on the ridiculous.

Star-studded as it is, Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung, Hiroyuki Sanada and Jang Dong-gun (장동건) could not prevent this epic flick from being the epic flop that it is.

The plot:

Lots of men, one chick. The men all fall for the woman, but she is forbidden to love. Jang Dong-gun plays a slave named Kunlun. He is such a swift runner, he can run back into time. As my fav hero would say, WHOA.

Watch it:

Please don’t.

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