K-popped! trio revealed

And then there were three.

Hello everyone, we hope you have been enjoying our site and as you can see, there are slight changes to the line-up and look of K-popped!

We’ve introduced Rooster the K-poplet, and we’re pretty sure that you are already familiar with Orchid and I. 😉

Also, we apologise for the site’s masthead disappearing from some of you. I’ve not been able to see it for the past three days myself. We’ve stopped tinkering with it in the hopes that Blogger will catch up with the changes made. (Get with the program, Blogger!)

Do any of you have ideas on how to get this problem fixed? Any suggestions? Do we just wait it out?

Anyway, we’ve got a treat for you, yes you, our treasured readers. We are going to reveal ourselves to you…in caricature form. Just a note though, don’t read too much into the caricatures as they aren’t 100% accurate on its representation of us.

What do you think of them? Hope to see ya again…and again, and again!

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  1. Liz August 19, 2007
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  3. Orchid August 17, 2007
  4. Liz August 17, 2007
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