Stairway to Heaven (2003)

Korean title: 천국의 계단 (Cheon-gook-eui Gye-dan)

What’s popping:

Kwon Sang-woo, again! Wow, he seems to be appearing quite a lot on local TV! Cool. Anyway this series was very popular in South Korea back in 2003. The series turned its leads into stars to be reckoned with when it ended in 2004.

On the local front, the drama replaces Lovers in Paris. Unfortunately for me, it’s at an hour where I can’t get to watch it. The repeat in the wee hours of the morning is no help either :-(.

The plot:

At the heart of the story is a pair of star-crossed lovers, are you surprised?

Childhood sweethearts Jung Suh (Choi Ji-woo) and Song Joo (Kwon Sang-woo) are fated for each other but circumstances orchestrated by the manipulative people around them cause them to stay apart. A tear-inducing, heart rending love story about love lost…and found.

Watch it:

  • Astro PRIMA (Channel 8)
  • Every Monday to Thursday
  • 6pm to 7pm from July 18 onwards
  • Repeats @ 5am to 6am & 9am to 10am
  • Toggle the audio between Korean and Mandarin; subtitles in Bahasa Malaysia

Mega hunk vs. hobo oppa

Stairway to Heaven (English Subtitled)
Stairway to Heaven – Visual Original Soundrack DVD (Japan Version)
Stairway to Heaven Necklace – the lover’s necklace



3 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven (2003)

  • August 27, 2007 at 11:02 am

    I’m watching Stairway to Heaven right now and damn, Mr. Kwon is ultra fine.

    Now I understand the magnetic attraction surrounding the man. Also, Choi Ji-woo is also fine here, playing the clueless victim of her cruel stepsister and unstable stepbrother.

    Kim Tae-hee, so far, looks like she only has one facial expression – the surprised, deer-caught-in-the headlights, eyes-wide-opened look.

    Her character is one everybody loves to hate.

    You’re going down, girl!

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